It’s been quite some time since the Far Cry 6 was last seen and Ubisoft final­ly revealed some game­play on Fri­day. They also offi­cial­ly announced a release date for the game, which is on Octo­ber 7th, 2021, for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Google Sta­dia. The game was sup­posed to launch in Feb­ru­ary of this year, but due to delays caused by the pan­dem­ic, Ubisoft was forced to push it far­ther out. 

Ubisoft­’s E3 show­case is only a cou­ple of weeks away, but instead of just wait­ing until then, the pub­lish­er decid­ed to also share a first look at game­play. Far Cry 6 is going back to a trop­i­cal set­ting after tak­ing a trip to Amer­i­ca back in 2018 with Far Cry 5. Play­ers will be head­ing to Yara, a fic­tion­al Caribbean nation (that has a strik­ing resem­blance to Cuba) with some major issues.

You’ll be con­trol­ling Dani Rojas, a char­ac­ter which you can make make either male or female. That is up to you. Dani is in cahoots with rev­o­lu­tion­ar­ies who have adopt­ed the phi­los­o­phy of resource­ful­ness called Resolver. It means “to get by,” and they use any­thing they can to gain the upper-hand. Of course, in the Far Cry uni­verse, this leads to some rather ridicu­lous DIY weapons.

This includes guns that use bat­ter­ies, motor­cy­cle engines, and even sar­dine cans. There is even a CD launch­er that plays Los del Rio’s “Macare­na.” You’ll also get a Supre­mo back­pack that has a jet­pack, rock­et launch­er or flamethrow­er. Cus­tom hors­es and vehi­cles also aid you in mov­ing around as well.

For those who are ask­ing, “Where is the Fangs for Hire ani­mal com­pan­ions?.” Well, don’t fret, because they are mak­ing a return. We know so far that there is a cute dog named Chorizo–who trans­ports equip­ment with its wheelchair–and a domes­ti­cat­ed croc­o­dile that will attack ene­mies on command.