The long-await­ed deci­sion in the Apple vs. Epic case has final­ly been decid­ed, with a judge com­ing to the con­clu­sion that Apple must allow devel­op­ers to offer alter­na­tive pay­ment meth­ods. How­ev­er, Epic Games is not hap­py about the deci­sion, and Fort­nite is not com­ing back to the App Store any­time soon–if ever. Apple recent­ly informed Epic Games that Fort­nite would be banned on iOS until all court appeals are exhausted.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney denounced this deci­sion on Twit­ter, say­ing it’s not a win for devel­op­ers or con­sumers. He went on to add that Fort­nite will only return to the App Store “when and where Epic can offer in-app pay­ment in fair com­pe­ti­tion with Apple in-app pay­ment, pass­ing along the sav­ings to consumers.”

We will fight on,” Sweeney commented.

Sweeney said Apple informed Epic that For­nite will be “black­list­ed from the Apple ecosys­tem until the exhaus­tion of all court appeals.” Sweeney esti­mat­ed this could take five years or longer.

Sweeney went on to accuse Apple of lying. He states the com­pa­ny is not keep­ing to their word, say­ing they would wel­come Epic back if they fol­lowed the rules. “Epic agreed, and now Apple has reneged in anoth­er abuse of its monop­oly pow­er over a bil­lion users,” Sweeney said.

An email sent by Sweeney to Apple’s Phil Schiller men­tions that Epic paid Apple the required fee from the judge­ment, $6 mil­lion. He then asked if Apple would rein­state Epic’s devel­op­er account. “Epic promis­es that it will adhere to Apple’s guide­lines when­ev­er and wher­ev­er we release prod­ucts on Apple plat­forms,” Sweeney said in the email.

Sweeney added that Epic would only bring Fort­nite back to iOS if Apple update its guide­lines to “pro­vide a lev­el play­ing field between Apple In-App Pur­chas­es and oth­er meth­ods of pay­ment.” You can see Sweeney’s full email to Apple, below: