Fallen Ghosts DLC Detailed for Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Ubisoft announced ear­li­er today on its Ghost Recon/Ubisoft web­site, some of the details for the sec­ond DLC expan­sion, Fall­en Ghosts. 

This DLC is going to avail­able for sea­son pass hold­ers on May 30th, while play­ers who sin­gle pur­chase  must wait until June 6th. Fall­en Ghosts will include new weapons, mis­sions, skills, and ene­mies. There looks to be plen­ty of con­tent in this expan­sion, although no indi­vid­ual pur­chase price was given. 

Fallen Ghosts DLC Detailed for Ghost Recon: Wildlands

New boss­es, mis­sions, and challenges

This lat­est DLC is bring­ing 15 new mis­sions in which play­ers will face four new boss­es who are locat­ed in three dif­fer­ent regions. As usu­al, you have com­plete free­dom as to how you fin­ish to the mis­sions. These new mis­sions will be test­ing the com­bat skill and coor­di­na­tion with your team. Play­ers will have to elim­i­nate lieu­tenants, defend civil­ians, and extract VIP’s.

Main mis­sions are not the only ones avail­able to you. Fall­en Ghosts incor­po­rates new side mis­sions scat­tered around the map. If you com­plete all mis­sion of a spe­cif­ic type, you can unlock a final activ­i­ty which grants play­ers exclu­sive prizes when finished. 

For those play­ers out there who thrive on a good chal­lenge, Advanced and Expert dif­fi­cul­ties have been mod­i­fied for a greater chal­lenge. Turn­ing off the HUD to real­ly give you the immer­sive feel and being as tac­ti­cal as you can.

New ene­mies: Los Extran­jeros

Fallen Ghosts DLC Detailed for Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Dur­ing your time play­ing the mis­sions, you and your squad will be pur­sued by Los Extran­jeros. These heavy hit­ters are oper­at­ing under the gov­ern­men­t’s pro­tec­tion, so they also have access to lat­est com­bat technology.

There are also new types of ene­mies. Armored ene­mies wear heavy bul­let­proof vests, Elite Snipers have a wide detec­tion range and are dead­ly accu­rate, the Jam­mers have anten­na equipped to their back­packs dis­abling all elec­tron­ic gad­gets, and last­ly, the Covert Ops; these guys will test your abil­i­ty to dis­tin­guish them from their sur­round­ings. They have advanced opti­cal cam­ou­flage, and silent crossbows.

New set of skills and extra lev­el cap

Fallen Ghosts DLC Detailed for Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Fall­en Ghosts also includes 25 new weapons: six exclu­sives, which fea­ture an assault rifles, sniper rifles and even a cross­bow which can be equipped with explo­sive arrows. Also, get more than 10 exclu­sive Leg­endary versions.

The new lev­el cap com­ing with Fall­en Ghosts is 35, only 5 extra then what you get with the main por­tion of the game. 


- Drone Updates: The best friend of the Ghosts is now updat­ed with even more tac­ti­cal options.

- Flash Drone: Trans­form your drone into a mobile flash­bang grenade that will repeat­ed­ly trig­ger blind­ing flashes.

- Attack Drone: Attach a small-cal­iber shoot­ing device to your drone to trans­form it into a lethal fly­ing weapon.

- Drone Vengeance: Equip it with an explo­sive pay­load that will acti­vate auto­mat­i­cal­ly when shot down by an enemy.

- Phys­i­cal Skills: Tracked and hunt­ed down, you’ll be forced to unleash your inner Ghost and improve your reflex­es to survive.

- Oxy­gen: Improve your abil­i­ty to swim under­wa­ter for a longer time. Stay unde­tect­ed and find new stealthy ways to attack your enemy.

- Reac­tion Mark­ing: Improve your sens­es and tag every ene­my shoot­ing at you.

- Weapons Skills:

- Explo­sive bolt: Equip your new cross­bow with explo­sive bolts. More dead­ly, less silent.

- Fast Reload: Increase your dex­ter­i­ty and reload your weapons faster.

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