Activi­sion has been steps to mit­i­gate cheaters in Call of Duty: War­zone, and bans will be applied to mul­ti­ple Call of Duty games. Play­ers who are banned from Warzone–and as we know, this has reached hun­dreds of thou­sands of accounts–are also banned from play­ing Call of Duty: Van­guard. This is recent dis­cov­ery, since oth­er plat­forms have final­ly got­ten their hands on the Van­guard beta. It’s unclear if this is lim­it­ed to the beta.

Raven Soft­ware, main devel­op­er on War­zone, is imple­ment­ing hard­ware bans. In the­o­ry, this means those who get banned can’t just make a new account, since the ban is tied to what­ev­er machine they are play­ing on. 

As report­ed by Eurogamer, there have been many exam­ples of peo­ple through­out the inter­net com­ment­ing about these hard­ware bans. Char­lieIn­tel also report­ed that War­zone bans also apply to Van­guard, no mat­ter if it’s a hard­ware or an account ban.

Activi­sion has­n’t released any offi­cial state­ment yet, but the wider ban pro­gram has been expect­ed. The com­pa­ny pre­vi­ous­ly released a video show­ing how seri­ous they are about these bans, in an effort to encour­age peo­ple to play fairly.

This year’s War­zone Pacif­ic map will include a new anti-cheat sys­tem, which is extreme­ly good news because War­zone has been suf­fer­ing from cheaters for far too long.