Fall­out Worlds is the lat­est update for Fall­out 76, which is adding both pub­lic and cus­tom worlds that’s putting a new spin on things in the game. It’s cur­rent­ly live right now on all platforms.

As of right now, only one pub­lic world will be avail­able for play­ers to join at a time. Bethes­da is plan­ning to rotate pub­lic worlds once a month. An exam­ple of an upcom­ing pub­lic world will be Hap­py Builder, where C.A.M.P. place­ment is reduced and build­ing has restric­tions. PvP is also dis­abled. Anoth­er is High Risk, which won’t allow fast trav­el and will fea­tures always-on PvP, as well as play­ers drop­ping addi­tion­al loot upon death.

Of course, play­ers can also cre­ate their own worlds as part of the same update, although this requires an active Fall­out 1st mem­ber­ship to be able to do so. Play­ers who cre­ate their own worlds have numer­ous mod­i­fiers to choose from, rang­ing from infi­nite­ly spawn­ing ene­mies, infi­nite ammo, and dis­abling the need for electricity.

Cus­tom worlds can have up to eight players–including the creator–and play­ers who have already played in a friend’s world can login at any time with­out the world’s cre­ator being online. Play­ers don’t need a Fall­out 1st mem­ber­ship to join cus­tom worlds. Cre­ators can have up to three cus­tom worlds saved at one time. Char­ac­ters made on pub­lic and cus­tom worlds are spe­cif­ic to those worlds, but play­ers can clone their adven­ture mode char­ac­ters for use in Fall­out Worlds.

The update also brings with it a new con­tent sea­son. Bethes­da says it cur­rent­ly inves­ti­gat­ing an issue involv­ing play­ers using the game’s Atoms cur­ren­cy to pur­chase sea­son ranks and play­ers being unable to get their rewards. 

You can check out the full patch notes for the update below:

Fallout 76 — Fallout Worlds Patch Notes


With this update for Fall­out 76, we’re intro­duc­ing Fall­out Worlds, which offers play­ers the abil­i­ty to expe­ri­ence the game in unique new ways with two new game modes: Pub­lic Worlds and Cus­tom Worlds.

  • The new Pub­lic Worlds mode will help you shake up your nor­mal game­play by offer­ing spe­cial worlds that have a pre-select­ed group of Fall­out Worlds set­tings enabled, fit to a theme.
    • All play­ers can join Pub­lic Worlds to dive into an Appalachia that’s wild­ly dif­fer­ent from Adven­ture Mode.
  • One Pub­lic World will be avail­able to play­ers at a time. Cur­rent­ly, we are plan­ning to rotate Pub­lic Worlds once per month so that you can reg­u­lar­ly try out a vari­ety of dif­fer­ent expe­ri­ences. How­ev­er, rota­tion fre­quen­cy may change in the future based on com­mu­ni­ty feed­back and oth­er factors.
  • Here are the first five Pub­lic Worlds that you will be able to check out in-game. As vot­ed on by our Pub­lic Test Serv­er par­tic­i­pants, we’re start­ing with “Hap­py Builder,” and will rotate through the rest in the fol­low­ing order:
    • Hap­py Builder: Reduced C.A.M.P. place­ment restric­tions, relaxed build­ing restric­tions, all Map loca­tions dis­cov­ered, and PvP has been disabled.
    • High Risk: No Fast Trav­el, always-on PVP, play­ers drop addi­tion­al loot on death, free work­bench craft­ing, and leg­endary item attrib­ut­es have been disabled.
    • Dweller Must Die: Great­ly increased ene­my dif­fi­cul­ty, increased dam­age, increased equip­ment dura­bil­i­ty, and “Dark Bog” weath­er effects.
    • Quan­tum World: Max jump height, no fall dam­age, nuked crea­tures and flo­ra, and “Quan­tum Storm” weather.
    • Butcher’s Delight: Infi­nite ammo, no VATS or melee attack AP costs, and enhanced dismemberment.
  • Play­ers with active Fall­out 1st mem­ber­ships can now choose the Cus­tom Worlds option from the Play menu to cre­ate a new type of world where they can adjust a wide vari­ety of dif­fer­ent set­tings to cre­ate an Appalachia that’s tai­lored to their liking.
    • To cre­ate a Cus­tom World, click “Play” from the Main Menu, select Cus­tom World, hit “Select World Tem­plate,” and then start tin­ker­ing with set­tings you’d like to try out.
    • Up to sev­en friends can join you in your Cus­tom World, for a total of eight play­ers per World.
    • Please Note: Pri­vate Worlds mode has been renamed to “Pri­vate Adven­ture” with today’s update to bet­ter dif­fer­en­ti­ate it from Cus­tom Worlds mode.
  • While cre­at­ing your Cus­tom World, you can choose among a broad array of cus­tomiza­tion set­tings and let your imag­i­na­tion run wild with the pos­si­bil­i­ties! Here are some of the options at your disposal:
    • Work­shop: Build in pre­vi­ous­ly restrict­ed areas, dis­able the need for elec­tric­i­ty, increase your C.A.M.P. bud­get and build height, relax build­ing restric­tions, and more.
    • Com­bat: Infi­nite ene­my spawns, alter PvP rules, adjust ene­my dif­fi­cul­ty, give your­self infi­nite ammo, change item dura­bil­i­ty, and more.
    • Gen­er­al: Dis­able Fast Trav­el or make it free. Choose spe­cial weath­er effects, includ­ing Rad­storms and Nuke Zones, as well as new weath­er effects, like Quan­tum Storm and Dark Bog. Add fil­ters for a unique view of Appalachia, adjust jump height, fall dam­age, or even the con­se­quences on death.
    • Please note: Some Cus­tom World set­tings may impact your game client’s per­for­mance. How­ev­er, you are still free to use them, and can always enable or dis­able them again as needed.
  • Cur­rent­ly, you can save a Cus­tom World you’ve cre­at­ed in one of three avail­able slots, and you can select one of them to set it as your active Cus­tom World.
    • You can edit your Cus­tom Worlds after you’ve fin­ished cre­at­ing them, so even if you’ve filled all three Cus­tom World slots, you can still change them up as needed.
  • If you are a Fall­out 1st mem­ber and you have played in a friend’s Cus­tom World pre­vi­ous­ly, you will be able to log into it — even if the World own­er is offline.
    • To do this, select Cus­tom Worlds from the Play menu, click “View Worlds,” select your friend’s World from the “Shared World” sec­tion and set it to “Active.” You can then play in that World by select­ing Cus­tom Worlds from the Play menu.
  • If you are not cur­rent­ly an active Fall­out 1st mem­ber, don’t wor­ry. You can still join your friends who are Fall­out 1st mem­bers in the Cus­tom Worlds that they’ve set up while they are online.
  • The progress each of your char­ac­ters make in Pub­lic or Cus­tom Worlds is spe­cif­ic to those worlds, and is com­plete­ly sep­a­rate from Adven­ture Mode.
    • You can clone your Adven­ture Mode char­ac­ter for use in a Pub­lic or Cus­tom World at any time, and you can have up to 5 Fall­out World char­ac­ters at a time.
    • If you have reached your 5 char­ac­ter lim­it, char­ac­ters can be man­u­al­ly unlinked from Pub­lic or Cus­tom worlds at any time.
    • Your char­ac­ter progress in a Pub­lic World will remain avail­able as long as that Pub­lic World is still avail­able for play.
  • Addi­tion­al­ly, please note that Chal­lenges can­not be com­plet­ed, and you will not earn S.C.O.R.E., achieve­ments, or tro­phies while play­ing in a Pub­lic or Cus­tom World.

If you would like to learn addi­tion­al details about Fall­out Worlds, you can head here to read our arti­cle on Bethesda.net or read through our FAQ on the Fall­out 1st website.


Our lat­est expan­sion for Dai­ly Ops brings a new week­end event that amps up the chal­lenge, but offers increased rewards. Read on for a brief overview of every­thing we’re adding to Dai­ly Ops, includ­ing Dou­ble Muta­tion Week­end events!

  • Dur­ing Dou­ble Muta­tion week­ends, Dai­ly Ops will be ran­dom­ized each day with ene­mies who have one of eight unique com­bi­na­tions of two dif­fer­ent Mutations.
    • Dou­ble Muta­tion Week­end events will typ­i­cal­ly run every oth­er week­end, from Thurs­day to Mon­day, start­ing and end­ing at the nor­mal Dai­ly Ops reset time.
  • While a Dou­ble Muta­tion event is active, dar­ing adven­tur­ers who are will­ing to delve into Dai­ly Ops will earn the fol­low­ing increased rewards:
    • 2 — 6 Leg­endary Cores for the first and all sub­se­quent Elder Tier completions
    • Dou­ble XP dur­ing every Dai­ly Ops playthrough
    • Dou­ble the in-game cur­ren­cy rewards from every Dai­ly Ops playthrough
  • Check out the full list of poten­tial dou­ble Muta­tions that ene­mies can sport dur­ing the new week­end events, so that you know what you’ll be up against.
    • Blis­ter­ing Cold: “Blis­ter­ing” ene­mies have the Freez­ing Touch and Swift-Foot­ed Mutations
    • Chill­ing Mend: “Chill­ing” ene­mies have the Freez­ing Touch and Group Regen­er­a­tion Mutations
    • Cloud­ed Tox­ins: “Cloud­ed” ene­mies have the Active Cam­ou­flage and Tox­ic Blood Mutations
    • Relent­less: “Relent­less” ene­mies have the Resilient and Group Regen­er­a­tion Mutations
    • Sting­ing Frost: “Sting­ing” ene­mies have the Freez­ing Touch and Tox­ic Blood Mutations
    • Swift Stalk­er: “Stalk­ing” ene­mies have the Active Cam­ou­flage and Swift-Foot­ed Mutations
    • Unsta­ble: “Unsta­ble” ene­mies have the Volatile and Swift-Foot­ed Mutations
    • Vaporous: “Vaporous” ene­mies have the Volatile and Active Cam­ou­flage Mutations
  • We’ve added Com­mu­nists to the pool of ran­dom­ized ene­my groups you may encounter in any Dai­ly Ops mode.
  • Fight your way through Ark­tos Phar­ma Bio­me Lab, Wato­ga High School, and Uncan­ny Cav­erns, all of which have been added to the ran­dom­ized pool of loca­tions for Dai­ly Ops.
  • In this update for Dai­ly Ops, we’re adding Plans for two leg­endary weapons, new themed cos­met­ics, and more. Check out the full list below for new rewards you’ll be able to earn by com­plet­ing Dai­ly Ops:
    • Plan: Arc­tic Marine Armor
    • Plan: Mechanic’s Best Friend Pipe Wrench
    • Plan: Sole Sur­vivor Lever Action Rifle
    • Out­fit: Black Haz­mat Suit
    • Plan: Mire­lurk King Tube
    • Blood Eagle Skull Lord Outfit
    • Blood Eagle Skull Lord Helmet
    • Blood Eagle Auto-Grenade Launch­er Paint
  • Ene­mies: We’ve addressed a num­ber of issues that were affect­ing Moth­man Hatch­lings, and these cute-but-dead­ly crea­tures will once again appear when Cultists are the cur­rent Dai­ly Ops ene­my group.
  • Muta­tions: “Volatile” ene­my explo­sion dam­age has been adjust­ed, and now does health per­cent­age-based dam­age that can be par­tial­ly mit­i­gat­ed by anti-explo­sion effects.
  • Reset Timer: We’ve added a timer so you can more eas­i­ly check when the next Dai­ly Ops reset will occur. You can find the timer in the “Intel” sec­tion of the detailed Dai­ly Ops menu after select­ing a Dai­ly Op from the World Activ­i­ty Tracker.


With the arrival of today’s update, we have removed the Nuclear Win­ter game mode from Fall­out 76. Along­side this change, we’re grant­i­ng rewards to all play­ers who had com­plet­ed at least one Nuclear Win­ter match, and mak­ing many of the mode’s pro­gres­sion rewards avail­able in Adven­ture Mode.

  • Nuclear Win­ter Pen­nant: All play­ers who com­plet­ed at least one Nuclear Win­ter match will receive a Nuclear Win­ter themed Pen­nant they can build in their CAMPs. The Pen­nant will be added to your Wall Décor cat­e­go­ry in the build menu with­in two weeks fol­low­ing today’s update.
  • Perk Coins: With today’s update, we’re grant­i­ng Perk Coins to play­ers based on their pro­gres­sion in Nuclear Win­ter Mode so that you can give your Leg­endary Perk Card col­lec­tion a boost.
    • You will receive 6 Perk Coins per Nuclear Win­ter Perk Card you earned from the Nuclear Win­ter pro­gres­sion system.
    • You will also get 1 Perk Coin per Over­seer Tick­et you earned.
    • These Perk Coins have already been added to your account, and will be avail­able to you as soon as you log in.
  • Cos­met­ic Rewards: Many of the cos­met­ic rewards that could be earned by climb­ing Over­seer Ranks in Nuclear Win­ter are now avail­able in Adven­ture Mode as rewards that you can claim by com­plet­ing Pub­lic Events. Here is the cur­rent list of events where you have a chance to earn these cosmetics:
    • A Colos­sal Problem
    • Encryp­tid
    • Project Par­adise
    • Scorched Earth
    • Lim­it­ed Time Events: Fes­tive Scorched & Trea­sure Hunter
  • Exclu­sive Rewards: Nuclear Win­ter Tro­phies and Stat­ues will remain exclu­sive to play­ers who earned them by climb­ing the ranks in the Nuclear Win­ter pro­gres­sion system.

To learn more about our rea­son­ing behind this change, you can read through this arti­cle on Fallout.com, or head here for more details about how rewards are being distributed.


  • Pip-Boy: Junk acquired from scrap­ping items will now appear in the Pip-Boy’s “New” tab.
  • Pip-Boy: Inven­to­ry items can now be sort­ed by their stack weight.
  • Pip-Boy: When scrolling in the Pip-Boy inven­to­ry, nav­i­gat­ing up from the top item in the list will now move the player’s selec­tion to the bot­tom of the list, and vice versa.


  • Vault 51: Along­side this update for Fall­out 76, Vault 51 has now opened up for explo­ration in all game modes, includ­ing Adven­ture. Fol­low the red wire to find your way inside, and then poke around to learn more about what befell the Dwellers of Vault 51.


  • Appli­ances: Fixed an issue caus­ing parts of the Clas­sic Juke­box to become invisible.
  • Armor: The Covert Scout Armor Tor­so no longer clips through char­ac­ter mod­els that have the mus­cu­lar body type.
  • Emotes: Fixed an issue that could cause a play­er to become stuck in an Emote ani­ma­tion loop.
  • Head­wear: Fixed a num­ber of head­wear items that include face cov­er­ings so that they no longer clip into the faces of female char­ac­ter models.
  • Melee Weapons: The Cultist Dag­ger now plays the cor­rect attack animations.
  • Pow­er Armor: Trans­fer­ring pieces of Stran­gler Heart Pow­er Armor to a Pow­er Armor Chas­sis no longer caus­es dupli­cate vines to appear and float nearby.
  • Ranged Weapons: The Lucille’s Lul­la­by Paint for the Mini­gun now cor­rect­ly applies to the weapon’s Tri-Bar­rel mod.
  • Ranged Weapons: Cor­rect­ed the direc­tion of the Minigun’s bar­rel spin while wear­ing Pow­er Armor.
  • World: Objects in Lou’s Mine now ani­mate cor­rect­ly dur­ing the Cheat­ing Death quest.
  • Appli­ances: The Rob­Co Snow Machine now remains switched off after fast trav­el­ing or log­ging out.
  • Blue­prints: Cre­at­ing an auto-blue­print by mov­ing CAMP loca­tions no longer caus­es the “Store” but­ton to become visu­al­ly greyed out when that blue­print is select­ed in build mode.
  • Bud­get: Max­i­mum build counts now cor­rect­ly account for items that are already stored.
  • Dis­plays: Fixed an issue where items could visu­al­ly fall off of the Dis­play Cas­es the play­er had assigned them to.
  • Lights: The option that appears when view­ing a destroyed Fire Bar­rel is now cor­rect­ly labeled “Repair” instead of “Take.”
  • Shel­ters: Stand­ing just out­side a C.A.M.P.’s build­able area no longer pre­vents the play­er from build­ing a Shel­ter Entrance with­in it.
  • Work­shops: The visu­al build bound­ary no longer per­sists after exit­ing build mode in the Mount Blair Workshop.
  • Dai­ly: Cultist Ghouls now cor­rect­ly count toward Chal­lenges that require play­ers to kill Cultists.
  • Audio: Dai­ly Ops loca­tions now prop­er­ly play music that’s spe­cif­ic to the game mode.
  • Audio: Weapon sound effects have been slowed down while affect­ed by Freez­ing Touch.
  • Con­tex­tu­al Ammo: When using a Pep­per Shak­er with a stan­dard mag­a­zine, ene­mies in Dai­ly Ops will now drop shot­gun shells more often.
  • Ene­mies: Cultist ene­mies now cor­rect­ly dis­play objec­tive mark­ers over­head dur­ing Dai­ly Ops inside Vault 96.
  • Ene­mies: Ene­mies who have rock­et launch­ers no longer stop shoot­ing at the play­er after fir­ing a sin­gle rocket.
  • Ene­mies: Dai­ly Ops boss­es no longer pri­or­i­tize melee attack­ing the play­er over using their pri­ma­ry weapons.
  • Ene­mies: Fixed an issue that could cause Moth­man Hatch­lings to become invincible.
  • Ene­mies: Moth­man Hatch­lings no longer become unresponsive.
  • Ene­mies: Fixed an issue that could cause Moth­man Hatch­lings to become stuck in walls after teleporting.
  • Ene­mies: Cam­ou­flaged Moth­man Hatch­lings no longer become invis­i­ble while attacking.
  • Loca­tions: Enter­ing a Dai­ly Op in Wato­ga Civic Cen­ter dur­ing the quest “The Ol’ West­on Shuf­fle” no longer caus­es incor­rect quest tar­gets to dis­play in the Dai­ly Op instance.
  • Mark­ers: Cus­tom map mark­ers no longer appear on the Com­pass while in a Dai­ly Ops instance.
  • Muta­tions: Ene­mies with Volatile no longer dam­age oth­er ene­mies on death.
  • Muta­tions: All weapons used by “Freez­ing” ene­mies will now apply the Freez­ing Touch effect, except grenades and mines.
  • Muta­tions: The Freez­ing Touch effect no longer per­sists on play­ers after leav­ing a Dai­ly Op.
  • Muta­tions: Get­ting hit by ene­mies with Freez­ing Touch now caus­es a Freez­ing Touch effect to appear in the Pip-Boy.
  • Muta­tions: The Tox­ic Blood effect no longer sud­den­ly stops apply­ing damage.
  • Muta­tions: Ene­mies with Volatile or Tox­ic Blood no longer explode and dam­age play­ers after com­plet­ing a Dai­ly Op.
  • Muta­tions: Ene­mies with Group Regen­er­a­tion now prop­er­ly heal their near­by companions.
  • Muta­tions: Resilient visu­al effects no longer per­sist on ene­mies after they have been healed.
  • Muta­tions: Shoot­ing ene­mies with Resilient no longer some­times caus­es black decals to appear on their bodies.
  • Muta­tions: Ene­mies with Resilient no longer dis­play the Resilient visu­al effects imme­di­ate­ly after spawning.
  • Oper­a­tion Report: The descrip­tion text for Elder Tier rewards now cor­rect­ly states that it guar­an­tees a rare reward on the player’s first completion.
  • Oper­a­tion Report: Fixed an issue that could cause the Oper­a­tion Report to dis­play an incred­i­bly high com­ple­tion time.
  • Rewards: Fixed an issue that allowed play­ers to earn Dai­ly Ops rewards more often than intend­ed when play­ing dur­ing the dai­ly reset.
  • Sub­ti­tles: Adjust­ed the sub­ti­tles for sev­er­al of Ver­non Dodge’s voice lines so that they match his voiceover.
  • A Knight’s Penance: The Shov­el no longer retains its quest item sta­tus after clear­ing the rock wall dur­ing the quest.
  • A Sat­is­fied Con­science: Pick­ing up a clue dur­ing the “Defeat the robots” objec­tive and then log­ging out no longer pre­vents this quest from pro­gress­ing after log­ging back in.
  • Field Test­ing: Pal­adin Rah­mani now says the cor­rect dia­logue based on the player’s choic­es when asked about the Putnams.
  • Man­hunt: VATS can now tar­get Mad Dog Malone.
  • Miss­ing Per­sons: Fixed an issue that could pre­vent play­ers from pro­gress­ing the quest after find­ing the Dove Necklace.
  • Mon­ster Mash: Being on the event leader­board no longer pre­vents the play­er from join­ing Dai­ly Ops.
  • One Vio­lent Night: Play­ing an instru­ment no longer caus­es ene­mies to stand still or run away from the player.
  • The Cat­a­lyst: Rus­sell Dorsey will no longer remain inside Fort Atlas after the quest.
  • The Elu­sive Crane: Fixed an issue that could allow play­ers to repeat­ed­ly receive an item reward from the Rob­Co Cache.
  • Ammo Con­vert­er: Fixed an issue in which the Ammo Con­vert­er would remove or grant Cryo ammo when attempt­ing to sell or buy Fuel.
  • Appar­el: The Mr. Claus Beard can no longer be equipped at the same time as the Cen­tu­ri­on Helmet.
  • Leg­endary Cores: Attempt­ing to trans­fer a Leg­endary Core into a con­tain­er now cor­rect­ly caus­es a “You can’t store that here” mes­sage to appear.
  • Leg­endary Weapons: Fixed an issue caus­ing melee weapons with the “Reflects 50% of melee dam­age while block­ing” leg­endary effect to deal more dam­age than intended.
  • Melee Weapons: Play­ers can now prop­er­ly pick up Sheep­squatch Clubs found in the world.
  • Ranged Weapons: Black Pow­der Weapons now cor­rect­ly have a “No appear­ance” mod, and weapon paints the play­er had pre­vi­ous­ly applied can be removed.
  • Leg­endary Items: Removed unnec­es­sary extra words from the pre­fix­es of cer­tain leg­endary attribute names in non-Eng­lish ver­sions of the game.
  • Leg­endary Pow­er Armor: Cor­rect­ed the name of Bol­ster­ing Leg­endary Pow­er Armor mods in the French ver­sion of the game.
  • Quests: Fixed an issue that could cause some of Knight Shin’s dia­logue options to be skipped dur­ing “A Knight’s Penance” in the Ital­ian ver­sion of the game.
  • Min­er­va: Removed a num­ber of item plans from Minerva’s inven­to­ry that can be earned else­where, like the Ammo Con­vert­er and Chick­en Coop.
  • Pow­er Armor: NPCs who wear Pow­er Armor will no longer be affect­ed by debuffs caused by hav­ing an emp­ty Fusion Core.
  • Can­ni­bal: Play­ers who are on a team, but are not the Team Leader, can now cor­rect­ly con­sume corpses inside instanced cells.
  • Grenadier: Now prop­er­ly increas­es the blast dam­age radius of grenades.
  • Lock and Load: Enter­ing or exit­ing Pow­er Armor no longer removes the faster reload effect.
  • Client: Fixed an issue that could cause the game client to crash after plac­ing Pow­er Armor.
  • Client: Addressed game client crash­es that could occur dur­ing nor­mal gameplay.
  • Client: Fixed an issue that could cause “unde­fined” items to appear in the Pip-Boy inven­to­ry, which would result in a client crash when inspect­ing or select­ing those items.
  • Client: Switch­ing between first- and third-per­son view while view­ing a con­tain­er dur­ing a peri­od of heavy com­bat no longer caus­es the game client to crash.
  • Com­pass: The icon for the Sur­vival Tent now cor­rect­ly appears on the Compass.
  • Main Menu: After launch­ing the game, rapid­ly press­ing but­tons to reach the Main Menu more quick­ly no longer caus­es the Sea­sons wid­get dis­play “Max Rank.”
  • Perk Cards: On PC, if a play­er has both the ani­mat­ed and nor­mal ver­sion of a Perk Card, both can now be select­ed using the mouse.
  • Score­board: The next repeat­able rank-up reward after reach­ing Rank 130 now appears cor­rect­ly on the Scoreboard.
  • Score­board: Fixed an issue that could cause the Score­board to appear while the play­er was already using a craft­ing Workbench.
  • Set­tings: Press­ing the “Defaults” but­ton now prop­er­ly resets all Game Set­tings to their default values.
  • Set­tings: On PC, tog­gling the Con­troller set­ting to “On” using the mouse no longer pre­vents the play­er from nav­i­gat­ing the Game Set­tings menus with a controller.
  • Social: Fixed an issue that could cause pend­ing friend requests to dis­ap­pear after a few minutes.
  • Social: Fixed an issue that could cause a play­er to appear offline to their friends when viewed in the friends list.
  • Envi­ron­ment: Cor­rect­ed sev­er­al loca­tions where the play­er could see out­side the game world.
  • Foun­da­tion: Fixed a loca­tion where Paige could become stuck in Foundation.
  • Pathing: Cor­rect­ed sev­er­al loca­tions around Appalachia where play­ers could become stuck.
  • Pathing: Fixed a ramp that ene­mies and play­ers could not walk up in the con­struc­tion area of R&G Pro­cess­ing Services.
  • Vault 94: The Vault 94 Com­mu­ni­ty Ter­mi­nal no longer opens an incor­rect Ter­mi­nal sub­menu after select­ing the “Vault 94 Pur­pose” option.
  • Vault-Tec Uni­ver­si­ty: Pro­tec­trons no longer become stuck in the Com­put­er Lab inside Vault-Tec University.