Gran Turismo 7 Increasing Credit Payouts Again After Fan Criticism

In an update for Gran Tur­is­mo 7, pro­duc­er Kazunori Yamauchi has apol­o­gized for recent issues affect­ing the rac­ing sim­u­la­tor and has promised to address them by rebal­anc­ing the game’s entire economy.

To make up for the game’s rough launch–including the extend­ed down­time that made Gran Tur­is­mo 7 prac­ti­cal­ly unplayable for over 24 hours–players will be gift­ed 1 mil­lion in-game cred­its. Of course, they must log into the game before April 25th to claim the credits. 

Yamauchi explained in PlaySta­tion Blog post that an upcom­ing patch sched­uled for April will reestab­lish the reward sys­tem in Gran Tur­is­mo 7, giv­ing it greater bal­ance through­out the game. Oth­er adjust­ments include:

  • Increas­ing rewards in the events in the lat­ter half of the World Cir­cuits by approx­i­mate­ly 100% on average.
  • Addi­tion of high rewards for clear­ing the Cir­cuit Expe­ri­ence in all Gold/All Bronze results.
  • Increas­ing of rewards in Online Races.
  • Include a total of eight new one-hour Endurance Race events to Mis­sions. These will also have high­er reward settings.
  • Increas­ing the upper lim­it of non-paid cred­its in play­er wal­lets from 20 mil­lion cred­its to 100 mil­lion credits
  • Increas­ing the quan­ti­ty of Used and Leg­end cars on offer at any giv­en time.

Oth­er major changes include more events, increased pay­outs of lim­it­ed-time rewards, the addi­tion of endurance races, and online time tri­als. Polypho­ny Dig­i­tal is also work­ing to devel­op a mar­ket­place that allows its play­ers to (once again) sell their cars, like Gran Tur­is­mo Sport did.

Gran Tur­is­mo 7 play­ers had pre­vi­ous­ly spent time grind­ing out spe­cif­ic races to earn cred­its that could then be used to pur­chase some of the best–and extreme­ly expensive–cars in the game. How­ev­er, the pay­outs for these races were sig­nif­i­cant­ly reduced by a recent trou­ble­some patch.

Yamauchi explained in an update that the rea­son for the high cost of the vehi­cles was to reflect the val­ue of their real-life coun­ter­parts, which drew heavy crit­i­cism from fans.

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