Five Event Suggestions for Pokemon Go in 2017

Train­ers, thank you for mak­ing our in-game events a suc­cess. What events do you hope to see from Poké­mon GO in 2017? Let us know in the comments.


One of the great­est flops of 2016 was undoubt­ed­ly Poke­mon GO.  Devel­op­ers asked on face­book what events the few thou­sand remain­ing play­ers want to see in the new year to make it great.  Mean­while, the game is still unfin­ished, so here’s five events we at FtM would like to see in the 2017 Poke­mon GO meta.




It’d be fan­tas­tic if, for St. Patrick’s Day, they made an event where play­ers could walk up to each oth­er with their respec­tive devices and Poke­mon col­lec­tions on the street and have a Poke­mon bat­tle.  They could, per­haps, pick their top six Poke­mon and have them go head to head.  Also, the win­ning Poke­mon could say it’s name in an Irish accent.


First Fri­day


On the first Fri­day of every month, Niantic could release 5 new Poke­mon into the wild.  They’d only turn up in areas rel­e­vant to their nat­ur­al habi­tat, to encour­age play­er to explore every­thing from tox­ic waste dumps to the depths of the ocean.


East­er Exchange


On East­er, in lieu of receiv­ing a bas­ket of most­ly that weird fake grass and jelly­beans, imag­ine you received the gift of being able to trade Poke­mon with your sib­lings and friends.


Nurse’s Day

On May 6th, Nurse’s Day here in the states, it’d be great if they start­ed intro­duc­ing NPC shops and loca­tions, by wel­com­ing Nurse Joy and Poke­mon cen­ters to loca­tions around the world.


Decem­ber 31st, 2017

If Niantic were to take all of these and make them come to fruition, then by the end of the year we could see the world’s first actu­al Poke­mon World Cham­pi­onship, cul­mi­nat­ing in the cre­ation of a real life Indi­go League.

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