Fall­out 76 has seen a mas­sive over­haul with the recent Waste­landers update and will be get­ting new con­tent via a new bat­tle pass type pro­gres­sion sys­tem called Sea­sons. The new sea­sons will bring many more changes and new con­tent to Fall­out 76, Today Bethes­da released a new patch for Fall­out 76 bring­ing some of the new con­tent from the recent­ly announced Roadmap to the game. Update 19 adds ally cus­tomiza­tion allow­ing play­ers to put armor and cloth­ing on their com­pan­ions, a new lim­it­ed time event called Hunt for the trea­sure hunter and sev­er­al bug fix­es and more. Update 19 is avail­able now on all plat­form and weighs in at 10.7 GB for Xbox and 8.6 GB for PS4, 4.1 GB for the Bethesda.net launch­er and 5.9 GB for the steam ver­sion. Full patch notes below.


Start­ing today, you can now share your wardrobe with your Allies and swap their out­fits to your heart’s con­tent with Ally Customization.

  • When inter­act­ing with an Ally in your C.A.M.P., a new “cus­tomize” option will now appear that you can use to change their clothing.
    • Out­fits, Head­wear, Cos­tumes, Armor—If you can wear it, then so can your Ally! The only cur­rent excep­tions are Pow­er Armor and Weapons.
    • Any­thing you dress your Ally in is pure­ly cos­met­ic. They will not receive any buffs or bonus­es from the appar­el they wear.
  • Addi­tion­al­ly, when view­ing anoth­er player’s Ally, its name will be adjust­ed to include the name of the C.A.M.P. own­er, e.g.: ’s Ally.
  • Please note that scrap­ping an Ally Sta­tion will revert that Ally to their default out­fit. Allies will also appear to be in their default out­fit if they are in an instance with you.


Mole Min­ers are search­ing for rich­es around Appalachia, and you can hunt them down to claim their loot for your­self in a new series of lim­it­ed-time “Hunt for the Trea­sure Hunter” events we’re intro­duc­ing with Update 19.

  • Use your keen track­ing sens­es to hunt down Trea­sure Hunter Mole Min­ers to col­lect their Mole Min­er Pails, which con­tain all of the loot they’ve been hoarding.
    • Trea­sure Hunter Mole Min­ers are leg­endary crea­tures, and you will hear them when they’re nearby.
  • Trea­sure Hunter Mole Min­ers can drop rewards from one of three dif­fer­ent tiers: Dusty Mole Min­er Pails (low), Mole Min­er Pails (medi­um), and Ornate Mole Min­er Pails (high).
    • The high­er qual­i­ty the Pail, the bet­ter chances for rare loot, includ­ing Out­fits, Mount­ed Head Plans, a new Back­pack Plan, and the Marine Armor Hel­met Plan.
    • Pails can be trad­ed and sold to oth­er play­ers, but can­not be sold to NPC vendors.
  • While a Trea­sure Hunter event is live, Ven­dors around Appalachia will sell Emp­ty Mole Min­er Pails in exchange for Caps.
    • Use Emp­ty Pails, along with a few addi­tion­al mate­ri­als, to craft full Mole Min­er Pails of low, medi­um, or high-quality.
    • You can give or sell craft­ed Pails to oth­er play­ers, or keep them for yourself.
  • The first Hunt for the Trea­sure Hunter event will take place from May 21 – 25 in the Ash Heap region of Appalachia.
  • Future Hunt for the Trea­sure Hunter events will each occur in a dif­fer­ent region.


Start­ing next week, you can trav­el to Hel­ve­tia to take part in the Fas­nacht Sea­son­al Event by help­ing the local Pro­tec­trons pre­pare for the town’s annu­al cel­e­bra­tion and parade.

  • Help the bots by hang­ing dec­o­ra­tions, gath­er­ing ingre­di­ents for a feast, or play­ing musi­cal instru­ments, among oth­er activ­i­ties, before the timer expires.
    • If you and your event mates com­plete the prepa­ra­tions in time, the bots will line up at the cen­ter of town to begin the parade.
  • Suc­cess­ful­ly guide the marchers to the end of their parade route, and you will be reward­ed with loot!
    • The more marchers who sur­vive, the high­er your chances at rare loot, which may include Fas­nacht-themed C.A.M.P. plans and a chance to earn a fan­cy Fas­nacht mask.
    • We’ve added a num­ber of fes­tive new masks this year, and adjust­ed their drop rates fol­low­ing com­mu­ni­ty feed­back. While some are still less com­mon than oth­ers, they should drop more often this time.
    • You can also trade your Fas­nacht Masks to oth­er play­ers, if you wish.
  • Fas­nacht Parade will begin every hour at the top of the hour start­ing on May 25. The event will last for a full week, so you’ll have plen­ty of chances join in the celebration!



With this update, we’ve improved how the game auto­mat­i­cal­ly names your weapons and armors based on their mods, leg­endary attrib­ut­es, and Atom­ic Shop paints.

  • Going for­ward, auto­mat­i­cal­ly gen­er­at­ed names will appear in a much more con­sis­tent order, and they will reli­ably include an item’s main attributes.
    • Addi­tion­al­ly, Atom­ic Shop paint and skin names no longer over­write the item’s pri­ma­ry leg­endary effect name.
  • Items should now gen­er­al­ly fol­low this nam­ing con­ven­tion: Pri­ma­ry Leg­endary Attribute Name + Atom­ic Shop Cos­met­ic Name + Mod Name + Weapon Name
    • If you have a leg­endary Gatling Gun with the Black Knight paint and a Prime Receiv­er, for exam­ple, its auto­mat­i­cal­ly gen­er­at­ed name should now be: Anti-Armor Black Knight Prime Gatling Gun
  • Keep in mind that you can still give your items cus­tom names, which will over­ride their auto­mat­i­cal­ly gen­er­at­ed names.
  • Please note: Giv­en the many com­bi­na­tions that are pos­si­ble through all the dif­fer­ent mods, leg­endary effects, Atom­ic Shop paints, and item types, there may cas­es where new item names appear incorrect.
    • For exam­ple, cer­tain ele­ments may appear out of order, or might be miss­ing from the name.
    • These are visu­al issues, and all your mods should still func­tion cor­rect­ly. Please let us know if you spot any nam­ing bugs on your gear after today, and we will squash them.

We’ve improved Back­pack cus­tomiza­tion so that you can now apply dif­fer­ent appear­ances to your Back­packs as skins—no more craft­ing required!

  • Head to an Armor Work­bench and use the mod­i­fy menu to swap the appear­ance of your exist­ing Back­pack with any skins you’ve unlocked through quests, events, or the Atom­ic Shop.
    • Skins can now be applied to Small Back­packs, as well for those who have not yet unlocked the nor­mal Back­pack Plan by com­plet­ing the “Order of the Tad­pole” quest.
    • You can apply skins to your exist­ing Back­packs, as well as any new ones you craft.


  • BBQ Grills: Get hun­gry! When using a BBQ Grill, your char­ac­ter will now appear to flip and grill some tasty steaks.
  • Grognak’s Throne: We’ve added a new ani­ma­tion that will play when sit­ting in Grognak’s Throne so that you can sur­vey your land with the roy­al confidence.


  • Lib­er­ty Prime Pow­er Armor: If you’re a strong silent type, you may be pleased to know that we’ve added an alter­nate ver­sion of the Lib­er­ty Prime Pow­er Armor hel­met that will not play voice lines while you’re wear­ing it.
    • Play­ers who own the Lib­er­ty Prime Pow­er Armor can now craft the silent ver­sion of the hel­met at a Pow­er Armor Station.


  • We’ve added 8 Nuclear Win­ter Chal­lenges that you can com­plete to earn new “Sur­vivors” themed cos­met­ic rewards start­ing today, and last­ing until 7:00 p.m. ET on June 11.
    • One new chal­lenge will appear in the Char­ac­ter Chal­lenge menu each day until all 8 are avail­able, and they will remain avail­able until the end of the event.
  • You can earn the first reward with 150 Over­seer XP, and the last with 2,500 Over­seer XP. All oth­ers will each require 2,000 Over­seer XP.
    • Over­seer XP you earn will roll over from one Chal­lenge to the next, but they must be com­plet­ed one at a time and in order.
  • As you com­plete each Chal­lenge, you’ll be able to claim new themed rewards, like new fur­ni­ture for your C.A.M.P., “Survivor’s Den­im” and Ghillie Suit out­fits, as well as skins for Nuclear Winter’s newest weapons: The Bow, Cat­tle Prod, and Gauss Shotgun.
  • New Weapons: The Bow, Cat­tle Prod, and Gauss Shot­gun have been added and tuned for com­bat in Nuclear Win­ter match­es. Find them in Sup­ply Crates as you scav­enge for gear.


  • Ani­ma­tions: Dying while play­ing an instru­ment no longer caus­es the instru­ment to become invis­i­ble after respawning.
  • Ani­ma­tions: Fixed an issue that could cause the Over­seer to slide out of her chair before standing.
  • Ani­ma­tions: Fixed a rare issue that could cause the play­er to fall through the world dur­ing char­ac­ter creation.
  • Light­ing: Opti­mized the light­ing inside the Overseer’s house and The Way­ward to address per­for­mance issues.
  • Tex­tures: The Clan­des­tine Gauss Pis­tol skin now appears cor­rect when applied to the Drum Mag­a­zine mod.
  • Allies: No longer some­times attack the player’s oth­er C.A.M.P. objects and Turrets.
  • Build: Mov­ing C.A.M.P. loca­tions now cor­rect­ly clos­es the Build Menu for team­mates who had it open while in the orig­i­nal build area.
  • Col­lec­tron Sta­tion: The Com­mu­nist Col­lec­tron will now find Pro­pa­gan­da Fly­ers less often while scavenging.
  • Dis­play Cas­es: Assign­ing an item to a Dis­play Case no longer some­times pre­vents the play­er from craft­ing oth­er items of that same type.
  • Exploit: Addressed a dupli­ca­tion exploit relat­ed to C.A.M.P. objects.
  • Exploit: Addressed an C.A.M.P. bud­get exploit.
  • Lights: Bulb Lights no longer con­sume more C.A.M.P. bud­get than intended.
  • Lights: The Klax­on Wall Light can no longer be turned on if it is not con­nect­ed to a pow­er source.
  • Locks: Locked objects in play­ers’ C.A.M.P.s now bet­ter indi­cate to play­ers who do not own them that they will become Want­ed if they pick the lock.
  • Trees: Can now be placed on a wider vari­ety of ter­rain types.
  • Tur­rets: Addressed an issue that could cause C.A.M.P. Tur­rets to attack each other.
  • Work­bench­es: Play­ers can now cor­rect­ly use Work­bench­es imme­di­ate­ly after an NPC has used them.
  • Work­bench­es: Exit­ing a Pow­er Armor Sta­tion no longer some­times caus­es the con­trols to tem­porar­i­ly lock up.
  • Stealth: Receiv­ing Stealth from mul­ti­ple sources at once, like the Escape Artist Perk Card, Stealth Boys, Chameleon Armor, etc. no longer caus­es ene­mies to instant­ly detect the player.
  • VATS: Chang­ing the body part selec­tion in VATS while using charg­ing weapons, like a Bow or Gauss Weapon, no longer caus­es the next shot to hit the pre­vi­ous­ly select­ed body part.
  • Blood Eagles: No longer some­times drop weapons that have Nuclear Win­ter mods as loot.
  • Scorched: Fixed an issue caus­ing more boss Scorched to spawn on top of Thun­der Moun­tain Pow­er Plant than intended.
  • Wendi­go Colos­sus: Fixed an issue that could cause the Wendi­go Colos­sus to sud­den­ly stop tak­ing damage.
  • Dai­ly: Lou’s Mine, Foun­da­tion, and Crater now have loca­tions that are con­sid­ered sub-ter­ranean for Chal­lenges like “Lev­el Up in Caves and Mines.”
  • Exploit: Addressed an exploit that could allow play­ers to com­plete cer­tain Tad­pole and Pos­sum Chal­lenges repeat­ed­ly for rewards.
  • Social: The “Claim Dif­fer­ent Work­shops” Chal­lenge no longer requires the Spruce Knob Work­shop, and the num­ber of Work­shops need­ed to com­plete the Chal­lenge has been reduced from 20 to 18.
  • World: The “Com­plete Dif­fer­ent Dai­ly Quests” now cor­rect­ly appears in the World cat­e­go­ry after com­plet­ing the “Com­plete an Event While in a Group” Challenge.
  • Armor: Secret Ser­vice Chest Armor can now be repaired beyond 100% con­di­tion using Perk Cards like Fix It Good.
  • Exploit: Addressed an Ammo exploit for weapons that use Fusion Cores as ammo.
  • Fusion Cores: Fixed sev­er­al issues that could pre­vent weapons that use Fusion Cores as ammo, like the Gatling Laser, from fir­ing correctly.
  • Gas Masks: Raider Skull Gas Masks now cor­rect­ly remove oth­er head­wear when equipped.
  • Head­wear: Fixed an issue that could pre­vent a character’s body from ren­der­ing when wear­ing the Com­mu­nist Mil­i­tant Hat.
  • Head­wear: The Free Rad­i­cals Mask is no longer a leg­endary item, which is now con­sis­tent with all oth­er headwear.
  • Jet Packs: Fixed an issue allow­ing Jet Pack Pow­er Armor mods can now only be applied to the torso.
  • Out­fits: Back­packs now cor­rect­ly appear while wear­ing the Moun­tain Scout Outfit.
  • Pow­er Armor: The Set­tler Vig­i­lante paint no longer removes Rad Resis­tance from T‑51 Pow­er Armor.
  • Pow­er Armor: Removed ref­er­ences to Vault 94 when craft­ing Stran­gler Heart Pow­er Armor.
  • Pow­er Armor: Fixed an issue that could cause anoth­er play­er to appear to be idle inside their Pow­er Armor while they were active­ly using a Pow­er Armor Station.
  • Under­ar­mor: Cor­rect­ed the name of the Plan to craft Secret Ser­vice Under­ar­mor, and moved Secret Ser­vice Under­ar­mor to the Under­ar­mor cat­e­go­ry in the Armor Workbench.
  • Weapons: Gauss Shot­gun mods now cor­rect­ly require the Sci­ence Mas­ter I Perk in order to craft them.
  • Weapons: Com­man­der Daguerre’s final quest now cor­rect­ly awards a lev­el 50 VATS Unknown Alien Blaster to char­ac­ters over lev­el 50.
  • Weapons: Gatling Guns now cor­rect­ly dis­play a fire rate of 20 in the Pip-Boy.
  • Allies: Speak­ing with Com­man­der Daguerre imme­di­ate­ly after Fast Trav­el­ing dur­ing her quest­line no longer some­times pre­vents Emer­son from visiting.
  • Dia­logue: Exit­ing and quick­ly re-enter­ing dia­logue with an NPC should no longer result in a noti­fi­ca­tion stat­ing “This indi­vid­ual is busy.”
  • Fri­da Madani: No longer some­times walks away dur­ing a con­ver­sa­tion with a player.
  • Jide: No longer clips into the stairs in front of The Wayward.
  • Pur­vey­or Murm­rgh: Fixed an issue that could pre­vent play­ers from inter­act­ing with the Pur­vey­or in first-per­son view.
  • Ran­dom Encoun­ters: The Set­tler that shoots at Opos­sums dur­ing a ran­dom encounter no longer always spawns at lev­el 1.
  • Smi­ley: If a play­er has pur­chased all of Smiley’s Gold Bul­lion for the week, he will no longer con­tin­ue to ask if they’re inter­est­ed in buy­ing more.
  • Serv­er Sta­bil­i­ty: Fixed a num­ber of issues that could result in a serv­er crash dur­ing nor­mal gameplay.
  • Serv­er Sta­bil­i­ty: Fixed a sta­bil­i­ty issue caused by large stacks of inven­to­ry items.
  • Serv­er Sta­bil­i­ty: Addressed a serv­er crash that could occur when updat­ing play­ers’ quest targets.
  • Serv­er Sta­bil­i­ty: Fixed a serv­er crash that could occur while play­ing in a Pri­vate World.
  • Serv­er Sta­bil­i­ty: Fixed an issue that could cause a serv­er crash in Nuclear Winter.
  • Client Sta­bil­i­ty: Addressed an issue that could result in a client crash dur­ing nor­mal gameplay.
  • Client Sta­bil­i­ty: Fixed a rare issue that could result in an infi­nite load­ing screen and a crash when load­ing into a world from the main menu.
  • Client Sta­bil­i­ty: Fixed a crash that could occur when open­ing a Perk Card Pack.
  • Client Sta­bil­i­ty: Fixed a crash that could occur on Xbox One when build­ing in a C.A.M.P.
  • All That Glit­ters: Fixed an issue that pre­vent­ed the “Clear out the Secu­ri­ty Forces” objec­tive from com­plet­ing correctly.
  • Ally Quests: Quest mark­ers no longer fail to reap­pear after log­ging out and back in while in the mid­dle of an Ally quest.
  • Ally Quests: Fixed an issue that could result in dupli­cate Ally quest items remain­ing in the world with­out quest mark­ers after the play­er logged off.
  • Ally: Thick­er Than Water: Fixed an issue that could pre­vent the play­er from receiv­ing the Thick­er Than Water quest after com­plet­ing An Eagle Flies Free.
  • Ally: Nar­row Escape: Beck­ett no longer appears in Rollins Labor Camp when the quest is not running.
  • Ally: Thick­er Than Water: Ani­ma­tions: Beck­ett now cor­rect­ly faces the play­er when speak­ing to them dur­ing scenes with The Claw.
  • Ally: Thick­er than Water: Fixed an issue that could allow a play­er to enter Wato­ga Civic Cen­ter through a locked door.
  • Ally: Thick­er than Water: Addressed an instanc­ing issue that could occur when pro­gress­ing this quest while on a team.
  • Ally: The Uni­verse Con­spires: Fixed an issue that could pre­vent Emer­son from vis­it­ing and block pro­gres­sion when attempt­ing to turn in the quest to Com­man­der Daguerre.
  • An Ounce of Pre­ven­tion: Moved the T‑Type Fuse from Greg’s Mine Sup­ply to the Charleston Train­yard so that it is eas­i­er to find.
  • Back on the Beat: Addressed an issue that could pre­vent this Pub­lic Event from starting.
  • Buried Trea­sure: Fixed an issue that could block pro­gres­sion after inter­act­ing with the inter­com as the raid­ing par­ty enters the secu­ri­ty room.
  • Exploit: Addressed a rep­u­ta­tion exploit affect­ing a con­ver­sa­tion with Meg.
  • Exploit: Addressed an exploit that could allow play­ers to com­plete the Vital Equip­ment dai­ly quest mul­ti­ple times per day.
  • From Rus­sia With Lev: Fixed mul­ti­ple dis­crep­an­cies between Lev­’s sub­ti­tles and dialogue.
  • Fun and Games: Back­ing out of a con­ver­sa­tion after ask­ing Ra-Ra to enter the Pow­er Armor room no longer caus­es her to become unresponsive.
  • Fun and Games: Ra-Ra no longer becomes unre­spon­sive after destroy­ing the Pro­tec­trons she spawns.
  • Fun and Games: The Sen­try Bot in Grafton Steel Under­ground can no longer be dam­aged while it is still in the Fab­ri­ca­tor, and will no longer exit the Fab­ri­ca­tor early.
  • Fun and Games: Ra-Ra will no longer path to near­by Pro­tec­tron corpses instead of enter­ing the first vent.
  • Fun and Games: The “Fol­low Ra-Ra” objec­tive no longer per­sists after find­ing and col­lect­ing Bunnabun.
  • Fun and Games: A ter­mi­nal in Grafton Steel Under­ground that was pre­vi­ous­ly unhack­able can now be hacked correctly.
  • Heart of the Ene­my: The lock­pick­ing skill require­ment for door between the Auto­mat­ed Research Pro­gram and the Reac­tor has been reduced from 1 to 0, so that the quest is eas­i­er to com­plete for play­ers who are miss­ing Lock­pick­ing Perk Cards.
  • Over­seer, Over­seen: The Over­seer will now exit com­bat and move toward the play­er when she is too far away.
  • Project Par­adise: Fixed an issue that could some­times pre­vent Project Par­adise from com­plet­ing after killing the Alpha Predator.
  • Ran­dom Encoun­ters: Fixed an issue that pre­vent­ed play­ers from receiv­ing loot dur­ing a ran­dom encounter with a Set­tler Appren­tice after select­ing Raider-themed dia­logue options.
  • Safe for Work: Play­ers are no longer required to pick the lock on the Med­ical Cen­ter crate to obtain Patrol Tape 04.
  • Secrets Revealed: Duchess no longer speaks her post-Vault 79 raid dia­logue before the play­er has com­plet­ed Secrets Revealed.
  • Secrets Revealed: After pro­gress­ing the “Resolve the Sit­u­a­tion with John­ny” objec­tive, the player’s con­ver­sa­tion with him will now end correctly.
  • Secrets Revealed: The Vault 79 ele­va­tor code objec­tive now reap­pears cor­rect­ly when return­ing to the elevator.
  • Secrets Revealed: Fixed an issue that could cause team mem­bers to be moved out­side to Appalachia when the Team Leader entered the ele­va­tor to the Gold Oper­a­tions Center.
  • Sid­ing with Crater: Meg no longer forces the play­er into con­ver­sa­tion if they back out before decid­ing whether to side with the Raiders.
  • Strange Bed­fel­lows: Acquir­ing the Pho­to of Rosalynn’s Memo­r­i­al pre­ma­ture­ly no longer blocks pro­gres­sion dur­ing Strange Bedfellows.
  • Strange Bed­fel­lows: Quest items obtained dur­ing Strange Bed­fel­lows are now cor­rect­ly removed after com­plet­ing the quest.
  • Strange Bed­fel­lows: Added a new objec­tive direct­ing play­ers to com­plete the pre­req­ui­site quest Sig­nal Strength before pro­gress­ing to Strange Bedfellows.
  • Strength in Num­bers: Polly’s head now cor­rect­ly deals dam­age in VATS, and deals increased dam­age based on how many times it has been charged.
  • The Elu­sive Crane: Mort no longer appears to be stand­ing idle dur­ing a scene with Rop­er in The Wayward.
  • The Elu­sive Crane: Fixed an issue that could cause the “Find Crane’s Trea­sure” objec­tive to per­sist in the Pip-Boy’s quest description.
  • The Ol’ West­on Shuf­fle: The Dud Explo­sive Col­lar is now cor­rect­ly removed from char­ac­ter mod­els after com­plet­ing the quest.
  • The New Arrivals: The quest track­er no longer dis­plays two “Talk to the Over­seer” objec­tives under cer­tain conditions.
  • Sound Effects: The Stan­ley skin for Grognak’s Axe no longer plays its sound effects twice when equipped or when switch­ing between first and third-per­son view.
  • Sound Effects: Repeat­ed­ly enter­ing and exit­ing a Gold Press Machine no longer caus­es it to play mul­ti­ple over­lap­ping sound effects.
  • Con­trols: Open­ing the Pip-Boy while attempt­ing to Fast Trav­el dur­ing com­bat no longer some­times caus­es the con­trols to become unresponsive.
  • Crosshairs: Now cor­rect­ly change to an open square when pass­ing over placed items that the play­er can inter­act with or pick up.
  • Fan­fare: Trea­sury Notes no longer play leg­endary item fan­fare when remov­ing them from the Stash.
  • Login: The pass­word field is now cleared cor­rect­ly after enter­ing an incor­rect pass­word while attempt­ing to link a Bethesda.net account to Fall­out 76.
  • Menus: Fixed sev­er­al issues that could cause the Favorites menu to sud­den­ly appear while Emotes menu was open.
  • Noti­fi­ca­tions: Equip­ping head­wear by hold­ing the action but­ton no longer gen­er­ates an error mes­sage stat­ing “Unable to equip item.”
  • Pip-Boy: The item stats card no longer per­sists when switch­ing to an emp­ty tab in the Pip-Boy.
  • Press and Hold: Hold­ing the action but­ton to equip, learn, or con­sume an item in the world now works more consistently.
  • Quests: Dai­ly quests the play­er has reject­ed in the Pip-Boy no longer auto­mat­i­cal­ly reap­pear after log­ging out and back in.
  • Quests: Fixed an issue caus­ing place­hold­er text to appear when view­ing Mis­cel­la­neous quests on the Map.
  • Quests: Recla­ma­tion Day no longer dis­ap­pears from the com­plet­ed sec­tion in the Pip-Boy’s Main Quests tab.
  • Sort­ing: The Spoil sort­ing option now cor­rect­ly orga­nizes Aid items by their remain­ing condition.
  • Tag for Search: The mag­ni­fy­ing glass icon now appears cor­rect­ly on Junk items in the world that con­tain com­po­nents the play­er has tagged for search.
  • Trade: Play­ers can now inspect items when trad­ing with oth­er players.
  • Vend­ing Machines: Stacks of U.S. Gov­ern­ment Sup­ply Req­ui­si­tion Holotapes or Tech­ni­cal Data no longer some­times dis­ap­pear after being assigned to a Vend­ing Machine.
  • Work­bench­es: Radio Vac­u­um Tube pre­view images no longer extend beyond the edge of screen in the Tin­ker’s Workbench.
  • Cran­ber­ry Bog: The Wendi­go Colos­sus no longer gets stuck in the trench­es in Cran­ber­ry Bog.
  • For­est: The Wendi­go Colos­sus no longer gets stuck on the guardrails in the road near Slocum’s Joe.
  • For­est: Fixed a ter­rain issue that could cause play­ers to appear to float in front of Lacey and Isela out­side Vault 76.
  • Sav­age Divide: The base­ment door in the Moun­tain­side Bed & Break­fast no longer locks itself if the play­er leaves the area and returns.
  • Set­tle­ments: Yao Guai and Scorched no longer spawn in NPC set­tle­ments, like Crater, Foun­da­tion, or Big Bend Tun­nel East.
  • Tox­ic Val­ley: Removed a non-func­tion­al hatch door from the Clarks­burg Pharmacy.
  • NPCs: Cor­rect­ed pathing issues for sev­er­al NPCs that can be found in the world.


  • C.A.M.P.: Updat­ed the lists of build­able and non-build­able Atom­ic Shop objects in Nuclear Winter.
  • C.A.M.P.: Removed a non-func­tion­al acti­va­tor from the Scrap­box when it is built in Nuclear Winter.
  • Local­iza­tion: Restored miss­ing char­ac­ters on the Nuclear Win­ter Map Vot­ing screen in the Japan­ese ver­sion of the game.
  • Perk Packs: Removed Nuclear Win­ter Perk Card Packs from Adven­ture Mode quests that were award­ing them as currency.

Source: Bethes­da

Fallout 76 is available now for the PlayStation4, Xbox One and PC now.