Everything We Know About Bethesda’s E3 Show

Bethes­da had an ok show this year, we learned of two sequels (one not leaked), some addi­tions to the VR world, and some oth­er pret­ty cool stuff. 

It all start­ed with the VR as the audi­ence was shown DOOM in VFR and Fall­out 4 in VR. Fall­out 4 is sched­uled for release in Octo­ber 2017, no date was giv­en. DOOM was just quot­ed to be “lat­er this year.” You can see DOOM first, and then the Fall­out 4 trail­er below:
We also saw Bethes­da’s new Cre­ation Club, which is basi­cal­ly a cer­ti­fied mod pro­gram that you have to pay for with cred­its. It includes things like weapons, armor, out­fits and acces­sories, new craft­ing and hous­ing fea­tures, and even new game­play enhance­ments. Cre­ation Club is com­ing to Xbox One, PS4, and PC this sum­mer, you can see more about it below: Skyrim also had a Switch trail­er with a inter­est­ing sur­prise in it. If you are a huge Zel­da fan you real­ly enjoy this and maybe this will prompt you to pick up Skyrim again: The Elder Scrolls: Leg­ends is get­ting anoth­er addi­tion titled “Heroes of Skyrim” and it is set to launch on July 29th, 2017. Leg­ends is also com­ing to Android and iPhone soon, you can see the Heroes of Skyrim trail­er below: 

Quake Cham­pi­ons had a very cin­e­mat­ic trail­er, which end­ed with let­ting every­one know there is a beta avail­able for the game at quake.com The trail­er also showed addi­tion­al char­ac­ter by the name of BJ Blazkow­icz, an Amer­i­can badass. You can see the more ↓: 

This was on the creepi­est trail­ers of E3 this year and it looks to be one of those intense games that you will get sucked into, almost lit­er­al­ly. The Evil With­in 2 was a pret­ty damn scary trail­er, even though infor­ma­tion about this was leaked before Bethes­da’s show. There was a small por­tion of actu­al game­play footage at the end of the trail­er, so check it out: 

Wolfen­stein ΙΙ: The New Colos­sus had anoth­er very inter­est­ing trail­er, start­ing off with what seemed to be just an aver­age day in the life of an aver­age girl, set in the time of the 50’s. Things just get cra­zier from there. Let’s just say at the end of that trail­er, on stage, Pete Hines said pret­ty explic­it shit. Wolfen­stein comes out on Octo­ber 27, 2017: 

Last but not least is the DLC that is com­ing out for Dis­hon­ored 2 titled “Death of the Out­sider.” It appears Bil­lie is our main pro­tag­o­nist of this DLC, but you can check it out below: 


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