Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta Breaks Ubisoft Beta Records

Ubisoft informed every­one today that the Ghost Recon Wild­lands Beta broke Ubisoft records for the num­ber of peo­ple who played the beta dur­ing the time it was up. 

Accord­ing to Ubisoft, 6.8 mil­lion play­ers played beta, which includ­ed both the open and closed ver­sions. Ubisoft also pro­vid­ed some oth­er num­bers, which are quite astound­ing con­sid­er­ing these beta peri­ods were not very long. Appar­ent­ly, over 2 bil­lion min­utes were played (that’s a lot of damn time) and more than 60% of all play­ers who played were in co-op. The game is def­i­nite­ly more cen­tered around hav­ing a group of four vs fly­ing solo, but the game does sup­port solo players.

Ubisoft also added a pho­to of oth­er sta­t­ics they gath­ered from the beta:

Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta Breaks Ubisoft Beta Records 

Ghost Recon Wild­lands is launch­ing on March 7th for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. By the look of these stats and just the sheer amount of play­ers who entered the beta, my guess is this game is going to do quite well. 

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