Gran Turismo 7 Beta Reportedly Leaked On PlayStation’s Site

A beta for Gran Tur­is­mo 7 was report­ed leaked on the PlaySta­tion web­site. GTPlan­et spot­ted the sup­posed leak, and the beta appeared as part of Expe­ri­ence PlaySta­tion. This is the pro­mo­tion­al side of PlaySta­tion’s web­site, which engages play­ers with spe­cial pro­mo­tions via quests and videos.

GTPlan­et’s report was unable to be ver­i­fied, but sep­a­rate reports did say the beta could be accessed by going to the “Start Quest” and then “Relat­ed Cam­paigns,” where the “Italia Quest” could be entered. The quest no longer appears on the Expe­ri­ence PlaySta­tion page, instead read­ing “Sor­ry! There are no quests avail­able at this time!” There were four quests, one which was titled “Gran Tur­is­mo Beta (Test),” and after watch­ing a short video play­ers would get a code for the beta. How­ev­er, it was just a place­hold­er code that did­n’t work.

Although the code was not live, this quest seems to indi­cate that there is a Gran Tur­is­mo 7 beta pos­si­bly com­ing short­ly. The reward code also spec­i­fied that it was for “PS5 Only,” how­ev­er that might be because this code was for PS5. Her­man Hulst, the head of PlaySta­tion Stu­dios, said Gran Tur­is­mo 7 would be launch­ing on both PS4 and PS5. Gran Tur­is­mo 7 is sup­posed to release some­time in 2022.

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