Fortnite 3.0.0 Patch Live

Epic games has released anoth­er patch for For­nite. Ver­sion 3.0.0 con­tains changes and fix­es for both Save The World mode and the free Bat­tle Royale mode. Ver. 3.0.0 is a big patch con­tain­ing a lot of changes includ­ing 60 fps sup­port for con­soles and a new hero.

Fortnite Version 3.0.0 Patch Notes

60 FPS on Con­sole (Bat­tle Royale)
Expe­ri­ence Fort­nite like nev­er before. PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One and Xbox One X now sup­port 60 FPS mode, hand-tuned for each con­sole to pro­vide an extra-smooth gam­ing expe­ri­ence while main­tain­ing visu­al fidelity.

Hov­er­board (Save the World)
Why run when you can hov­er? Explore each zone with­out deplet­ing ener­gy on the Hoverboard.

Fortnite 3.0.0 Patch Live

Hand Can­non
It’s big, it’s loud and it packs a punch! Com­ing to both Bat­tle Royale and Save the World.

  • Major Improve­ments to Building! 
    • Play­ers can now build struc­tures just about any­where, even through trees, rocks and cars. 
      • This allows you more free­dom when build­ing (no more pesky trees stop­ping your ramps).
      • Struc­tur­al sup­port still works the same way — only ter­rain or oth­er build­ings will sup­port your built struc­tures, not objects you build through.
    • If you run out of mate­ri­als while build­ing, you’ll now auto­mat­i­cal­ly switch to the next mate­r­i­al with avail­able resources. 
      • You can turn this fea­ture off with the “Auto Mate­r­i­al Change” option in the Game Set­tings menu.
    • You can now con­tin­u­ous­ly place the select­ed build­ing piece by hold­ing down the Pri­ma­ry Fire button. 
      • You can turn this fea­ture off with the “Tur­bo Build­ing” option in the Game Set­tings menu.
    • Bat­tle Royale: Switch­ing between build­ing pieces is now much smoother, espe­cial­ly using con­sole con­trols or under non-ide­al net­work conditions.
  • New Orches­tral Music Score! 
    • The score was cre­at­ed by film com­pos­er Mar­co Bel­tra­mi (Logan, The Hurt Lock­er, etc.) and Pinar Toprak (Kryp­ton TV series, addi­tion­al com­po­si­tion for the Jus­tice League film, etc.). The hour long score was record­ed in Nashville with an amaz­ing orchestra.
    • Save the World: All music has been updat­ed with an entire­ly new soundtrack.
    • Bat­tle Royale: The Login, Launch, and Lob­by menus have updat­ed remix­es from the new score.
  • Added Col­or Blind Option 
    • This can be found in the new “Acces­si­bil­i­ty” tab in the game’s options.
    • There’s a strength indi­ca­tor so that you can find a lev­el that works best for you.
    • This fea­ture is still in devel­op­ment. We’d love to hear your feed­back, espe­cial­ly if you’re unable to find a lev­el that makes the col­ors bet­ter for you.
  • Hold­ing down the “Interact/Use” but­ton when approach­ing a chest or downed ally will now auto­mat­i­cal­ly per­form the action once in range. 
    • This also works when reviv­ing teammates.
  • Mes­sag­ing now dis­plays when par­ty func­tion­al­i­ty has degrad­ed due to serv­er issues. 
    • This includes being able to join par­ties and send invitations.
  • Easy Anti-Cheat pro­tec­tion added to Mac.
  • Improved the look & feel of the game win­dow title bar, but­tons and bor­ders on Windows.

Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed Auto-Run being can­celled when open­ing the map or inven­to­ry screens.
  • Inven­to­ry icons should no longer get stuck in a select­ed state after being dragged out of the inventory.
  • Improved CPU per­for­mance when acti­vat­ing over­laps, such as traps or triggers.
  • Opti­mized grass ren­der­ing to improve over­all frame rate.
  • Fixed an issue where incor­rect num­bers could be shown if you enabled the “Show Net Stats” HUD option.

Battle Royale

  • Hand Can­non added. 
    • Fires Heavy ammo.
    • Epic and Leg­endary rarity.
    • Found in Floor Loot, Trea­sure Chests and Sup­ply Drops.
  • Pump Shot­gun behav­ior has been addressed. Fir­ing the Pump Shot­gun and quick­ly switch­ing weapons will now require you to pump the Shot­gun before the next shot. 
    • We will be mon­i­tor­ing any fall­out from this and con­tin­u­ing to iter­ate on how this works through­out the next patches.
  • Grenades no longer have the abil­i­ty to Crit.
  • Removed the Valentine’s Day skin from the Crossbow.
  • Adjust­ed Pis­tol drop chances in floor loot: 
    • Increased Uncom­mon Pis­tol by 25%.
    • Increased Rare Pis­tol by 100%.
    • Decreased Epic Sup­pressed Pis­tol by 33%.
    • Decreased Leg­endary Sup­pressed Pis­tol by 20%.

Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed the col­or­ful out­lines around weapon pick­ups not show­ing up.
  • Fixed the Cross­bow not reload­ing if the fire but­ton is pressed with an emp­ty ammo clip.
  • Fixed the Impulse Grenade some­times not stick­ing to the environment.
  • Fixed a recoil recov­ery issue that caused the ret­i­cle to be in a low­er posi­tion than expect­ed after switch­ing weapons.


  • 60 FPS mode added for PS4, Xbox One, PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. 
    • Bat­tle Royale now defaults to 60 FPS, but you can switch back to 30 FPS in Set­tings if you pre­fer high­er qual­i­ty visuals.
    • This replaces the Uncapped mode.
  • Opti­mized weapon and build­ing selec­tion to be much more respon­sive under non-ide­al net­work conditions.
  • Sev­er­al HUD ele­ments have been opti­mized to improve performance.

Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed hitch­ing that occurred when jump­ing out of the Bat­tle Bus.
  • Fixed hitch­ing that occurred when encoun­ter­ing cer­tain skins for the first time in a match.


  • Play­ers now remain in con­trol of their char­ac­ter for 10 sec­onds after earn­ing Vic­to­ry Royale!
  • Play­ers who do not have an Out­fit equipped will now have the same Out­fit both in-game and the lobby.

Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed an issue where some­times no weapon would be equipped on first weapon pickup.
  • Fixed the crosshair ret­i­cle dis­ap­pear­ing in cer­tain cases.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong item was dropped after switch­ing inven­to­ry slots imme­di­ate­ly after pick­ing-up a new item.
  • Fixed an issue where Sup­ply Drops were unable to be viewed from long distances.
  • Fixed issue where oth­er play­er mod­els could appear giant in cer­tain net­work conditions.
  • Fixed wall traps not trig­ger­ing if placed behind cer­tain stair con­fig­u­ra­tions that did­n’t visu­al­ly block the trap.
  • Fixed the wrong item stack some­times being con­sumed when mul­ti­ple instances of a stack­ing item are in the quickbar.
  • Fixed a rare serv­er crash when a play­er would join a match.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause visu­al delays when acquir­ing pick­ups or open­ing chests.


  • The fullscreen map can now be opened while spectating.
  • The fullscreen map now dis­plays infor­ma­tion about what the but­tons do in the top right.
  • The path of the Bat­tle Bus is now vis­i­ble on the map pri­or to launch.
  • When pick­ing up items, we once again dis­play the names and quan­ti­ties on the HUD, with an improved appearance.
  • Ammo count is now shown in the tooltip for weapons on the ground.
  • Added new “Stream­er Mode” set­ting to the Game Options menu, which anonymizes all names that aren’t squad members.
  • When spec­tat­ing play­ers, the num­ber of play­ers they’ve elim­i­nat­ed now appears under their name.
  • Text noti­fi­ca­tions no longer appear when a spec­ta­tor leaves.
  • The “You placed X” mes­sage now appears for only 10 sec­onds instead of 20 while spectating.
  • Added a Help but­ton to the Bat­tle Pass tab with a list of Fre­quent­ly Asked Questions.

Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed an issue where, after being elim­i­nat­ed, the ban­ner rank of the oppo­nent wouldn’t match their rank but would instead match your own.
  • Fixed unclear descrip­tion of the Emote key bind­ing in the Input Set­tings menu.
  • Fixed an issue where mes­sages and pop­ups were affect­ed by the HUD Scale option.
  • Fixed an issue with escape behav­ior where it was can­celling game actions rather than bring­ing up the menu. 
    • Downed play­ers that were still in build mode could not open the menu.
  • Fixed an issue where spec­ta­tors would see the char­ac­ter mod­el obstruct­ing their view, if the spec­tat­ed play­er was scop­ing a Sniper with their back to a wall.
  • Fixed an issue where text noti­fi­ca­tions would show for spec­ta­tors join­ing despite “Show Spec­ta­tor Count” being disabled.
  • Fixed not hav­ing enough visu­al padding between the cur­rent ammo in the mag­a­zine, and the amount left in reserve.


  • Emot­ing is now avail­able in the pre-game lobby. 
    • You can do this by click­ing on your avatar > “Emote”.
  • Ban­ner, Boost Lev­el, and Bat­tle Pass Tier of par­ty mem­bers are now shown in the lobby.
  • The top menu in the lob­by now shows expand­ed infor­ma­tion on par­ty mem­bers (sim­i­lar to the in-match menu).
  • Par­ty Find­er has been restyled with stream­lined invite/join visuals. 
    • The actions you can take for each friend or invite request are now shown in-line.
  • Ray no longer enthu­si­as­ti­cal­ly announces all friend invites.

Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed sev­er­al cas­es of play­ers fail­ing to receive Par­ty Invite notifications.


  • Removed Depth of Field blur to great­ly increase image sharp­ness for all players.

Bug Fix­es

  • Light­ing dur­ing all times of day/night now match the bright­ness across all Qual­i­ty options.
  • Light­ing con­trast + inten­si­ty have been adjust­ed to improve con­trast in cer­tain times of day that were flat and to reduce shad­ows in times of day that were too dark.
  • Fixed an issue which caused downed play­ers to become invis­i­ble if revived underwater.
    • Unique Audio com­ing to sev­er­al Pick­ax­es + Glid­ers with­in the Bat­tle Pass in V.3.1.0. 
    • Cre­at­ed new Semi-Auto Sniper world impact sounds, so it does­n’t sound as over­whelm­ing when shot at.

    Bug Fix­es

    • Imple­ment­ed a fix that should resolve the stut­ter­ing and lagged audio issues that were intro­duced in the last update.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the pick­axe equip sound to play when oth­er play­ers jumped from the bus.

Save The World

  • Hov­er­board added. 
    • Hov­er­boards are grant­ed by a new tuto­r­i­al quest­line, avail­able after Stonewood Home­base Storm Shield Defense 5 has been completed.
    • Cruise across the map at high speed!
    • Hov­er­boards take 3 sec­onds to sum­mon, but con­sume no Ener­gy while in use.
    • Tak­ing dam­age while on your Hov­er­board will knock you off. Avoid husks!
  • The Bald Eagle Hand Can­non is now avail­able in the Week­ly Store. 
    • This is the high­est-dam­age hand can­non yet!
    • Accu­rate and effec­tive at short to mid-range.
  • Spring It On! event chap­ter, “Luck Explo­sion” unlocks! 
    • Ring in the Lunar New Year with explo­sive new quests and activities.
    • Get your Drag­on Weapon of choice as the quest line reward.
  • The Cozy Camp­fire no longer rewards the full Util­i­ty score every time it heals a play­er, instead spread­ing its total reward out over its lifespan.
  • Plankhat­tan Project quest now only requires a sin­gle ful­ly com­plet­ed Siphon to suc­ceed instead of 3. Play­ers still must com­plete all three defense stages on the Siphon.
  • Blu­G­lo Dif­fi­cul­ty Pylon func­tion­al­i­ty adjustments: 
    • Adjust­ed the cost of all Blu­G­lo Pylons.
    • Dif­fi­cul­ty Pylons are now only avail­able in the mis­sions that are focused on the defense of an objective.
    • Dif­fi­cul­ty Pylon can now only be used before the start of the defense for the main mis­sion objec­tive (before first stage, if defense is done in mul­ti­ple stages).
  • Increased Wood/Stone/Metal har­vest­ing rates. The exact amount varies by object, but is approx­i­mate­ly 10–20% higher.
  • Fron­tend craft­ing with­in Uni­ver­sal Inven­to­ry fea­ture will be added.
  • Reduced appear­ance rate of Ranged, Melee and Weapon Lla­mas by 20%.

Bug Fix­es

  • Wall launch­ers once again push husks in the direc­tion the trap is facing.
  • Weak points will now spawn for all play­ers when mul­ti­ple play­ers attempt to har­vest a build­ing or Out­lander lla­ma at the same time.
  • The Cozy Camp­fire now requires tiered Min­er­al Pow­der to craft.
  • Spring It On! Gold was incor­rect­ly dis­play­ing as Sprint It On! Gold
  • Fixed Wood­en Wall Spike Traps to have no reload time.
  • Fixed Wood­en Wall Spike Traps to have prop­er dam­age at dif­fer­ent tiers and rarities.
  • Fixed an issue with Wood­en Wall Spike Traps not prop­er­ly reflect­ing damage.
  • Survivor’s lost item should no longer spawn out­side of the search area.
  • If a Sur­vivor Relay does­n’t spawn a sur­vivor, it will now ful­fill relat­ed objec­tives and grant full rewards.
  • Fixed the mail­box quest item from being search­able even if you’re not doing the quest.
  • Fixed “Sum­mer” from spawn­ing Out­side the Storm Shield in Outpost.
  • Vac­u­um Tube Launch­er and Dam Buster will no longer roll head­shot perks.
  • Fixed an issue where new Drag­on Weapon schemat­ics could roll invalid perk configurations.
  • Updat­ed Melee “Dura­bil­i­ty Decay” perk descrip­tions to say “Longer Dura­bil­i­ty” instead of “Dura­bil­i­ty Decay”; updat­ed val­ues to reflect new descriptions. 
    • These tooltips were also dis­play­ing incor­rect val­ues — they are now correct.
  • Cross­bow Schemat­ics will now craft weapons of the cor­rect pow­er level. 
    • The cor­rect Cross­bow mod­el will now show when it is craft­ed, dropped or picked-up.
  • Fixed a bug that caused mul­ti­ple ele­men­tal ene­my types to spawn in the same encounter after increas­ing dif­fi­cul­ty. Only one ele­men­tal type should spawn at a time, except Minibosses. 


Fortnite 3.0.0 Patch Live

  • Valen­tines Nin­ja Snug­gle Spe­cial­ist Sarah has been added to the Event Store.
  • New Leg­endary ver­sions of the Lunar New Years heroes added to the Spring Llama: 
    • Berserk­er Renegade
    • Riot Con­trol Izza
    • Flash A.C.
    • Thun­der­strike Mari
  • Base movespeed has been uni­fied across all heroes. 
    • Con­struc­tors now move at the same speed as Sol­diers and Outlanders.
    • The Nin­ja’s Shi­no­bi perk now grants 10% run and sprint speed, in addi­tion to 10% fall dam­age reduction.

Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed an issue caus­ing the Out­lander Flash Eagle Eye­’s sup­port perk to show 12% dam­age increase at all hero evo­lu­tions. It now prop­er­ly dis­plays 12%, 18%, and 24% at Evo­lu­tions 1, 2, and 3.
  • Fixed an issue where Drag­on Slash wasn’t acti­vat­ing voice over.
  • Fixed issue caus­ing play­ers to lose con­trol of their char­ac­ter if a Troll Bomb was destroyed with Sol­dier’s “Shock­wave”.
  • Fixed issue where “In The Zone” would some­times trig­ger fol­low­ing one swing after switch­ing weapons.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Sol­diers to sprint while they were aim­ing their Frag Grenade.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Light Sword Heavy Attacks to be can­celed early.
  • Fixed a visu­al issue where the Flash Eagle Eye Out­lander’s back­packs of Epic and Leg­endary rar­i­ties were reversed.
  • Fixed an issue where hero abil­i­ties, pro­jec­tiles and visu­al FX would fail when cast in water.
  • Fixed an issue where the Epic ver­sion of Sarah Claus had Cres­cent Kick as Tier 2 abil­i­ty instead of Throw­ing Stars.
  • Fixed an issue where Ranger Beetle­Jess was miss­ing her face paint.
  • Updat­ed the “Rain of Death” Nin­ja perk to show the updat­ed throw pattern.


  • Updat­ed Skill Tree back­grounds with new art and path labels to help play­er progression.
  • Added new col­or back­grounds and labels to Research Trees to help play­er progression.
  • Select­ing the “Find in …” option in the Heroes or Squads menu will now show the select­ed Hero, Sur­vivor, or Defend­er when open­ing the appro­pri­ate Armory sub-menu.
  • Clar­i­fied the behav­ior of the the Quick Chat key bind­ing in the Input set­tings screen.
  • Added a pur­ple skull icon above Mini-Bosses.
  • Spring it On! Gold icon has been updated:

Bug Fix­es

  • Fixed an issue that caused “Con­nect­ing…” to appear when a team­mate joined a match.
  • Fixed the tooltip for Sup­ply Drop.
  • Click­ing a locked squad now takes you to the “ear­li­est” skill node that unlocks any slot in that squad, rather than the skill node that unlocks the leader slot.
  • Fixed a case where weapon perks would dis­ap­pear from the UI temporarily.
  • Fixed a case where the item lev­el dis­play would fail to update.
  • Fixed a case of over­run­ning text in the Store tab.
  • Fixed some cas­es where con­troller nav­i­ga­tion would become unresponsive.
  • Fixed a hitch that could occur when nav­i­gat­ing the Quests tab.
  • Fixed some mis­sion detail infor­ma­tion not cor­rect­ly updat­ing when hov­er­ing over mis­sions with a mouse.
  • Fixed a case of cut-off text in the Armory menus.
  • Tab nav­i­ga­tion but­ton call­outs are now hid­den if they can­not be used.
  • Fixed the Mis­sion Select but­ton becom­ing over­ly large in some situations.
  • Adjust­ed the lay­out of the Defend­er Squads but­ton to bet­ter sup­port hav­ing every squad unlocked.
  • Fixed slot­ted Sur­vivors not show­ing their cor­rect pow­er lev­el in some situations.
  • Fixed an issue with pur­chas­ing addi­tion­al Lla­mas dur­ing the Lla­ma store tutorial.
  • Removed unnec­es­sary blank rows in the tooltip infor­ma­tion for “Bear Stare”.
  • Cor­rect­ed a typo in the descrip­tion for “Quick Kick”.
  • Fixed the tooltip for “Hearty Blows” to refer to base health val­ues and “BASE MD” miss­ing its dis­play name.
  • Fixed map and radar icons (includ­ing play­er icons) not dis­play­ing in some circumstances. 
  • The Ral­phie’s Revenge Sniper Rifle now cor­rect­ly dis­plays tier information.
  • Remove unused stats in Patrol Ward tooltip .
  • Fixed a case of over­run­ning text break­ing the lay­out of the Dai­ly Rewards menu.
  • Updat­ed “Air Strike Upgrade: Dam­age” node to accu­rate­ly reflect bonuses.
  • Updat­ed the descrip­tion of “Hov­er Tur­ret Upgrade: Fire Rate” node in Skill Tree 4 to accu­rate­ly reflect bonuses.
  • Fixed an issue where con­sole play­ers were unable to select a skill in the skill tree.
  • Added Plas­ma Stun sound to Decoy when you have the perk enabled.


  • Micro­phones con­nect­ed to con­trollers will be mut­ed when chang­ing any audio volume.
  • In rare cas­es, the game may crash in the fron­tend menus when Shad­ow­Play High­lights is enabled. To pre­vent this, please update to the lat­est ver­sion of GeForce Experience.
  • After open­ing a Sup­ply Drop that has been shot down, the loot will some­times spawn in the sky and slow­ly fall to the ground.
  • In rare cas­es, play­ers may be unable to edit a play­er built structure. 
    • The cur­rent workaround is to press the edit but­ton on an adja­cent structure.
  • The “Import Friends” but­ton is not avail­able in the game menu for V.3.0.0 only. 
    • Can be found in the Epic Games Launch­er in the meantime.
  • Twitch quests are not giv­ing out dai­ly missions.
  • Weapon designs and train­ing man­u­als are not being ful­ly refund­ed when recy­cling 2‑star and above items.
  • Recy­cling using the con­text menu does not pre­view the refund­ed items.
  • Ini­tial Black Box announce­ment of zone mod­i­fiers appears too briefly to read.
  • Play­er can’t edit build­ing when a blue­print of a dif­fer­ent build­ing is selected.
  • Explo­sive based weapons have AoE blast radius as Range in Stats page.
  • Fea­tured quests appear as only par­tial­ly com­plet­ed when finished.
  • Hex Map rewards UI dis­play gold as ‘Sea­son­al Gold’.
  • Owned Drag­on Weapons could roll invalid perk configurations.
  • The Play Now but­ton for the “Want to Build a Hov­er­board?” quest can take play­ers to non-City zones. Play Now func­tion­al­i­ty will be removed from this quest in a future patch.
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