Fall Guys Sea­son 4 has already begun across all plat­forms and there are plen­ty of patch notes. This new sea­son fea­tures a neon futur­is­tic theme, adding sev­en new rounds to the game, plus a vari­ety of bug fix­es and oth­er features.

Along­side the new rounds, Sea­son 4’s biggest addi­tion to Fall Guys is the intro­duc­tion of a Squads Mode. There’s also a new mode called Squad Sur­vival, where squads com­pete to stay out of slime as teams are even­tu­al­ly elim­i­nat­ed one by one.

This sea­son also intro­duces a new cur­ren­cy known as Crown Shards, which play­ers can earn through chal­lenges and the new Squad modes. Get 60 Crown Shards and you can trade them in for a Crown. The new rounds include the hoops-themed Bas­ket­fall, the 60-play­er gaunt­let Sky­line Stum­ble, and the bat­tery-pow­ered dis­co clash Pow­er Trip.

Fall Guys Season 4 Patch Notes

Sea­son 4 Rounds

  • Sky­line Stum­ble — Our new 60-play­er gaunt­let show­cas­es a mega assort­ment of fresh futur­is­tic obsta­cles, includ­ing Low Grav­i­ty Zones, Force­fields and Lasers!
  • Hov­er­board Heroes — Set sail for slimy seas as play­ers dive and stum­ble over per­ilous obsta­cles. Ride out the chaos on the hov­er­board ‘til the fin­ish line or face elimination!
  • Bas­ket­fall — Team up to shoot some hoops in low grav­i­ty. This is the Fall Guys future, so pre­pare for a very sil­ly num­ber of basketballs…and triple hoops!
  • Short Cir­cuit — A new type of rac­ing Round drops beans on the grid and pro­pels them through lap after lap of grav­i­ty-defy­ing, obsta­cle-strewn mayhem!
  • Pow­er Trip — Stum­ble onto the future-funk dance­floor and light up those tiles in a bat­tery-pow­ered bat­tle for dis­co domination!
  • Big Shots — Ever won­dered what it’d be like to stand on a See Saw while inflat­able stars, mag­nets, gamepads, and minia­ture Sat­urns were shot at you? Well, now you’ll know.
  • Roll On — It’s Roll Out…but a race!? In this clas­sic themed Round, 60 play­ers dash to the fin­ish line over a series of ram­bunc­tious rotat­ing drums. Don’t fall off!

New Fea­ture: Squads Mode! Qual­i­fy togeth­er as a Squad of 4, with your whole Squad claim­ing vic­to­ry if any of you win the final Round!

New Round Type: Squad Race. Score points for your squad by cross­ing the fin­ish line- The high­er your posi­tion, the more points you earn! The low­est scor­ing Squads get elim­i­nat­ed, so every Squad member’s per­for­mance matters!

New Round Type: Squad Sur­vival Score points for your squad by stay­ing out of the slime! The low­est scor­ing teams get elim­i­nat­ed, so try to tar­get oth­er squads and throw them off their game!

New Fea­ture: Dai­ly Chal­lenges Log in each day to receive new Chal­lenges to earn bun­dles of Fame and Crown Shards!

New Cur­ren­cy: Crown Shards Earn 60 Crown Shards to trans­form them into a shiny new crown! Col­lect Shards through Chal­lenges and Squads, and check your bal­ance in the Show Selec­tor screen.

Char­ac­ter Improvements:

  • Stur­dier Beans We’re improved our Fall Guys to be more stur­dy when tak­ing hits both from oth­er play­ers. No more rag­dolling just because anoth­er bean brushed you in mid-air!
  • Fixed some rag­dolling and exces­sive jump­ing issues in some rounds, for exam­ple unre­lent­ing rag­dolling on Hex-A-Gone after col­lid­ing with anoth­er Fall Guy
  • Fixed errors relat­ed to ledge-climb­ing in some lev­els like Wall Guys, such as Sweat ani­ma­tions fail­ing to play, and inabil­i­ty to climb a ledge when a flip­per is present.
  • Increased physics per­for­mance for dis­tant play­ers, lead­ing to an over­all smoother experience
  • Improved char­ac­ter behav­iour when car­ry­ing objects around

Post-elim­i­na­tion flow: you can now quit at any time after being elim­i­nat­ed, no more wait­ing for the next round to load

UI Improve­ments:

  • Fixed text dis­play­ing that 40 play­ers are need­ed to start a game on playlists with restrict­ed num­bers (I.E Hex-a-Gone Trials)
  • Fixed 16/15 elim­i­nat­ed show­ing on Thin Ice
  • Fixed the Qual­i­fied ele­ment not reduc­ing in val­ue when a play­er becomes elim­i­nat­ed dur­ing Slime Climb

Oth­er fix­es and improvements:

  • Fall Moun­tain will now spawn play­ers in a sin­gle line so no one is at a disadvantage
  • Improved vic­to­ry moment and flow at the end of episode
  • Reduced net­work traf­fic usage which should alle­vi­ate some of the laten­cy-relat­ed issues
  • Fixed Fall Guy clip­ping through the yel­low con­vey­or belt sec­tion and get­ting stuck on Slime Climb
  • Improved hoops scor­ing reli­a­bil­i­ty and fixed cas­es such as scores fail­ing to update on Ski Fall
  • Fixed visu­al post-pro­cess­ing issues in cer­tain cas­es like spec­tat­ing or rotat­ing the cam­era at some angles
  • Fixed Fall Guy respawn­ing twice on the plat­form next to the moun­tain peak after falling into the abyss on Freezy Peak
  • Fixed invis­i­ble Hex-A-Gone tiles in both spec­ta­tor mode and dur­ing nor­mal play
  • Fixed mul­ti­ple play­ers respawn­ing in the same spot on Ski Fall
  • Fixed post-pro­cess­ing flick­er­ing and miss­ing Fall Guys X‑Ray out­line when a play­er grabs a car­ri­able object with­in close prox­im­i­ty to a wall
  • Fixed poor per­for­mance in the Out­fits menu when brows­ing with many items available
  • Fixed flick­er­ing clouds on Per­fect Match
  • Fixed dis­qual­i­fi­ca­tion on Door Dash after play­ers yeet over the fin­ish line into oblivion
  • Fixed cam­era piv­ot­ing back­wards after a user has respawned in Knight Fever
  • Fixed Check­point not trig­ger­ing in Tun­dra Run if a Fall Guy is punched high enough into the air
  • Fixed num­ber of play­ers qual­i­fy­ing exceed­ing the qual­i­fi­ca­tion lim­it in all race-type Rounds
  • Fixed invis­i­ble mid-air col­li­sions when a Fall Guy hit by the flip­pers dur­ing Knight Fever
  • Fixed Fall Guy with equipped cos­tume show­ing as the default bean dur­ing an episode
  • PS4: Fixed the blurred sur­round­ing area of a Fall Guy on PS4 Pro
  • PS4: Fixed mem­o­ry issues on Base PS4 when open­ing the cus­tomiser with all cos­met­ics unlocked
  • PS4: improved per­for­mance and sta­bil­i­ty in the menus and on cer­tain rounds
  • PC: Fixed ‘Back’ and ‘Ran­dom’ but­tons not work­ing in the Cus­tomiser menus with the mouse