GameStop Will Sell PC Hardware Like Laptops And RTX 3000 Series

Major retail store GameStop is expand­ing its prod­uct cat­a­log now include PC Hard­ware, like GeForce’s RTX 3000 series graph­ics cards and laptops.

GameStop CEO George Sher­man stat­ed in a Tues­day earn­ing call (report­ed by PC Mag) that the com­pa­ny is grow­ing its inven­to­ry for con­sumers’ needs. This includes grow­ing our prod­uct offer­ings across PC gam­ing, com­put­ers, mon­i­tors, game tables, mobile gam­ing, and gam­ing TVs to name only a few,” Sher­man said.

The com­pa­ny also put out a new ad which high­light­ed var­i­ous hard­ware going on sale, includ­ing GeForce RTX 3090 GPUs, moth­er­boards, and mini tow­er cas­es. Many of the prod­ucts are already list­ed in the search results on GameStop’s web­site, but they only ship to the US. Oth­ers aren’t avail­able and a few won’t arrive until April 16th. Nvidi­a’s RTX 30 series has been extreme­ly hard to find due to the ongo­ing semi­con­duc­tor short­age. Of course, this will like­ly hap­pen at Gamp­Stop as well.

GameStop Will Sell PC Hardware Like Laptops And RTX 3000 Series

It should also be not­ed that these hard to find cards are price hiked at GameStop, but if you’re will­ing to pay, the option is there.

GameStop also launched a ded­i­cat­ed PC gam­ing page, which sells more than just the parts. It also has ful­ly fin­ished desk­tops, lap­tops, vir­tu­al real­i­ty head­sets, acces­sories (like lights and speak­er), and video games. The com­pa­ny did­n’t spec­i­fy if these prod­ucts would be sold in stores or online, but Shrman did say That GameStop will invest more in e‑commerce.

Glob­al e‑commerce sales increased 175% and rep­re­sent­ed 34% of total sales in the fourth quar­ter ver­sus 12% of net sales in the pri­or year peri­od,” Sher­man said.

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