Fortnite Without Building Is Permanent, Zero Build Mode Unveiled By Epic

After Fort­nite Chap­ter 3, Sea­son 2 began, and the build­ing mechan­ics were tak­ing out of the bat­tle royale–an idea that became very popular–Epic Games has decid­ed to make the no-build per­ma­nent. They’ve done so in a per­ma­nent for­mat called Fort­nite Zero Build. Game modes fea­tur­ing build­ing are still playable in are­na and cre­ative, though there’s no word on when (or if ever) build­ing will return to the game’s pub­lic lobbies.

Zero Build is now avail­able in Solo, Duo, Trio, and Squad match­mak­ing. Many of the new mechan­ics intro­duced with the mode–including mantling, using Ascen­ders to board blimps, and the over­shield, will also be fea­tured in this mode. Alter­nate­ly, play­ers can choose the stan­dard bat­tle royale mode to enjoy the old-school build­ing gameplay.

Oth­er changes that arrived in the Fort­nite 20.00 March 29th patch include a new Anvil rock­et launch­er and a new fund­ing ini­tia­tive where play­ers can choose to unvault either the Com­bat Assault Rifle that debuted dur­ing Chap­ter 2 Sea­son 8 or the MK-Sev­en Assault Rifle intro­duced last season.

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