Flywrench Coming to PS4 on February 14th

Announced today on PlaySta­tion’s blog, Kristy Norindr, the co-founder of Messhof revealed the launch of the upcom­ing game Fly­wrench. It is set to release on Valen­tine’s Day, which is appar­ent­ly the gift from this stu­dio to us (fun­ny). It will only cost $6.99.

This game is a cross between a plat­former and a physics puz­zle and is rather dif­fi­cult. The stu­dio has been work­ing on this project since 2007, which is rather sur­pris­ing con­sid­er­ing the graph­ic qual­i­ty of the game, but the physics must be dif­fi­cult to get down. Some of you out there must have played the ear­ly ver­sion of the game back in 2007. Fly­wrench was an unlock­able char­ac­ter in the pop­u­lar game Super Meat Boy, which this game is very sim­i­lar to.

Your char­ac­ter is a white line, that’s right, a white tiny line. If you don’t press any but­tons, you will drop to the bot­tom and explode (sounds fun). You must flap to stay afloat. Left and right adds momen­tum. You can do bar­rel rolls or 10 if you want, but you won’t be able to con­trol the ship when you do this. When you are in motion you change col­or. When you flap, you are red. When you roll you’re green, when you are doing nei­ther, you’re white.


There are obvi­ous­ly obsta­cles to avoid, as it is a physics game, and sim­i­lar to Super Meat Boy. These also come in an array of col­ors, but if it is one of the three you can switch to then you can phase right through it untouched. 

There are 199 lev­els which you flap, spin, and bounce through to try and make it to the exit. Since Fly­wrench has already been released on Steam, they have seen some almost flaw­less runs. The team has spent a lot of time refin­ing the con­trols, as stat­ed by Kristy Norindr (I don’t like this) “so when you die (Which you will… often) you’ll know it was all your fault. Bad gamer, bad!”

Along with the main cam­paign, the team has includ­ed a Time Tri­al mode so you can race against oth­er play­ers glob­al­ly. This mode is exclu­sive­ly for PS4 play­ers only and also includes a whole new pack of “Aster­oid” lev­els in Time Trials. 

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