Everything New In CoD: Warzone For Season 3 Reloaded

The mid-sea­son update has final­ly arrived, and there is a bit of new con­tent for both Call of Duty: War­zone and Black Ops Cold War. War­zone has received new points of inter­est on the map and new modes.

Points of Interest 

Nakato­mi Plaza from Die Hard is being added as a new point of inter­est in Ver­dan­sk ’84. The plaza has replaced the broad­cast tow­er and will now be the tallest struc­ture on the map. The playable area of the plaza con­sists of five floors, and Activi­sion not­ed that the spaces are mod­eled after the Die Hard movie.

This new plaza also includes new mis­sions that you can com­plete dur­ing bat­tle royale and Plun­der to earn rewards. These mis­sions include doing thing that McClane would, like scav­eng­ing for resources, defus­ing C4, and stop­ping an arms deal. Activi­sion also teased that Nakato­mi Plaza­’s famous vault can also be found in War­zone too. Play­ers can break into it to steal its rich­es, but oth­ers will be look­ing to seek out this trea­sure, so beware.

Anoth­er point of inter­est is Sur­vival Camps, which is nod­ding to Ram­bo: First Blood Part II. There are 10 camps across Ver­dan­sk ’84 and each con­tains “sol­id load­out items” that play­ers can grab. Those who can col­lect enough with get an even “greater reward.”

The last new point of inter­est is the CIA Out­post. One of the air­craft hang­ers on the north­west sec­tor of Ver­dan­sk has been con­vert­ed into a CIA Outpost. 

Appar­ent­ly, these field oper­a­tives are also search­ing for any iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of fall­en sol­diers and may bring in some air rein­force­ments should enough of them be col­lect­ed for extrac­tion,” Activi­sion said. “Maybe this can be used to stage an ambush that only a true gueril­la war­fare expert could handle…”

New Power Grab Mode

One of the new modes in War­zone is called Pow­er Grab. This mode is made for 100-plus play­ers, Pow­er Grab fea­tures a start­ing cir­cle that is small­er than nor­mal. On top of that, there is no Gulag. Instead, play­ers can revive team­mates from the buy sta­tion or by col­lect­ing dog tags sim­i­lar to how it works in Kill Con­firmed. The dog tags can also be obtained by com­plet­ing Con­tracts, but can also show up in sup­ply boxes.

For every dog tag col­lect­ed, you’ll move up on the reward lad­der and this is dis­played on the HUD. The lad­der includes a UAV, a respawn token, and advanced gas mask, and spe­cial­ist bonus­es as you progress through the lad­der. The end goal of Pow­er Grab is still the same though.

New Combat Bow Killstreak

Ram­bo’s Com­bat Bow has come to War­zone in the Sea­son 3 Reloaded update. It can deal dam­age to both play­ers and vehi­cles. It fires fur­ther the longer you pull it back.

Everything New In CoD: Warzone For Season 3 Reloaded

Ballistic Knife

Although this weapon has already been intro­duced into Black Ops Cold War for quite some time, it has now made its way to Warzone. 

’80s Action Heroes Event 

This event is sim­i­lar to the Hunt for Adler event, but cel­e­brates the debut of Ram­bo and McClane com­ing to Call of Duty. Play­ers must com­plete chal­lenges across either Black Ops Cold War and War­zone. There are nine Cold War objec­tives, and once com­plet­ed you’ll get a semi-auto­mat­ic tac­ti­cal rifle. Those who fin­ish all nine War­zone chal­lenges will get a bolt-action sniper rifle blueprint.

Everything New In CoD: Warzone For Season 3 Reloaded

If you are inter­est­ed in see­ing what Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has in store for Sea­son 3 Reloaded, you can check it out, here.

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