Fable Reboot Has Been Developed For Four Years At Playground Games

A recent tweet from a Play­ground Games devel­op­er has revealed that the stu­dio’s reboot of Fable has been in devel­op­ment for four years at this point.

Tom Gaulton, a lead engi­neer at the stu­dio, cel­e­brat­ed his fourth year at Play­ground Games this year. He expressed his hap­pi­ness about being able to work on Fable through a post on Twit­ter. This tweet is the first real indi­ca­tor as to how long the game has been in devel­op­ment. Play­ground Games is a Microsoft-owned stu­dio, with the team ini­tial­ly reveal­ing the Fable reboot in July 2020.

Since the reveal, the stu­dio has said vir­tu­al­ly noth­ing about the reboot. This will be the first entry in the Fable fran­chise since Fable III in 2014. Lion­head Stu­dios, the ini­tial devel­op­ers of the series, was work­ing on Fable Leg­ends until the stu­dio closed in 2016. Short­ly after­wards, rumors sug­gest­ed that Play­ground Games was devel­op­ing a reboot.

Play­ground Games is well-known for the devel­op­ment of the last few Forza Hori­zon rac­ing games with­in the series. The stu­dio’s lat­est release was Forza Hori­zon 5, which received favor­able review across the inter­net. Hope­ful­ly, the reboot for Fable will do just as well.

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