Medi­a­ton­ic is actu­al­ly lis­ten­ing to its fans. The Fall Guys devel­op­er has made a big change for the launch of Sea­son 2, allow­ing play­ers to remove all team games via a new playlist. No longer will play­ers suf­fer with Hoard­ers, Jinxed or Fall Ball.

Fall Guys game design­er, Joe Walsh, left a few com­ments on the Fall Guys sub­red­dit about the change. “And you say we nev­er do any­thing for you.” The playlist is called ‘Gaunt­let Show­down’, but play­ers can still access the reg­u­lar playlist through the ‘Main Show.’ The new playlist will only be avail­able for a lim­it­ed-time, because the stu­dio is track­ing what options play­ers choose the most.

Right now we need to keep an eye on things like match­mak­ing times, play­ers recep­tion, etc. so we’re doing it as a bit of a time lim­it­ed exper­i­ment to see what hap­pens,” Walsh stat­ed. “Total­ly pos­si­ble for it to become per­ma­nent down the line!

Play­ers have been request­ing a playlist like this for quite some time. Uneven teams and play­ers who did­n’t try (or are per­haps just bad), is rather unfair when you can’t avoid it.