Far Cry 6 Is Getting Free Rambo, Stranger Things, And Danny Trejo DLC

Ubisoft announced the DLC roadmap for Far Cry 6’s post-launch con­tent, and it includes plen­ty of crossover mis­sions fea­tur­ing Ram­bo, Dan­ny Tre­jo, and Stranger Things.

This mis­sions are part of free updates com­ing to Far Cry 6 after the game launch­es. The DLC is playable solo or co-op with anoth­er play­er, and includes the crossover mis­sions fea­tur­ing the char­ac­ters men­tioned above, as well as week­ly “insur­gency” mis­sions and events Ubisoft is call­ing operations.

These Insur­gen­cies will hap­pen each week after the game’s launch on Octo­ber 7th, and will con­tin­ue to be playable even after a new one arrives the fol­low­ing week. Insur­gen­cies have play­ers track­ing down Anton Castil­lo’s min­ions, earn­ing new gear in the process.

Spe­cial Oper­a­tions brings play­ers to ““unique new areas” of Far Cry 6 imag­ined coun­try, Yara. “These oper­a­tions will intro­duce new game­play mechan­ics as play­ers must snatch high­ly unsta­ble chem­i­cal weapons from Anton’s arms deal­ers and get to the extrac­tion point before it over­heats,” as described by Ubisoft.

The first two loca­tions are called Meso­zoico and Maceo. They will be avail­able at launch, will the oth­er four will be released lat­er on.

As for the mis­sions them­selves, the Dan­ny Tre­jo mis­sion wants play­ers to help Tre­jo sell his tacos–but this means killing a lot of people–in the Dan­ny & Dani Vs. Every­body DLC. The Ram­bo All The Blood DLC finds a “Ram­bo super­fan” team­ing up with Ram­bo in what’s described as a ““blood-soaked ram­page straight out of an ’80s action block­buster.” Last­ly, in the Stranger Things DLC, The Van­ish­ing, the super cute pup­py Chori­zo goes miss­ing and it’s up to you to find and save him. You can check out the trail­er for these DLCs below:

Far Cry 6’s Sea­son Pass includes plen­ty of con­tent, includ­ed a set of DLC episodes that let you play as some of the most wicked vil­lains in the whole series. That would include Vaas Mon­tene­gro, Pagan Min, and Joseph Seed, with all of their orig­i­nal actors return­ing for this DLC. This was announced back in June.

Over the course of three DLC releas­es, play­ers will embody a dif­fer­ent vil­lain strug­gling to escape the hor­rors of their own minds in a brand new ‘die and retry’ expe­ri­ence inspired by the roguelite genre,” Ubisoft said. “Start­ing with noth­ing more than a pis­tol to defend them­selves, play­ers will need to find new weapons and unlock pow­er-ups to become stronger and progress deep­er into the depths of the vil­lains’ psy­ches. Blend­ing intense action and sto­ry­telling, each DLC will pro­vide a unique oppor­tu­ni­ty to bet­ter under­stand each vil­lain’s past, per­son­al demons, and motivations.”

The Sea­son Pass will be $40 is you don’t buy a copy of the Gold, Ulti­mate, or Col­lec­tor’s edi­tion, which the pass comes bun­dled with. You can check out the Sea­son Pass con­tent below:

Far Cry 6 Season Pass

  1. Three DLC episodes, playable solo or co-op with a friend – even if they do not own the Sea­son Pass.
  2. Episode 1: “Vaas: Insan­i­ty” planned for release in Novem­ber 2021.
  3. Episode 2: “Pagan: Con­trol” planned for release in Jan­u­ary 2022.
  4. Episode 3: “Joseph: Col­lapse” planned for release in March 2022.
  5. Far Cry 3 Blood Drag­on. On Win­dows PC, Sea­son Pass hold­ers will receive the orig­i­nal game released in 2013, while con­sole and Sta­dia play­ers will receive­Far Cry 3 Blood Drag­on: Clas­sic Edition*.
  6. The Blood Drag­on Set, which includes sev­en items usable in the Far Cry 6 main game:
    • One out­fit: Blood Drag­on Gear Set
    • Two weapons: AJM9 and Kobracon
    • One vehi­cle: Omega Enforcer
    • One weapon charm: KillStar
    • One Fang for Hire: K‑9000
    • One vehi­cle Chibi: Blood Drag­on Chibi

Far Cry 6 launch­es on Octo­ber 7th for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Ama­zon Luna. The Sta­dia ver­sion will be release in 2022. You can check out our pre­order guide to see all the dif­fer­ent editions.

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