Bethes­da released a huge update for Fall­out 76 today, titled Waste­landers. If you haven’t heard, it brings NPC’s, a new main sto­ry, Fac­tions and loads more. It also brought with it a huge file size.

Con­sole play­ers are look­ing at a 70 GB update, which almost dou­bles the size of the of the game cur­rent­ly. PC users have dif­fer­ent sizes based on where you play. Steam has the larg­er update with 68 GB need­ed, while around 54 GB will be need­ed through the launcher. 

Fall­out 76 is new to the Steam plat­form, being released the same day as this Waste­landers updates. Those who own Fall­out 76 on have the option of play­ing on Steam with a free copy.

You can see the full update below:


A whole host of new peo­ple have arrived in Appalachia, seek­ing their for­tunes or just a safe place to live. These NPCs can be found all over the place. Some of them you can talk to and have inter­ac­tive conversations. 

  • The mechan­ics of dia­logue are sim­i­lar to Fall­out 3 – you have a vari­ety of choic­es, S.P.E.C.I.A.L. checks, and options avail­able to you contextually. 
  • A sin­gle play­er response can have any num­ber of choic­es avail­able, if there are more choic­es than fit the dis­play you can scroll down to see them all.
  • Addi­tion­al­ly, full con­ver­sa­tions have been added to many of the orig­i­nal NPCs of Fall­out 76—characters like Rose, MODUS, and the Grafton May­or (and more) can be engaged in dialogue.


The arrival of new peo­ple in Appalachia means there are many new adven­tures to be had. Waste­landers brings an entire­ly new sto­ry to Fall­out 76 that you can uncov­er and explore as you com­plete new main quests.

  • Just out­side of Vault 76, you can dive into the Waste­landers sto­ry and meet Lacey and Isela, who will guide you to expe­ri­ence the Way­ward quest line. 
  • At lev­el 20, the full main quest opens in Sut­ton. It will get you acquaint­ed with the two largest fac­tions in Appalachia – the Raiders and Settlers.
    • Dur­ing the Main Quest you will have to pick which side you work with, but for quite some time you can do quests for both fac­tions until you hit a point of no return.
  • The orig­i­nal Fall­out 76 main quest is still avail­able, but expect new touch­es of life. Both with new NPCs and full dia­logue with exist­ing NPCs.
  • Please Note: To accom­mo­date new quests and sto­ry con­tent, some new no‑C.A.M.P. zones have been added to loca­tions in the world. 
    • If your C.A.M.P. was in one of these areas and can no longer be placed, you will be noti­fied on join­ing a world, and you will be able to move your C.A.M.P. for free.

The Raiders are in part sur­vivors that fled Appalachia, who have now returned to reclaim land they believe is right­ful­ly theirs. They’ve built a base of oper­a­tions, called Crater, at the Crashed Space Station. 

  • Ini­tial­ly, if you encounter Raiders in the wild they will be hos­tile and attack you. Even in Crater, expect a chilly reception—their ven­dors won’t deal with you, and they’ll bring the oppo­site of the wel­come wagon. 
  • Even­tu­al­ly, you will learn more about them and can bro­ker a peace with them (and if you want, their friend­ship in time).

The Set­tlers are a col­lec­tion of sur­vivors gath­ered by some con­struc­tion work­ers from the Wash­ing­ton D.C. area. When they heard there was land, they car­a­vanned to Appalachia and repur­posed exist­ing struc­tures at Spruce Knob to con­struct Foundation.

  • The Set­tlers are hap­py to speak and trade with you right away. Like the Raiders, you can get to know the Set­tlers bet­ter over time and become an ally to them.
  • Ward will offer a Dai­ly Quest that can help you make a good impres­sion with these new-comers.

Read our arti­cle about Waste­landers Fac­tions to learn more about the Set­tlers and the Raiders.


Waste­landers fea­tures some new excit­ing weapons, armors, and oth­er items. You can unlock these items via the new Gold Bul­lion system.

  • After com­plet­ing the Main Quest, you will gain access to Gold Bul­lion, a new in-game currency.
    • Gold Bul­lion can be gath­ered by exchang­ing Trea­sury Notes at Gold Press Machines, up to a dai­ly limit. 
    • Trea­sury Notes can be earned from Waste­landers dai­ly quests and by com­plet­ing Pub­lic Events. 
    • Gold Bul­lion can also be pur­chased direct­ly from a ven­dor in the Way­ward using Caps, up to a week­ly limit.
  • There are three Gold Bul­lion Ven­dors: One at Crater, one at Foun­da­tion, and anoth­er in a loca­tion you’ll unlock dur­ing the main sto­ry. Each ven­dor will offer you a dif­fer­ent set of new Waste­landers items in exchange for Gold Bullion.
  • Some of the Waste­landers gear is only avail­able as you become bet­ter friends with the Set­tlers and Raiders through the new Rep­u­ta­tion System.
    • Gain rep­u­ta­tion with these fac­tions by com­plet­ing sto­ry quests for them, mak­ing in-game deci­sions, and by doing their dai­ly quests. 
    • Items you can get this way include weapons like the Gauss Shot­gun or Gauss Mini­gun, C.A.M.P. items like Farmable Tiles, and even the yum­my Appalachia treat—Pepperoni Rolls, among others.
  • Read our arti­cle about the Waste­landers Rep­u­ta­tion Sys­tem to learn more.


Anoth­er excit­ing addi­tion to Waste­landers, Allies are NPCs you will encounter in the world who can move into your C.A.M.P., help pro­tect it, and keep you company.

  • Allies also pro­vide adven­tur­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties through dai­ly quests they offer.
  • Two of the Allies are unique. Both have a mini-quest line, romance oppor­tu­ni­ties, and offer the chance to real­ly get to know some inter­est­ing characters. 
    • Once you reach lev­el 10, strike out to the Ash Heap or the Mire in order to meet them!
  • Learn more by read­ing our arti­cle about Allies in Waste­landers.


  • Rid­ing Shot­gun is a new event at Big Bend Tun­nel East. Take part by speak­ing with Vin­ny Cos­ta near the entrance to the Tun­nel. He offers the event every so often, so check in with him reg­u­lar­ly if you want to help him out.
    • Mer­chants from the Blue Ridge Car­a­van want to pass through Big Bend Tun­nel with their wares, but devi­ous Blood Eagles are lying in wait, hop­ing to make an easy score.
    • Suc­cess­ful­ly defend the Car­a­van as the mer­chants make their way through the Tun­nel, and you will be hand­some­ly rewarded. 
  • Radi­a­tion Rum­ble is a chal­leng­ing new Pub­lic Event that will appear on the map at Emmett Moun­tain Dis­pos­al Site.
    • A group of Scav­engers have set their sights on min­ing the pre­cious ore found deep with­in Emmett Moun­tain Dis­pos­al Site, but they’ve been backed into a cor­ner by treach­er­ous glow­ing creatures. 
    • Bal­ance your time between defend­ing the Scav­engers and ven­tur­ing out to help them mine ore, and they’ll give you a stake in the profits—but remem­ber wear your Haz­mat Suit!

Catch addi­tion­al details about the new Waste­landers Events in this arti­cle.

  • There are four new dai­ly quests avail­able in Waste­landers: Two from the Raiders at Crater, one from the Set­tlers at Foun­da­tion, and one more that you’ll dis­cov­er as you play through main sto­ry quests.
    • The Raider dailies alter­nate, with one of the two avail­able to you each day.
    • All four dailies can be com­plet­ed to earn Trea­sury Notes, XP, Caps, and some loot.
    • Dai­ly quests from the Raiders and the Set­tlers will also award you with some rep­u­ta­tion for your efforts. 


  • Floaters are return­ing crea­tures from pre­vi­ous Fall­out games. They come in three vari­a­tions: Flamer, Freez­er, and Chomper.
  • They aren’t par­tic­u­lar­ly tough, but when they swarm in with their Super Mutant brethren, they can real­ly change a battle.
  • The elu­sive Wendi­go Colos­sus is a ter­ri­fy­ing mon­stros­i­ty rumored to only rear its head in areas hit by atom­ic fire. 
  • They are seri­ous­ly tough, and even a hearty adven­tur­er will find it chal­leng­ing to square off with one alone. If you plan to hunt down a Wendi­go Colos­sus bring friends—lots of them!
  • Blood­thirsty and cru­el, the Blood Eagles are a group of human mis­cre­ants fueled by chems, who treat the Waste­land like their per­son­al playground. 
  • Even more fright­en­ing are their num­bers. Bands of Blood Eagles have sprung up through­out Appalachia, so keep your weapons close and be ready to defend yourself.
  • No one is quite sure what these mys­te­ri­ous cultists are up to, but they’ve recent­ly begun inhab­it­ing a few exist­ing loca­tions in Appalachia.
  • Stay on your guard if you encounter these cultists in the wild. You can be sure that they won’t let you or any­one else get in the way of their… rit­u­als


  • We’ve cre­at­ed a num­ber of new loca­tions that you will dis­cov­er, such as the Wato­ga Under­ground, The Deep, The Way­ward, new Blood Eagle and Moth­man Cultist camps, and more.
  • Addi­tion­al­ly, with the return of peo­ple to Appalachia, many have already left their mark on the world. They’ve trans­formed many exist­ing loca­tions, like the Crashed Space Sta­tion, Spruce Knob, and WV Lum­ber Co., among oth­ers, to bet­ter suit their needs.


  • Day/Night Cycle: Day­time has been length­ened from 8 to 13 game hours, so that you have more sun­shine while you quest, craft, and explore. Dusk, dawn, and night­time have been short­ened accordingly. 
  • Light­ing: We’ve made sig­nif­i­cant improve­ments to all aspects of our light­ing and ren­der­ing sys­tems to bring addi­tion­al real­ism and con­trast to the game world.


  • Vault 94: As men­tioned in a pre­vi­ous announce­ment, Vault 94 and its Mis­sions have been shut down along with the release of Wastelanders. 
    • Many of the item rewards that you could earn by com­plet­ing Mis­sions, includ­ing Stran­gler Heart Pow­er Armor Plans, are now avail­able through the Gold Bul­lion system. 
  • Nuclear Win­ter: The Storm now auto­mat­i­cal­ly con­stricts based on the num­ber of play­ers who begin a Nuclear Win­ter Match. This should help play­ers get to the fun of a match more quick­ly and spend less time in match­mak­ing queues. 
    • This change was orig­i­nal­ly imple­ment­ed in Update 16, but was revert­ed after com­mu­ni­ty feed­back that the auto­mat­ic con­stric­tion was hap­pen­ing too often. We’ve since made improve­ments in this area and have brought this change back with the Waste­landers update.



Quests have received sig­nif­i­cant user inter­face improve­ments in today’s update. Here is a sum­ma­ry of the adjust­ments we’ve made:

  • All of your quest mark­ers will now appear on the map. 
    • Inac­tive quests show up as black map mark­ers, and quests you’re active­ly track­ing will dis­play the yel­low mark­ers you’re already famil­iar with.
    • Main quests dis­play square mark­ers, while side, misc., and dai­ly quests show dia­mond-shaped markers. 
  • Click­ing a quest mark­er on the map will dis­play a pop-up show­ing more details and a descrip­tion of that quest.
    • There are three new options on this pop-up that you can select to mark the quest as active, make it your only active quest, or show the quest in your Pip-Boy.
    • When view­ing a quest in your Pip-Boy, you can now choose to show that quest’s loca­tion on the map.
  • New options are avail­able that you can tog­gle to cus­tomize what types of quests are marked as active when you start them. Find these in the Game Set­tings Menu
  • You can find some more details about these changes in this arti­cle on
  • Leg­endary Ene­mies: A noti­fi­ca­tion now appears and sound effects play when a leg­endary crea­ture regen­er­ates to full health dur­ing combat.
  • Nuke Zones: Spawn­ing into an active Nuke Zone when you join a world is no fun! From now on, if there’s an active Nuke Zone at your login loca­tion, you will receive a prompt offer­ing you the option to leave the cur­rent world and search for another.
    • You will be pro­tect­ed from Radi­a­tion for a short peri­od of time while you make your deci­sion to stay or leave. 
    • This pro­tec­tion will end ear­ly if you move, attack, or take damage.
  • Press and Hold: When view­ing many types of pre-placed items in the world, you can now press and hold your inter­act but­ton to quick­ly make use of those items with­out enter­ing your Pip-Boy.
    • For Exam­ple: You can press and hold the inter­act but­ton to quick­ly equip and favorite weapons you find, con­sume an aid item, or learn a plan or recipe.
    • If you’d pre­fer, you can still press the inter­act but­ton with­out hold­ing it down to add that item to your inventory.
  • Pub­lic Events: The descrip­tions of Pub­lic Events on the map now include a sug­gest­ed play­er level.
  • Radio Host: A new arrival named Julia has tak­en to the air­waves to host Appalachia Radio. Tune in to catch her quips in between tracks.
  • Search Perks: The func­tion­al­i­ty of “Search” Perks, like Scrounger and Phar­ma Far­ma, is now auto­mat­ic. You no longer need to press a but­ton to man­u­al­ly search con­tain­ers for bonus sup­plies. You will get a friend­ly Vault Boy noti­fi­ca­tion when your Perk has kicked in.


The Waste­landers update brings close to 1,000 fix­es for bugs that were pre­vi­ous­ly affect­ing the base game, includ­ing many that were report­ed to us by the Fall­out 76 com­mu­ni­ty. Since that list is so lengthy, we’ve high­light­ed a selec­tion of fix­es that we thought you might want to know about or may find inter­est­ing as you pre­pare to head back into Appalachia. 

  • Auto-Scrap­ping: The fol­low­ing items no longer scrap auto­mat­i­cal­ly when using the Scrap All Junk but­ton, since they are ingre­di­ents in craft­ing recipes.
    • Bleached Dog­wood
    • Bloat­fly Gland
    • Blood­bug Proboscis
    • Cook­ing Oil
    • Digest­ed Goo
    • Mole Rat Teeth
    • Mr. Handy Fuel
    • Rad­scor­pi­on Stinger
    • Sting­wing Barb
    • Tick Blood Sac
  • Bill­boards: Reduced the C.A.M.P. bud­get cost of many Neon Bill­boards by 50%.
  • Lights: The Mid-Cen­tu­ry Disc Lamp now cor­rect­ly illu­mi­nates downward.
  • Scrap­ping: The Tinker’s Work­bench now gen­er­ates com­po­nents when scrapped.
  • Scrap­ping: Urban and For­est Scout Armor pieces now gen­er­ate com­po­nents when scrapped.
  • Tur­rets: Addressed an issue that could pre­vent Tur­rets from fir­ing at ene­mies in close range.
  • V.A.T.S.: Enter­ing V.A.T.S. while fir­ing an auto­mat­ic weapon no longer caus­es the weapon to stop firing.
  • V.A.T.S.: Frag Mines can now be destroyed by shots fired in V.A.T.S.
  • Auto Grenade Launch­er: The Heavy Bar­rel mod no longer incor­rect­ly states that it increas­es damage.
  • Base­ball Grenade: Now requires 2 Cork to craft in addi­tion to its oth­er com­po­nents, and no longer requires a Baseball.
    • Base­balls now auto­mat­i­cal­ly scrap when using the Scrap All Junk button.
  • Base­ball Grenade: Dam­age increased to bring Base­ball Grenades in line with oth­er types of Grenades.
  • Bolt-Action Weapons: Play­ers no longer get stuck aim­ing down sights after press­ing the but­ton to aim down sights while cham­ber­ing a round in a bolt-action weapon.
  • Buf­fout: Fixed an issue caus­ing Buff­tats to count toward Buf­fout and Men­tats-relat­ed Challenges.
  • Cultist Blade: Dam­age increased so that the Cultist Blade is now slight­ly stronger than the Machete at every level.
  • Dis­ease Cure: Can now be sold to Ven­dors for Caps.
  • Eye­bot Hel­met: Craft­ing an Eye­bot Hel­met now requires a Mil­i­tary Cir­cuit Board instead of an Assaultron Cir­cuit Board.
  • Fusion Core: Fixed an issue that could deplete a Fusion Core in the player’s inven­to­ry when exit­ing Pow­er Armor.
  • Gatling Laser: Reload­ing a Gatling Laser ear­ly no longer caus­es mul­ti­ple Fusion Cores to be loaded, which could pre­vent the play­er from fir­ing oth­er weapons.
  • Gatling Weapons: Fir­ing a Gatling Laser or Gatling Plas­ma with a ful­ly charged Fusion Core no longer emp­ties the mag­a­zine after just a few shots, or pre­vents the mag­a­zine from being topped off when reloading.
  • Hand­made Rifle: The Sting­ing Mag­a­zine mod no longer holds more ammo than intend­ed, and now has an ammo capac­i­ty of 25.
  • Har­poon Gun: Leg­endary Har­poon Guns can no longer incor­rect­ly spawn with the Explo­sive attribute.
  • Leg­endary Armor: Solar and Thorn Armors can now cor­rect­ly spawn with the Unyield­ing leg­endary attribute.
  • Leg­endary Weapons: The +250 Dam­age Resis­tance While Reload­ing leg­endary attribute no longer caus­es a leg­endary weapon’s pri­ma­ry attribute to stop functioning.
  • Mag­a­zines: Tum­blers Today Issue #2 now cor­rect­ly grants the play­er the abil­i­ty to find extra Bob­by Pins in Bob­by Pin Box­es, and the effect’s descrip­tion has been updat­ed to match.
  • Meat Hook: Now only ben­e­fits from unarmed Perks, and is no longer incor­rect­ly affect­ed by one-hand­ed melee Perks.
  • Molo­tov Cock­tail: Now requires 2 Glass to craft in addi­tion to its oth­er com­po­nents, and no longer requires a Beer Bottle.
    • Beer Bot­tles now auto­mat­i­cal­ly scrap when using the Scrap All Junk button.
  • Plas­ma Grenade: Explo­sion visu­al effects now more close­ly match the Plas­ma Grenade’s explo­sion radius.
  • Psy­chotats: Fixed an issue caus­ing Psy­chotats to count toward Buf­fout-relat­ed Challenges.
  • Rad‑X Dilut­ed: The descrip­tion no longer states that it sup­press­es Mutations.
  • Sal­vaged Assaultron Head: Fixed an issue caus­ing the Sal­vaged Assaultron Head to deal the same amount of dam­age at every charge level.
  • Scout Armor: The For­est Scout Armor Mask can now be worn with oth­er types of headwear.
  • Shov­el: Now cor­rect­ly ben­e­fits from two-hand­ed melee Perks.
  • Stran­gler Heart Pow­er Armor: Acid attacks from play­ers wear­ing Stran­gler Heart Pow­er Armor no longer cause per­for­mance issues or crashes. 
    • This fix result­ed in mul­ti­ple adjust­ments for Stran­gler Heart acid attacks and dam­age. You can learn about those changes in-depth by read­ing this arti­cle
  • Stran­gler Heart Pow­er Armor: Pow­er Armor Chas­sis with Stran­gler Heart pieces equipped can no longer be dropped.
  • Tes­la Rifle: Is now cor­rect­ly cat­e­go­rized as an Ener­gy Weapon in Work­bench­es, rather than a Heavy Weapon.
  • The Action Hero: The Gold .50 Cal Paint from the Atom­ic Shop can now be applied to The Action Hero.
  • Ultra­cite Fusion Core: Can no longer incor­rect­ly be used as Fusion Cores for Pow­er Armor.
  • Ultra­cite Plas­ma Car­tridge: Increased the amount of ammo cre­at­ed when craft­ing Ultra­cite Plas­ma Car­tridges from 60 to 120 to bet­ter match oth­er types of Ultra­cite ammo.
  • Car­ni­vore: Now cor­rect­ly dou­bles the ben­e­fits of con­sum­ing pre-pack­aged meats, like Cram and Sal­is­bury Steak.
  • Herd Men­tal­i­ty: Fixed an issue that pre­vent­ed play­ers with Herd Men­tal­i­ty from shar­ing Perks despite hav­ing enough points in Charisma.
  • Butcher’s Boun­ty: Can now cor­rect­ly trig­ger when search­ing dead Her­mit Crabs.
  • Crack Shot: Descrip­tion cor­rect­ed to state that the Perk’s ben­e­fits apply while aim­ing down sights, rather than “while sighted.”
  • Long Shot: Descrip­tion cor­rect­ed to state that the Perk’s ben­e­fits apply while aim­ing down sights, rather than “while sighted.”
  • Luck of the Draw: Can now cor­rect­ly trig­ger when fir­ing the Gatling Plas­ma, Gatling Laser, and auto­mat­ic weapons.
  • Luck of the Draw: Fixed an issue that pre­vent­ed fan­fare from appear­ing on-screen when Luck of the Draw Rank 2 triggered.
  • Perk Shar­ing: Now only con­sid­ers a character’s base Charis­ma. Bonus Charis­ma pro­vid­ed by Chems, gear, Perks, and oth­er effects no longer incor­rect­ly count towards Perk sharing.
  • Always Vig­i­lant: The quest timer has been reduced from 30 to 15 min­utes, and a 2‑minute timer has been added to repair Rover.
  • Cop a Squat­ter: No longer restarts every time the play­er logs in if they have already com­plet­ed it that day.
  • Eco­log­i­cal Bal­ance: Amy’s Note now remains in the player’s inven­to­ry after com­plet­ing the quest.
  • Mis­cel­la­neous: Fixed an issue pre­vent­ing the “Clear the Flood­ed Train­yard” misc. quest from appear­ing to play­ers at the Flood­ed Train­yard in Cran­ber­ry Bog if some­one had already com­plet­ed the quest in that World.
  • Mis­cel­la­neous: The “Kill a Wendi­go while wear­ing a clown cos­tume” misc. quest, it will no longer reap­pear to a play­er every time they log in if they have already com­plet­ed it.
  • Com­pass: Loca­tion mark­ers in the Com­pass now more con­sis­tent­ly match their ori­en­ta­tions in the game world.
  • Noti­fi­ca­tions: Fan­fare and the list of rewards earned now cor­rect­ly appear on the screen after com­plet­ing a Dai­ly Quest.
  • Noti­fi­ca­tions: The num­ber of Caps earned now cor­rect­ly appears on the screen after com­plet­ing a quest or event.
  • Pip-Boy: Fixed a visu­al issue caus­ing some Leg­endary Weapons to occa­sion­al­ly dis­play incor­rect attrib­ut­es in their Pip-Boy descrip­tions after log­ging out and back in.
  • Revive: Dilut­ed and Super Stim­paks can now be used to revive downed players.
  • Set­tings: The World Radios vol­ume slid­er in the Audio set­tings menu now cor­rect­ly affects Juke­box audio.
  • Social: Large friend lists have been opti­mized. Play­ers should no longer expe­ri­ence in-game hitch­ing as a result of hav­ing a very large friends list.
  • Social: Enter­ing an invalid or nonex­is­tent name into the Social Menu no longer pre­vents the play­er from inter­act­ing with oth­er in-game menus.
  • Sort­ing: Scrap­ping an item no longer caus­es the player’s inven­to­ry list to re-sort.
  • Vend­ing and Trade: Play­ers can now sell items for up to 30,000 Caps through their Vend­ing Machines or direct trade.
  • Work­bench­es: Press­ing the exit con­fir­ma­tion but­ton when leav­ing a Work­bench no longer caus­es the play­er imme­di­ate­ly re-enter the Workbench.

Source: Bethes­da