Final Fantasy 14 Might Be A WoW Killer

Valve’s offi­cial stats have once again shown that Final Fan­ta­sy XIV is gain­ing trac­tion, as the game has bro­ken its record for con­cur­rent play­ers on Steam. At its peak, it saw 48,697 play­ers beat­ing its pre­vi­ous record of 41,200 when fans flocked to the game in 2019 for the launch of Shad­ow­bringers. It’s worth men­tion­ing that this num­ber does not include play­ers on PS4 and PS5.

Why the surge? It’s like­ly due to a pop­u­lar World of War­craft Twitch stream­er Asmon­gold, who decid­ed to play Final Fan­ta­sy XIV for him­self and end­ing up with over 200,000 peo­ple watch­ing at one point. The game’s servers then filled up with fans who want­ed to meet him.

It seems this is becom­ing a trend for play­ers of the World of War­craft of com­mu­ni­ty, as more play­ers are leav­ing the game to join the realm of Final Fan­ta­sy XIV. Play­ers are con­tin­u­al­ly unhap­py with WoW expan­sions and where Bliz­zard is tak­ing the game.

Many peo­ple have moved over to Final Fan­ta­sy from WoW, and I under­stand why,” Asmon­gold stat­ed recent­ly on a stream. “The truth is that WoW’s best release in the past 5 years has been a release that came out 15 years ago,” Asmon­gold said, refer­ring to Bliz­zard’s release of WoW Classic.

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