Get A Look At Valheim’s New Food System From The Hearth & Home Update

Iron Gate Stu­dios pro­vid­ed a sneak peek of some change that will be com­ing to Val­heim as part of the upcom­ing Hearth & Home update. This update is chang­ing the food sys­tem, which is meant to bal­ance health vs sta­mi­na to allow play­ers to be more ver­sa­tile with their playstyles.

Right now, eat­ing food pro­vides the same amount of sta­mi­na and health. How­ev­er, when the Hearth & Home update rolls out, food will be spilt into three cat­e­gories based on if that piece of food with restore health or sta­mi­na. A red icon means that piece of food will replen­ish most­ly health, while yel­low sig­nals sta­mi­na recov­ery. A white icon indi­cates both heath and sta­mi­na will replen­ish evenly.

The food bar will be replaced with timers so that you can accu­rate­ly see how much time you have left before you need to eat more. Food icons will blink when they’re halfway depleted.

Lat­er on, Iron Gate will go more in-depth about how this new food sys­tem will affect the game­play. It should be obvi­ous that if you’re look­ing to build a base and ter­raform, you’ll want to eat food that will pro­vide enough sta­mi­na to do so. Of course, build­ing can lead to acci­den­tal falls, so health is a must to sur­vive an unex­pect­ed plunge. Health and sta­mi­na will also be nec­es­sary, depend­ing on your style of combat. 

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