Everything We Know About Call Of Duty WWII

Stick­ing to its reg­u­lar cycle, Activi­sion debuted the mul­ti­play­er trail­er for pre­vi­ous­ly announced Call Of Duty WWII. While not rev­el­ing too much, they showed us a lit­tle bit of what we can expect. Below is a list of every­thing we know about CoD WWII as of now. Lets get to it.


Everything We Know About Call Of Duty WWII

As the title says, This newest entry in the Call Of Duty Fran­chise takes place dur­ing world war 2. Mul­ti­play­er is said to fea­ture some dif­fer­ent fronts out­side the loca­tions fea­tured in the cam­paign. Bat­tle­field 1 has found suc­cess in this set­ting and I expect Call Of Duty will too.


Fast-paced, ground­ed com­bat returns in Call of Duty®: WWII Mul­ti­play­er. Armed with an arse­nal of icon­ic Allied and Axis weapon­ry, play­ers are immersed in bru­tal game­play as they fight to lib­er­ate a con­ti­nent in the throes of tyranny.

The new Divi­sions fea­ture rede­fines how play­ers invest in their MP career, giv­ing them the chance to choose from five divi­sions, each with their own spe­cial­ized train­ing and weapons skills. In War Mode, an entire­ly fresh Call of Duty expe­ri­ence, play­ers must works as a team and fight for con­trol through mul­ti­ple strate­gic objectives.”

Of course mul­ti­play­er is return­ing, CoD would die with­out it. As usu­al some changes have been made to this years entry. Cre­ate a class has been replaced with “Divi­sions” with each with spe­cif­ic com­bat train­ing and func­tions. Devel­op­er Sledge­ham­mer Games says The Divi­sions sys­tem   “fun­da­men­tal­ly rede­fines how play­ers invest in their Mul­ti­play­er sol­dier career.”

Everything We Know About Call Of Duty WWII

5 divi­sions have been announced so far:

  • Air­borne: First to the fight, where you move fast and stay quiet
  • Moun­tain: Focus­ing on pre­cise and dead­ly sharpshooting
  • Infantry: Be the tip of the spear
  • Armored: Bring­ing the heav­i­est firepower
  • Expe­di­tionary Force: Pack­ing heat with incen­di­ary shells

Score streaks have been con­firmed to be return­ing but no spe­cif­ic streaks were announced.

A new game mode called “War Mode” is includ­ed as part of WWI­I’s mul­ti­play­er, not many details have been giv­en but Sledge­ham­mer says War Mode is “a nar­ra­tive based mode where Allied and Axis sol­diers clash in team-dri­ven assault & defend game­play in the fight for strate­gic objectives.”


Everything We Know About Call Of Duty WWII

Zom­bies are return­ing to Call Of Duty WWII, Nazi zom­bies to appear in WWII, but is said to be a dif­fer­ent expe­ri­ence than the zom­bies modes in the oth­er CoD Titles.  WWII Zom­bies will fea­ture a back sto­ry that’s based on real events”  and have a expe­ri­ence sim­i­lar to Dead Space. Thats not sur­pris­ing, Before found­ing Sledge­ham­mer Games, Con­drey and Schofield were the heads of Vis­cer­al Games, The devel­op­er of Dead Space.

Beta and Release Date:

Everything We Know About Call Of Duty WWII

PlaySta­tion 4 play­ers who pre-order Call Of Duty WWII will get access to the closed beta on August 25th. Xbox and PC play­ers will have to wait. The beta will come to Xbox and PC, No word on when beta access will be avail­able for those 2 platforms.


Head­quar­ters are a social space in Call Of Duty WWII. Sup­port­ing 48 play­ers, the social space will be a place where play­ers can inter­act and check achieve­ments and “more”. No oth­er details about Head­quar­ters has been announced.

PlaySta­tion users get DLC 30 days before Xbox or PC ver­sions of the game.

Call Of Duty WWII will be avail­able for The PlaySta­tion 4, Xbox One and PC Novem­ber 3rd 2017




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