Expect Downtime as Fortnite Starts Season Four

Epic announced there will be sched­ualed down­time tomor­row, which marks the start of Sea­son 4 for Fort­nite. This down­time will affect all plat­forms, includ­ing mobile. May 1 at 4:00am East­ern Time (08:00 GMT) is when the Sea­son 4 patch will begin to be pushed out. 

Not much is known about Sea­son 4, but Epic has been tweet­ing many hints over the last few weeks. Sev­er­al tweets include state­ments like “Impact is immi­nent!” Maybe that mete­or will final­ly come crash­ing down and reveal some new area. In any case, today is the very last day of Sea­son 3, so play­ers have until the Sea­son 4 roll­out to fin­ish up any challenges. 

Infor­ma­tion regard­ing Sea­son 4 Bat­tle Pass is also hush-hush. Epic has­n’t released the cost, but pre­vi­ous pass­es where 950 V‑Bucks. While Epic had planned to make the pass­es pur­chasable with real mon­ey, the idea was scrapped. 

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