Fol­low­ing weeks of rumors and spec­u­la­tion Activi­sion and Infin­i­ty ward have announced a new, free Call Of Duty game, Call Of Duty War­zone. War­zone is a stand alone free to play Call Of Duty expe­ri­ence fea­tur­ing two game modes, Bat­tle Royale and Plunder. 

In Bat­tle Royale 150 play­ers split in to teams of 3 and fight to be the last team stand­ing. Plun­der splits the play­ers in to two teams and task them with mov­ing around the map gath­er­ing cash as fast as pos­si­ble to reach $1 mil­lion before the time runs out.

Free To Play Call Of Duty Battle Royale, Warzone Coming Tomorrow

The War­zone bat­tle­field pieces parts of Ground war and Spec Ops loca­tions from Call Of Duty Mod­ern War­fare togeth­er as well as some pop­u­lar Call Of Duty maps not present in Mod­ern War­fare. Here are all the places that are includ­ed in the War­zone map:

• Dam

• Mil­i­tary Base

• Quar­ry

• Train Station

• Hos­pi­tal

• Down­town

• Air­port

TV Station

• Stor­age Town

• Park

• Port

• Prom­e­nade East & West

• Hills

• Super­store

• Bone­yard

• Sta­di­um

• Lum­ber

• Farm­land

• Gulag

Play­ers who die dur­ing the first half of a Bat­tle Royale match can earn a respawn by win­ning a 1v1 bat­tle in the Gulag.

War­zone fea­tures cross play and cross pro­gres­sion sim­i­lar to what is found in Mod­ern War­fare, allow­ing play­ers to play with and against peo­ple on PlaySta­tion 4, Xbox One and PC. PlaySta­tion Plus is not required to play online and PlaySta­tion Plus sub­scribers will be able to claim an exclu­sive, free “Cel­e­bra­tion Pack” from the PlaySta­tion store, more infor­ma­tion about that will be released after War­zone launches.

Free To Play Call Of Duty Battle Royale, Warzone Coming Tomorrow

Call Of Duty War­zone will release free for all plat­forms at 3pm EST March 10th. Play­ers who own Call Of Duty Mod­ern War­fare (2019) can jump in a bit ear­li­er at 11am EST. Will appear as an update for those who have Mod­ern War­fare and will be avail­able as a free stand alone down­load for those who don’t. Make sure you have plen­ty of free hard dri­ve space, Call Of Duty War­zone weighs in at 85–101GB depend­ing on platform.

Call Of Duty Warzone Launches free for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC March 10th 2020