February 2022’s Xbox Games With Gold Announced

Xbox has unveiled the next set of free games for Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ulti­mate mem­bers. Feb­ru­ary’s Games with Gold troop of four includes a pair of titles for both the Xbox One and the Xbox 360 (which are back­wards compatible). 

If you haven’t picked up this mon­th’s games, there are still three to grab, which you can check out below:

  • Neu­roVoider — Jan­u­ary 1st — 31st (Xbox One)
  • Aground — Jan­u­ary 16th — Feb­ru­ary 15th (Xbox One)
  • Space Invaders Infin­i­ty Gene — Jan­u­ary 16th (Xbox 360)

Feb­ru­ary’s next set of games is a list of four titles you are like­ly to know lit­tle about, but, you can check them out below (see if any catch­es your eye):

Xbox Games With Gold — February 2022

  • Bro­ken Sword 5 — Feb­ru­ary 1st — 28th (Xbox One)
  • Aer­i­al Knight’s Nev­er Yield — Feb­ru­ary 16th — March 15th (Xbox One)
  • Hydropho­bia — Feb­ru­ary 1st — 15th (Xbox 360)
  • Band of Bugs — Feb­ru­ary 16th — 28th (Xbox 360)

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