FIFA 23 Won’t Include Russian Clubs Or Teams

EA has announced that Russ­ian teams and clubs will not be includ­ed in FIFA 23. This falls into place with their pre­vi­ous pol­i­cy, hav­ing already removed Russ­ian teams from FIFA 22 and NHL 22.

EA Sports issues a state­ment to Eurogamer, say­ing, “[We stand] in sol­i­dar­i­ty with the Ukrain­ian peo­ple and like so many voic­es across the world of foot­ball, [call] for peace and an end to the inva­sion of Ukraine.” EA Sports also men­tioned the deci­sion to remove Russ­ian teams is “in line with our part­ners at FIFA and UEFA.” This news comes short­ly after the debut trail­er was shown for FIFA 23.

The ongo­ing inva­sion has caused sev­er­al game devel­op­ers and pub­lish­ers have stopped doing busi­ness with Rus­sia. EA pre­vi­ous­ly ceased sales of their games and oth­er prod­ucts in Rus­sia and Belarus. Nin­ten­do, Microsoft, CD Pro­jekt Red, PlaySta­tion, and many oth­er have also tak­en the same stance with their products.

The inva­sion has also affect­ed game devel­op­ment in Ukraine, for obvi­ous rea­sons, as the peo­ple there are just strug­gling from day to day. The recent Xbox Show­case includ­ed sto­ries from the Stalk­er 2 devel­op­ers, who are based in Ukraine. 

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