FIFA 21 play­ers can now see what’s inside their loot box­es before decid­ing to pur­chase them. It’s a new fea­ture added as part of the ongo­ing “Fes­ti­val of FUT­ball” event.

The fea­ture, called “Ulti­mate Team Pre­view Packs,” allows play­ers to pre­view spe­cif­ic packs in the game’s FUT Store. As detailed by Eurogamer, play­ers can pre­view the con­tents via a pack open­ing ani­ma­tion. Play­ers can then choose to buy that spe­cif­ic pack. These packs can then be pur­chased either with FUT Coins, which can be earned through game­play, or with FIFA Points, which are bought with real-world money.

If some­one opts to not buy the pack, the pre­view pack­’s con­tent will remain in the store for view­ing, but on a timer. Once that time runs out, play­ers can then choose to pre­view anoth­er pack. Ulti­mate Team Pre­view Packs are the only types of packs avail­able to pur­chase dur­ing the course of the event. EA did say oth­er types of packs will return in the future. It’s unclear if all packs will sup­port this fea­ture after the event.

This changes hap­pens at a time when gov­ern­ments are scru­ti­niz­ing loot box­es as gam­bling. In some regions, par­tic­u­lar­ly in Europe, many game com­pa­nies have just dropped loot box­es, or at least esti­mat­ed prob­a­bil­i­ties of scor­ing the rar­er items. A patch back in Decem­ber 2020 made it so EA could dis­able FIFA 21’s Ulti­mate Team mode in spe­cif­ic coun­tries or regions with strict gam­bling laws. 

In oth­er coun­tries, like Bel­gium, EA sim­ply dis­abled the abil­i­ty to pur­chase FIFA Points with real mon­ey. FIFA 21 also added the abil­i­ty to put lim­its on FIFA Point spend­ing lat­er in 2020. All of these changes sur­round­ing Ulti­mate Team may car­ry over to FIFA 22, but it’s too ear­ly to tell.