The newest sea­son of Fall Guys has start­ed and more than just new cos­tumes and stages has been added; it’s also intro­duc­ing Squads mode. This is a new team-based option that will let even the poor­est Fall Guys play­er stay in the game if their team­mates can man­age to keep it together.

Joe Walsh, the game’s lead design­er, spoke to IGN about the new mode. He said that if one play is elim­i­nat­ed dur­ing a round, they’ll still be able to come back if their team­mates per­form well enough. It isn’t about who bites the bul­let first, but who scores low­est as a team. A points sys­tem will deter­mine who did the worst, but also make it so the best play­er does­n’t nec­es­sar­i­ly mean your team will be the best.

In this mode you’ll also be encour­aged to sab­o­tage oth­er play­ers, espe­cial­ly if you have more peo­ple left as you’re approach­ing the fin­ish in a Final Round. For exam­ple, two play­ers can sac­ri­fice them­selves to knock­out the oth­er team while the remain­ing play­er can land the victory.

Of course, Sea­son 4 is going to have a bunch of new cos­tumes, includ­ing crossover themed cos­tumes with hit game Among Us. The game should con­tin­ue to get sup­port, since Medi­a­ton­ic was just recent­ly pur­chased by Epic Games. Fall Guys will be avail­able for Xbox and Nin­ten­do Switch this summer.