Former CoD Developer Says The Series Needs “Revitalization”

Robert Bowl­ing, the for­mer cre­ative strate­gist at Infin­i­ty War from 2006–2012, has giv­en his own insight on what Call of Duty needs in the future. Post­ing to Twit­ter, Bowl­ing said the CoD series sim­ply needs to be rebuilt.

Mod­ern War­zone tweet­ed that Call of Duty is in “sham­bles,” going on to say that every­thing from War­zone to the pro league was “chalked.” Bowl­ing replied to this tweet say­ing, “We need more than iter­a­tion, we need revitalization.”

Bowl­ing added that the Call of Duty series could ben­e­fit from return­ing to “core game­play” instead of “con­tent gateways.”

We used to treat our play­ers like com­mu­ni­ty and not con­sumers. We brought them in to the fold for map feed­back not mar­ket feed­back,” Bowl­ing said.

Bowl­ing has been mov­ing around the games indus­try for years, but is now the stu­dio head at Mid­night Soci­ety, a new devel­op­er stu­dio start­ed by Dr. Dis­re­spect (who is also lead­ing the team). Halo Infi­nite devel­op­er Quinn Del­Hoyo is the cre­ative direc­tor of Mid­night Soci­ety, and the stu­dio is hop­ing to “ush­er in the new era of online PvP mul­ti­play­er titles.”

I am a Platinum lover and an ex- Cod-aholic. I've been playing games since I was 5 years old and I refuse to quit, despite my mother's attempts to get me to. God of War and its successors are my all time favorite games.

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