First Gameplay of Crash Bandicoot 2 Revealed Today

PlaySta­tion sent out a tweet today reveal­ing the first game­play of Crash Bandi­coot 2: Cor­tex Strikes Back, for the upcom­ing remas­tered Crash Bandi­coot N. Sane Trilogy.

The video shows the lev­el “Hang Eight” from the sec­ond game in the series, so if you have played this game many times, you will know this lev­el well. It con­tains ene­my Venus Fly Traps, scenic water­falls, and of course that clas­sic plat­former feel. Check out the video below to get that Crash experience:

The Crash Bandi­coot N. Sane Tril­o­gy includes Crash Bandi­coot (the amaz­ing orig­i­nal), Crash Bandi­coot 2: Cor­tex Strikes Back, and Crash Bandi­coot: Warped (also pret­ty great). These were orig­i­nal­ly made by Naughty Dog back in the ear­ly 90’s, but now Activi­sion is remas­ter­ing them for the PS4

Activi­sion is using the games’ orig­i­nal lev­el geom­e­try, but they are being built, again, from the ground up. There will be some much need­ed new fea­tures, includ­ing uni­fied check­point and save sys­tem (which does include the man­u­al and autosave func­tions), and uni­fied menus (thank the gam­ing gods for all of these!)

The col­lec­tion is set for launch on June 30th of this year, although there is some spec­u­la­tion if it will be a PS4 exclu­sive, unlike all the orig­i­nal games. 

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