Gear­box revealed some more num­bers for the in-game puz­zle that was intro­duced at the begin­ning of April, Bor­der­lands Sci­ence. The game has seen an astound­ing num­ber of play­ers since it was put into Bor­der­lands 3.

The Bor­der­lands 3 Twit­ter account stat­ed over 700,000 play­ers have solved more than 36 mil­lion puz­zles. That’s over 86 total years of play­time, all of it help­ing to map the human git micro­bio­me. The arcade style game was made per­ma­nent not too long ago, so who knows how many more puz­zles will be com­plet­ed, espe­cial­ly since some peo­ple are still in quarantine. 

A new hot­fix was also imple­ment­ed today, although it only con­tained three updates. One of those is the newest loca­tion for the Loot the Uni­verse mini-event, which has gone to Eden‑6 this week. You can see the oth­er changes in the hot­fix, below:

  • Addressed a report­ed con­cern that the May­hem mod­i­fi­er Galaxy Brain could some­times cause Graveward’s loot to drop in a loca­tion the play­er could not access
  • Addressed a bug with May­hem Mode that led to low­er than intend­ed drop rates for all May­hem levels.

Source: Gear­boxBor