Ghost Recon Wildlands Update Loves Helicopters

Big Day for Ghost Recon Wild­lands play­ers, on top of the incom­ing PVP beta announce­ment, A patch was also announced and it brings a big over­haul to the heli­copter flight con­trols, and boy are they need­ed. here are the new con­trols and they seem much much bet­ter than before.

  • Trig­gers con­trol ver­ti­cal speed (LT = ver­ti­cal descend­ing speed, RT = ver­ti­cal ascend­ing speed)
  • Left stick con­trols hor­i­zon­tal speed (up/down = forward/backward, left/right = left/right)
  • Left/right on the right stick con­trols rota­tion speed.
  • Up/down on the right stick con­trols the rota­tion speed of the cam­era, which in turn deter­mines the direc­tion of the helicopter.

On top of the awe­some heli­copter con­trol revamp, there is a few oth­er fix­es too, check them out.

Patch Notes


  • Every heli­copter now has a dif­fer­ent behavior 
    • Small heli­copters are very fast, very mobile, and have a high pitch
    • Gun­ships are fast, mobile, and have a very mil­i­tary feel­ing to them
    • Black­hawks are slow­er and more steady when handling
  • Heli­copters’ take off physics are now more real­is­tic. Once the heli­copter reach­es the cor­rect RPM, it will take off automatically
  • The heli­copters no longer slide while tak­ing off
  • Heli­copter engine torque reacts to the play­er’s actions
  • Improved destruc­tion of heli­copters on impact


  • While using a gatling chop­per, the HUD now dis­plays a crosshair while aiming
  • While using a rock­et chop­per, the HUD now locks onto targets
  • While using a small chop­per with rock­ets, instead of lock­ing, the play­er shoots rock­et salvos
  • Added a HUD dis­play that shows the cur­rent heli­copter speed and altitude


  • In “La Gringa”: Fixed a bug where the objec­tive mark­er could disappear
  • In “El Chi­do’s Agent”: Fixed a bug pre­vent­ing mis­sion’s com­ple­tion if the agent gets alerted

User Interface

  • Fixed a bug where the “Down” sym­bol wouldn’t always appear


  • Play­er will hear heli­copter engines speed­ing up and slow­ing down upon accelerating/decelerating


  • Fixed some zones where play­er could not climb

Fallen Ghosts

  • Fixed a bug where some rebel skills would­n’t be dis­played on the HUD
  • Fixed a bug where some ele­ments in the TacMap and the Los Extran­jeros tab would be stretched on the ultra-wide aspect ratio displays


  • Fixed a bug caus­ing the Tier 1 “Acti­va­tion” but­ton to not be click­able when using a mouse
  • Fixed a bug caus­ing some menu ele­ments to be stretched when using an ultra-wide res­o­lu­tion (2560x1080, 3440x1440) in the Fall­en Ghost DLC
  • Fixed an issue that caused scrolling through a list while hav­ing a tile select­ed and mov­ing the cur­sor away would reset the list to the select­ed tile

I’m real­ly excit­ed for these new Heli­copter con­trols, just last night while play­ing Ghost Recon we were talk­ing about how bad the heli­copters were to fly.

What do you guys think of these new changes?

TheLegendOfTaco is a guy who plays games and streams them, He also writes about them. He has been known to make his grandma laugh. Avid Computer Geek and Lesbian. He has a soft touch and is a gentle lover. Follow Us On Twitter @FixTheMeta

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