Free PS3 and PS Vita Games for Plus Being Dropped Next Year

Today, Sony announced they will be chang­ing the free game line-up for PS Plus mem­bers. They’ll be drop­ping PS3 and PS Vita titles on March 8th, 2019, a full year away. The com­pa­ny stat­ed it will now “focus on PS4 titles” for PS Plus subscribers. 

Also stat­ed in the blog post, Sony stat­ed this change “won’t affect any games you’ve already down­loaded, or will down­load, pri­or to March 8, 2019. Those games will still be part of your PS Plus games library as long as you remain a mem­ber. Your game saves and oth­er ben­e­fits of PS Plus will also remain the same.”

It’s no sur­prise Sony is final­ly drop­ping PS3 and Vita games, since the PS4 was launched a lit­tle over 5 years ago and no com­pa­ny makes titles for the PS3. Accord­ing to Sony, “Many of our fans are play­ing on the PS4 plat­form, with the increas­ing­ly vast num­ber of PS4s in homes around the world.” With over 70 mil­lion PS4’s in homes around the world, it’s an obvi­ous choice.

This announce­ment came at the same time the free PS plus games for March were revealed.

Source: PlayStation

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