Fortnite Season 4 Patch Live

Fort­nite sea­son 4 is here and on top of over 100 new rewards for bat­tle pass hold­ers Epic Games has also released a new patch with fix­es and con­tent for both Save the world mode and Bat­tle Royale. A comet has crashed in to the map, alter­ing the land­scape, cre­at­ing new chal­lenges and oppor­tu­ni­ties. Find the glow­ing comet shards and start hav­ing some fun.

Battle Royale

  • Input set­tings are now fil­tered based on game mode. 
    • They’ve also been grouped by cat­e­go­ry (Com­bat, Build­ing, Edit­ing, etc.) to make it eas­i­er to search through them.
  • Added icons for the tabs at the top of the Set­tings screen.
  • Added “Ignore Gamepad Input” option to the Acces­si­bil­i­ty set­tings tab. 
    • This set­ting can be help­ful to play­ers who use exter­nal pro­grams to remap their con­troller input and need the game to ignore the con­troller input.

Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed a crash when using radi­al menus.
  • Improved tex­ture stream­ing behav­ior when using a scope.
  • Fixed some objects being ren­dered using low res­o­lu­tion textures.
  • Fixed weapon ammo count dis­play in the HUD some­times being incorrect.
  • Struc­tures on the start­ing island can now be destroyed. Not the Bat­tle Bus, though.
  • Head­shots are now pri­or­i­tized when oth­er body parts are in the way. 
    • Incom­ing head­shots (from above or straight on) will no longer be blocked by your char­ac­ter’s oth­er body parts.
    • For exam­ple, a shot that hits your tar­get’s hand will be able to pen­e­trate through and hit their head if your aim was on point. You’ll be cred­it­ed head­shot dam­age instead of nor­mal damage.
    • Head­shots from below that are blocked by a body part (legs, tor­so, hands, shoul­ders, arms) will do nor­mal dam­age, except for impacts very close to your character’s head.
    • This change affects all weapons, except for the Rock­et Launch­er and Grenade Launcher.
  • Slight­ly reduced the hit­box size of play­er hands.
  • Dam­age num­bers are now vis­i­ble when spec­tat­ing a player.
  • Knock­ing a play­er off the island will award elim­i­na­tion cred­it like nor­mal fall damage.
  • Fall dis­tance is now shown in the elim­i­na­tion feed when a play­er is forced to fall by an opponent.
  • On the start­ing island, you can now see oth­er play­ers (and play­er-cre­at­ed struc­tures) about three times fur­ther away than before.

Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed an issue that would cause play­er built struc­tures to appear intact for a few sec­onds after elim­i­nat­ing an ene­my and destroy­ing the struc­ture at the same time. 
    • This caused play­ers to “phase through” the structure.
  • Fixed cas­es where pick­ups moved errat­i­cal­ly when slid­ing down slopes.
  • Fixed an issue where destroy­ing a build­ing from under an ene­my wouldn’t award kill credit.
  • Fixed an issue where swing­ing the pick­axe could cause move­ment stuttering.
  • Fixed an issue where some pre-placed wood­en arch­ways could not be destroyed by play­er built structures.
  • Fixed an issue that made the Bat­tle Bus appear to quick­ly fly off the map after jump­ing from it.
  • Fixed an issue that would pause a downed play­ers health bar if their reviv­er dis­con­nect­ed while reviv­ing them.


  • You can now mark cos­met­ic items as favorites in the Locker.
  • Ran­dom’ option added to each cos­met­ic equip­ment slot in the Locker. 
    • This will ran­dom­ly choose between items you’ve marked as favorites each match (or from all owned items if noth­ing is marked as a favorite).
  • You are no longer lim­it­ed to just the 6 slots on your emote wheel for Sprays and Emotes and can now use any of the ones you own in a match! 
    • The Lock­er slots act as a page of pre­sets, but you can cycle through to any emotes marked as a favorite and then all emotes, sort­ed by type (PS4: L1/R1XB1: LB/RBPC: Mouse Wheel; Mobile: But­tons added next to radi­al menu).
  • Added new “Lock­er Emote Slot” but­ton bind­ings, which allow you to imme­di­ate­ly trig­ger any of your 6 Emote or Spray presets.
  • While Auto Run is active, an icon is now displayed.
  • Improved the look and feel of the Game options tab.
  • Slight­ly decreased the size of the arrow over play­ers heads when they are close to you.
  • The fourth and fifth weapon slots will now default to keys 5 and 6 instead of Z and X when using the “Reset to Defaults” option.
  • The 4:3 aspect ratio is now supported.

Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed an issue where the com­pass showed ‘360’ when it should have been ‘359’.
  • Fixed an issue where play­ers could get stuck on the Inven­to­ry screen when open­ing and clos­ing it very quick­ly mul­ti­ple times in a row.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Show Net Stats” HUD option would be reset to off after restart­ing the game.
  • Fixed an issue that caused con­sum­able timers to not dis­play when using a con­sum­able imme­di­ate­ly after can­cel­ing one.
  • Fixed a spelling error in the descrip­tion for Tomatohead.
  • The Squad Comms wheel can now be closed with cir­cle on PS4 con­trollers, and B on Xbox controllers.
  • Weapon slot key­bind­ing options are no longer called “Abil­i­ty Slots” in the input menu.

Weapons And Items

  • The Cross­bow has been vaulted.
  • Rock­et Launch­er aim ret­i­cle is now a fixed size regard­less of play­er movement.
  • Hit mark­ers are now dis­played when look­ing through a scope.
  • Increased pick­axe dam­age against Sup­ply Lla­mas, now deal­ing 50 dam­age per hit.

Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed an issue where a weapon could have no ammo when drop­ping it imme­di­ate­ly after pick­ing it up.
  • Improved pick­axe swing respon­sive­ness when switch­ing from a weapon to the pick­axe and imme­di­ate­ly hold­ing the swing button.
  • Fixed an issue that pre­vent­ed Hunt­ing Rifles from auto reload­ing if it was fired imme­di­ate­ly after a reload.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed grenades to be thrown in rapid suc­ces­sion while sprinting.
  • Fixed an issue where aim­ing a grenade throw and then switch­ing to build mode wouldn’t can­cel the throw.
  • Fixed an issue with the Builder Pro con­fig­u­ra­tion that caused the play­ers weapon to fire while try­ing to build in some cases.
  • Clingers will now prop­er­ly cling to falling Sup­ply Drops.

Replay System

  • Added an in-game play­er list to Replays.
  • Leav­ing a Replay will now take you back to the Replay browser.
  • Renam­ing Replays is now lim­it­ed to 32 characters.
  • Increased the size of name col­umn in Replay browser.

Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed the align­ment of the elim­i­na­tions col­umn in Replay browser.
  • Fixed an issue where Replay Brows­er list could­n’t be nav­i­gat­ed with gamepad after can­celling renam­ing a replay.

Art And Animation

  • Hunt­ing Rifle mesh and ani­ma­tions have been updated.
  • Shot­guns, Revolver, Hand Can­non, and Rock­et Launch­er have had their equip ani­ma­tions improved — they should now match the equip time. 
    • Their equip tim­ing remains the same.
  • The dust cloud that appears on play­er land­ings now shows for all players.
  • Storm wind now affects trees with­in the storm.

Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed the Sup­ply Lla­ma not play­ing destruc­tion effects when killed by projectiles.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Back Bling to dis­play improp­er­ly after using a Launch Pad.
  • Play­ers can now emote while rock­et riding.


  • Adjust­ed tim­ing on the equip sounds for all Shot­guns. The cock­ing sound will now occur right before the weapon is able to fire.
  • Improved vol­ume dif­fer­ence between soft and hard land­ing sounds. 
    • Play­ers falling from 1 or more sto­ries will land with a loud­er audio cue.
  • Added unique impact sounds when hit­ting shrubs, bush­es and cornstalks.

Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed an issue that caused foot­step audio to play when play­ers were mid-air after jumping.
  • Fixed an issue where the Mini­gun equip sound would per­sist after quick­ly switch­ing away from it.
  • The map mark­er sound no longer plays when remov­ing a marker.


  • Improved smooth­ness of oth­er play­ers move­ment on the start­ing island by increas­ing net­work update rates.
  • Made sig­nif­i­cant per­for­mance improve­ments when many play­ers are on-screen by reduc­ing the impact of char­ac­ter parts.
  • Opti­mized hitch­es that occur when garbage col­lect­ing objects.
  • Fixed hitch­es that could hap­pen in games where lots of build­ing occurred.
  • Opti­mized Lev­el-of-Detail (LOD) for build­ings in Shifty Shafts and Flush Factory.
  • Opti­mized Input/Output (IO) per­for­mance on Con­soles to reduce hitch­es and load times.


  • Quick­bar now sup­ports drag and drop for drop­ping and mov­ing inven­to­ry items.
  • Hold­ing the move­ment stick in a direc­tion for 3‑seconds now enables an option to turn on auto run.
  • Adding ‘Repair Build­ing’ button.
  • Added ‘Cycle Weapon’ button.
  • Made improve­ments to pre­vent fin­ger creep.
  • Slight­ly decreased aim assist strength at fur­ther dis­tances to allow for eas­i­er fine tun­ing when aiming.
  • Grenade indi­ca­tors are now dis­played when grenades are equipped.
  • Made improve­ments to low-end mobile per­for­mance by dynam­i­cal­ly scal­ing back­ground draw dis­tances with play­er height.
  • Reduced object draw dis­tance for medi­um/low­er-end iOS devices.

Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed the view pop caused by the swip­ing iner­tia when lift­ing your fin­ger off the screen.
  • Fixed bugs that were caus­ing some erro­neous mis­fires and input errors.

Save The World



Loot Drops!

  • When ene­mies are killed they have a chance to drop loot on the ground. 
    • This chance is increased for patrolling ene­mies and the packs of ene­mies found scat­tered through­out the world.
  • Ene­mies can drop build­ing mate­ri­als, craft­ing ingre­di­ents, and ammunition.
  • Larger/tougher ene­mies drop more items and bet­ter craft­ing ingredients. 
    • The tier of craft­ing ingre­di­ents increas­es with Mis­sion Dif­fi­cul­ty, as does the chance of find­ing rare craft­ing ingre­di­ents like Active Powercells.
  • Mini-Boss­es drop a new item type called a Cache. 
    • Schemat­ic Caches come in three rar­i­ties (Rare, Epic, Leg­endary) and con­tain a sin­gle ranged or melee weapon schemat­ic. The like­li­hood of get­ting an Epic or Leg­endary cache increas­es at high­er mis­sion difficulties.
    • Evo­lu­tion Mate­r­i­al Caches con­tain storm evo­lu­tion mate­ri­als (Pure Drop of Rain, Storm Shard, etc). These scale up with the dif­fi­cul­ty of the mission.
    • A Mini-Boss will drop one cache (of the same type) for every play­er who par­tic­i­pat­ed in the elim­i­na­tion (dealt dam­age to the boss, or was close to it when it was eliminated).
  • Cer­tain high-rar­i­ty trea­sure chests found in the world can also drop Caches.
  • Caches are opened at the end of the mission.
  • Sur­vivor health has been increased by 40% to allow more time for play­ers to res­cue them from tough situations.
  • The Tele­porter Gad­get has been refac­tored in an effort to improve its fun and usability!
  • New default behavior: 
    • The base range of the Tele­porter has been increased to 20 tiles.
    • Tele­porter now has no cooldown when activated!
    • In order to accom­mo­date the usabil­i­ty of no cooldown, the Tele­porter no longer tele­ports Enemies.
    • Tele­porter now will not acti­vate if it’s in a loca­tion that it could not nor­mal­ly be placed on. You’ll still be able to move it, however.
    • Tele­porter now has an “arm” time when it’s placed or moved before it becomes active. The default arm time is 5.5 seconds.
    • Tele­porter now has a default “pick up” use time of 2.5 seconds.
  • As part of the improve­ments to Tele­porter, we’ve adjust­ed the upgrades it has! 
    • Upgrade 1 now allows the Tele­porter to trans­port friend­ly projectiles! 
      • Pro­jec­tiles will exit from the Tele­porter based on the direc­tion you set when you place it.
      • Yes, this means you can throw rock­ets and grenades through it — try things out!
    • Upgrade 2 now reduces the pick­up time of the Tele­porter to .5 seconds.
    • Upgrade 3 now reduces the arm time of the Tele­porter when it is placed to 1.5 seconds.
    • Upgrade 4 now increas­es the range of the Tele­porter by 10 tiles.
    • Upgrade 5 now allows Ene­my pro­jec­tiles to go through the Teleporter! 
      • This means Husk Bones, and Lob­ber Grenades, and oth­ers — try a Tele­porter on roofs you want to defend!
  • Hov­er Bot Tur­ret has been improved as well: 
    • New default behavior 
      • Recharge time reduced from 240 sec­onds to 150 seconds.
      • Default dura­tion reduced to 20 seconds.
      • No longer fires pro­jec­tiles — now shoots hitscan shots.
      • Increased default ‘Rate of Fire’ from 1.33 shots per sec­ond to 6 shots per second.
      • Base dam­age reduced from 20 to 15.
    • Upgrades have been adjusted: 
      • Dura­tion increase remains +10 sec­onds, which makes the final dura­tion 30 seconds.
      • We cor­rect­ed an issue with the range upgrade which was pre­vent­ing it from work­ing prop­er­ly. The default range is still 4 tiles, but is increased to 8 with this upgrade.
      • The ‘Rate of Fire’ Upgrade now increas­es the rate of fire to 10 shots per second.
  • The default action of key­board but­ton ‘B’ is now Emote, with key­board but­ton ‘V’ bound to bring up Team Chat. You can now cycle between Team Chat, Emotes, and Notes, regard­less of which but­ton you pushed to sum­mon the picker. 
    • (PS4: L1/R1XB1: LB/RBPC: Mouse Wheel)

Bug Fix­es

  • Cor­rect­ed an issue which was caus­ing Corn to be unsearch­able. It is once again search­able, and will drop the Bacon you crave.
  • Cor­rect­ed an issue which pre­vent­ed C4 from being thrown dur­ing Sprint. It will now acti­vate and inter­rupt Sprint as expected.
  • Cor­rect­ed an issue which was pre­vent­ing the Heli­um Shot­gun pro­jec­tiles from mov­ing prop­er­ly through all parts of the world.


  • [New] Myth­ic Sol­der “Raven” — Sub­class: Nev­er­more
    • Descrip­tion — Shad­owy fig­ure who screech­es deaf­en­ing War Cries before elim­i­nat­ing prey with his dual wield­ed pistols.
    • New Abil­i­ty
      • Lefty and Righty — Deploy dual pis­tols and light up your enemies!
    • New Perks
      • Dual Debil­i­ta­tion’ — Lefty and Righty applies Debil­i­tat­ing Shots.
      • Where’s Lefty’ — Elim­i­nat­ing ene­mies with pis­tols reduces the cooldown of Lefty and Righty by 1 second.
      • Bang and Pow’ — Deal­ing dam­age with Lefty and Righty caus­es an explo­sion that deals Ener­gy Dam­age in a .5 tile radius.
    • New Tac­ti­cal Perk 
      • Explo­sive Rounds’ — Tac­ti­cal vari­ant of the Explo­sive Rounds Perk.
  • [New] 8 “Shad­ow Ops” Heroes 
    • Sol­dier — New Sub­class: Dou­ble Agent fea­tur­ing New Char­ac­ters Vaughn and Evelynn 
      • Descrip­tion — Sol­dier that wields dual pis­tol with ease, cre­at­ing an explo­sive outcome.
      • Uti­lizes the new­ly added abil­i­ty and asso­ci­at­ed perks: 
        • Lefty and Righty’
        • Dual Debil­i­ta­tion’
        • Where’s Lefty’
        • Bang and Pow’
      • New Tac­ti­cal Perk 
        • Clus­ter Bomb’ — Tac­ti­cal vari­ant of the ‘Clus­ter Bomb’ deal­ing half the dam­age of its non-tac­ti­cal counterpart.
    • Nin­ja — New Sub­class: Pierc­ing Lotus fea­tur­ing char­ac­ters Edge and Luna 
      • Descrip­tion — Skilled spear war­rior that makes a point to poi­son ene­mies with waves of shuriken before strik­ing them down.
      • New Perks
        • Pointy Fury’ — Increas­es spear com­bo attack effi­cien­cy by 150%.
        • Pok­ing Holes’ — The Nin­ja deals 28% more dam­age with spears to afflict­ed targets.
        • Fan of Stars’ — The Nin­ja throws 2 addi­tion­al throw­ing stars. All throw­ing stars are thrown instant­ly in a spread­ing arc.
      • New Sup­port Perk 
        • Heav­i­est Attacks’ — Increas­es melee heavy attack dam­age by 10/20/30%
    • Out­lander — New Sub­class: Shock Gun­ner fea­tur­ing char­ac­ters Griz­zly and Buzz 
      • Descrip­tion — Weaves in and out of ene­mies stun­ning them and fin­ish­ing them off with with close ranged weapons.
      • New Perks
        • Pump It Up’ — Increas­es shot­gun rate of fire by 35%.
        • In and Out­lander’ — Elim­i­nat­ing 3 ene­mies with­in 10 sec­onds after using Phase Shift will refund the Phase Shift charge.
        • Shock­ing Embrace’ — Increas­es the dura­tion of Shock Tow­er by 3 sec­onds if placed with a Charge Fragment.
        • Run And Stun’ — Pass­ing through ene­mies with Phase Shift applies a 3 sec­onds stun.
      • New Tac­ti­cal Perk 
        • Shock­ing Embrace’ — Increas­es the dura­tion of Shock Tow­er by 3 sec­onds if placed with a Charge Fragment.
    • Con­struc­tor — New Sub­class: Demo­li­tion­ist fea­tur­ing Pen­ny and Bull 
      • Descrip­tion — Explo­sives expert who cor­rals ene­mies with Decoy before fin­ish­ing them with a hail of missiles.
      • New Perks
        • Faster Explo­sions’ — Increas­es explo­sive weapon reload speed by 35%
        • Endur­ing Machine’ —  Your weapons take 60% less dura­bil­i­ty dam­age while on tiles affect­ed by BASE.
  • Hero Abil­i­ties that lock the char­ac­ter’s move­ment can no longer be inter­rupt­ed by knock­back. The fol­low­ing abil­i­ties have been adjust­ed to use this new behaviour: 
    • Phase Shift’
    • Shock­wave’
    • Bull­rush’
    • Drag­on­slash’
    • Anti-Mate­r­i­al Charge’
  • We’ve changed how Ener­gy-Reduc­ing perks work in some cas­es in order to pre­vent them from reduc­ing costs of acti­va­tions to 0. 
    • We now have perks which improve “Ener­gy Effi­cien­cy” of cer­tain actions (such as heavy attacks with melee weapons).
    • Ener­gy Effi­cien­cy is expressed in a per­cent­age for­mat i.e. “Improves Ener­gy Effi­cien­cy of Com­bo Attacks by 150%”.
    • The val­ue rep­re­sents the expect­ed extra usage of the abil­i­ty once the perk has been acquired.
    • Imple­men­ta­tion has changed from a mul­ti­pli­er on cost to a divi­sor on cost. 
      • I.e. — a 60% cost reduc­tion on a 50 ener­gy cost is anal­o­gous to a 150% increase in usage over 100 stamina.
  • Out­lander
    • Phase Shift’ now pass­es through ene­mies by default.
    • Phase Shift’ now inher­its more for­ward veloc­i­ty when used mid-air.
  • Con­struc­tor
    • Adjust­ments to the ‘Decoy’ Ability : 
      • Base dura­tion reduced from 12 sec­onds to 7 seconds.
      • Decoy’ can no longer be destroyed and will always last the full duration.
      • Reduced the dura­tion increase of ‘Going and Going’ from 3 sec­onds to 2 seconds.
      • What Doesn’t Kill You’ Has been removed from these Subclasses:
        Con­trollerSen­tinel, and Riot Con­trol.
        • Con­troller now has ‘Decoy Stun’ Instead of ‘What Doesn’t Kill You’.
        • Sen­tinel now has ‘Grease the Wheels’ instead of ‘What Doesn’t Kill You’.
        • Riot Con­trol now has ‘Going and Going’ instead of ‘What Doesn’t Kill You’.
  • Nin­ja
    • Changed ‘Easy Sword’ from “Reduces sword com­bo attack ener­gy cost by 60%.” to “Increas­es sword com­bo attack effi­cien­cy by 150%.”
    • Changed ‘Eas­i­er Sword’ from “Improves the ener­gy cost reduc­tion of ‘Easy Sword’ by anoth­er 20%.” to “Improves the ener­gy effi­cien­cy of ‘Easy Sword’ by anoth­er 150%.”
    • Shad­ow Stance’ now trig­gers off of all melee kills, not just edged weapons.
    • Scythe To Meet You’s’ snare dura­tion has been increased to 2 sec­onds from 1 second.
    • The sound effects for ‘Cres­cent Kick’ have been updated.
  • Sol­dier
    • Explo­sive Rounds’ timer no longer resets after 15 sec­onds with­out a kill.
    • Goin’ Com­man­do!!!’ now enters into a slight zoom when press­ing the Tar­get­ing Input.

Bug Fix­es

  • Shock­wave’ no longer caus­es the Sol­dier to col­lide with ene­mies. This should pre­vent the “crowd surf­ing” behav­iour seen when using ‘Shock­wave’ on tight­ly packed groups of enemies.
  • Fixed an issue with BASE’s tooltip show­ing incor­rect seg­ment exten­sions with Heavy BASE Kyle.
  • Fixed an issue with ‘Over­clocked’ Trap’s tooltip show­ing an incor­rect val­ue for decreased reload rate. The tooltip now reads cor­rect­ly at 20%. 
  • Cor­rect­ed an issue which was caus­ing the Sol­dier Perk ‘Start Up’ to dis­play incor­rect values.
  • Cor­rect­ed a tooltip issue with cer­tain perks that were not show­ing their Sup­port or Tac­ti­cal Bonuses: 
    • Sure Shot’
    • Hit’em While They’re Down’
    • Tough Traps’
    • Bul­let Bonanza’
    • Vig­or­ous Strikes’

Missions And Systems

  • Block­buster Event — Part 1: Ori­gin Story 
    • There are reports of a strange new husk lurk­ing about harass­ing sur­vivors and Ray has dis­ap­peared! Find out what has hap­pened in the after­math of the comet crash in this brand new questline.
    • Block­buster Tick­ets can be found inside Upgrade and Dai­ly Lla­mas, and earned by com­plet­ing quests and defeat­ing Mini­boss mis­sion alerts.
    • Block­buster Lla­ma is avail­able in the Loot Tab 
      • Con­tains at least one Epic Qual­i­ty or High­er Mil­i­tary Weapon or Shad­owOps Hero.
      • Costs 500 Block­buster Tickets.
    • Com­plet­ing the first week of quests rewards a choice of one Leg­endary Ranged Weapon (Bald Eagle, Silenced Specter, or Crossbow)
    • Repeat­able Quest to kill a mini­boss that awards 50 Gold
  • Loot Lla­ma Price Reduction! 
    • V‑Buck prices on sev­er­al of the Loot Lla­mas have been reduced! 
      • Upgrade Lla­ma: 100 to 50
      • Weapon Lla­ma: 350 to 200
      • Ranged Weapon Lla­ma: 350 to 200
      • Melee Weapon Lla­ma: 350 to 200
      • Peo­ple Lla­ma: 350 to 200
      • It’s a Trap Lla­ma: 350 to 200
    • Bun­dles con­tain­ing mul­ti­ple Lla­mas have been reduced in price as well.
    • Play­ers who have pur­chased these Lla­mas in the past will receive an equiv­a­lent val­ue in free Troll Stash Lla­mas they can redeem in the Loot tab.
  • Each stack of 1000 Storm Tick­ets will be con­vert­ed into Neon Llamas. 
    • Any­one who had at least one Storm Tick­et will receive a Llama.
  • Mini Lla­mas now drop 30 to 50 Gold, and drop an addi­tion­al item if they become Silver.
  • Gold no longer resets each season. 
    • Sea­son­al Gold has been renamed to Gold as a result.
    • Gold caps at 5000. Gold above this cap will not be lost, but you will stop earn­ing Gold until you have spent enough to drop below the cap.
  • Mis­sion Alerts: 
    • Mini­boss Mis­sion Alerts are more com­mon dur­ing this event and award between 50 and 120 Block­buster Tick­ets, scaled based on difficulty. 
      • These tick­ets are grant­ed in addi­tion to their nor­mal rewards (schemat­ics, trans­form keys, etc)
      • Quo­ta: 10 per day.
    • Mutant Storm Mis­sion Alerts have returned to nor­mal lev­els and no longer reward event tickets. 
      • Quo­ta: 3 per day.
  • The Upgrad­ed Out­landers Mis­sion Mod­i­fi­er no longer increas­es frag­ment capac­i­ty due to the recent change great­ly increas­ing base frag­ment capac­i­ty. The Mod­i­fi­er still increas­es Out­lander Abil­i­ty Damage.

Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed reward chest hav­ing low res­o­lu­tion tex­tures at the end of mission.
  • Fixed craft­ing recipes for Neon Weapons to be cor­rect for ener­gy weapons.
  • The chance for Impulse Grenades and Remote Explo­sive World Drops has been returned to nor­mal (should now be equal to the M80).
  • Har­vest and col­lect quest items now drop no mat­ter how the quest item was destroyed. Pre­vi­ous­ly, play­ers would have to make the destroy­ing blow with their har­vest­ing pick­axe. This now works the same way as Dai­ly Destroy.

Weapons And Items

  • Added the Mil­i­tary weapons set, avail­able via Block­buster Llamas: 
    • Whis­per 45: Silenced semi-auto pistol
    • Specter: Ful­ly-auto­mat­ic sub­ma­chine gun with high rate of fire. 
      • Epic and Leg­endary ver­sions have a silencer.
    • Ground Pounder: Fast-fir­ing and accu­rate semi-auto shotgun.
    • Cross­bow: Sniper weapon that fires a pro­jec­tile with no dam­age falloff.
    • Bald Eagle: Slow-fir­ing heavy pis­tol with great dam­age and knockback. 
      • Increased the dam­age and impact of the Bald Eagle by 30%.
  • The fol­low­ing scoped sniper rifles no longer have dam­age fall off. Addi­tion­al­ly, their range has been increased from 20 Tiles to 50 Tiles. 
    • Auto Sniper Rifle
    • Extin­guish­er
    • Exter­mi­na­tor
    • Death­wing
    • Scoped Bulls­eye
    • Scoped Dead­eye
    • One Shot
    • Heart­break­er
    • Hydraulic Sniper Rifle
    • Tsuna­mi
    • Scav­enger Sniper Rifle
    • Sun­set­ter
    • Scoped Wasp
    • Scoped Drag­on­fly
    • Burst Sniper
    • Triple Tap
    • Neon Sniper Rifle
    • Vin­dertech Sniper Rifle
    • Vin­dertech Jolter
    • Frost­bite
  • The fol­low­ing non-scoped sniper rifles range increased from 13 Tiles to 20 tiles: 
    • Hunt­ing Rifle
    • Lil’Bee
    • Stinger
    • Wasp
    • Drag­on­fly
    • Ral­phie’s Revenge

Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed an issue where the +30% Weapon Dam­age when aim­ing down sights alter­ation was increas­ing Weapon Dam­age by 75%. The alter­ation now increas­es Weapon Dam­age by the cor­rect amount.
  • Added miss­ing drop sound effects to many spear weapons.
  • Fixed the evo­lu­tion skill require­ments for the Kryp­ton Sword to use the cor­rect skills; evolv­ing the weapons now requires the Sword and Spear skill and not the Axe and Scythe Skill.
  • All shot­guns should now dam­age non-friend­ly envi­ron­men­tal objects.
  • Bald Eagle icon updat­ed to be dis­tinct from the Fal­con pistol.


  • Pur­chas­ing mul­ti­ple Lla­mas in the Loot tab now show the total cost.
  • Adjust­ed the lay­out of Dai­ly Reward items to include the item name.
  • Weapon tooltips now show head­shot damage.

Bug Fix­es

  • Reduced the rat­ing num­ber dis­played for Group Mis­sions at the vic­to­ry screen and on the Objec­tive tab in the menu. 
    • This now match­es the rec­om­mend­ed rat­ing of the mis­sion rather than ene­my level.
  • Fixed a prob­lem on the end-of-mis­sion vic­to­ry screen where the drone appears twice to beam play­ers back to Homebase.
  • Fixed an issue where the dis­played Home­base Pow­er Lev­el was visu­al­ly capped at lev­el 132 when play­ers’ actu­al pow­er lev­els were higher.
  • Lev­el­ing Up or Evolv­ing some­thing now says “Please Wait” instead of just dis­abling the but­ton and appear­ing unresponsive.
  • Recy­cle mode result­ing mate­ri­als pan­el can now be scrolled with a controller.
  • Recy­cling Details modal dia­log can now be scrolled if necessary.
  • Fixed a case where the top menu bar would become unre­spon­sive on PC.


  • Vol­ume decrease on the Explo­ration and Com­bat music to help the over­all mix.

Fort­nite Bat­tle Royale is avail­able free on Playsta­tion 4, Xbox One, PC and select Mobile Devices.

Source: Epic Games

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