Cofounder, Mau­ro Fanel­li, from the indie stu­dio Mixed­Bag final­ly announced the release of Forma.8. It will be avail­able for PS4 and the PS Vita.

The game is set to launch on Feb­ru­ary 23rd and is a 2D action adven­ture, with a very unique, visu­al style. Forma.8’s devel­op­ment took longer than expect­ed, as the game was sup­posed to be released back in 2014. The project took more time than antic­i­pat­ed and team launched oth­er games in the process, but it is final­ly ready to go. 

You play as a small explo­ration probe called forma.8 and you’re strand­ed alone on the sur­face an alien plan­et. By acci­dent, you have been sep­a­rat­ed from your com­pan­ions and you have a life or death mis­sion to com­plete: find and recov­er a lost, pow­er­ful ener­gy source before it’s too late. Not every­thing is what it appears to be…  (ohhh… mystery).

Forma.8’s game­play offers a huge world to explore, a unique con­trol sys­tem, pow­er ups to col­lect after you unlock new zones, ene­mies to fight, puz­zles to solve, large boss­es, and a cryp­tic sto­ry. That is a lot going on. All bun­dled togeth­er with unique visu­als — a com­bi­na­tion of hand drawn vec­tor graph­ics and 3D char­ac­ters to give it that amaz­ing pop fac­tor. It also runs at 60 FPS.

There will also be a very lim­it­ed amount of phys­i­cal copies of Forma.8, as Mixed­Bag has part­nered with Lim­it­ed Run Games to make these copies. They will only be sold on Lim­it­ed Run Games web­site and at a lat­er date, which was not specified.