Epic Temporarily Disabling a Weapon in Fortnite

Epic Games (devel­op­ers of Fort­nite) announced they will be tem­porar­i­ly dis­abling a weapon in Bat­tle Roy­al. The Boo­gie Bomb has a bug, which was recent­ly dis­cov­ered, so it’s been removed until the team can fix it.

Epic announced the removal today via their Twit­ter, stat­ing “Due to a bug with the Boo­gie Bomb, we’re going to be tem­porar­i­ly dis­abling it until we’re able to fix it. We’ll update you once this issue is solved.” As implied by the name, Boo­gie Bomb forces a play­er to dance  for a set amount of time (or until dam­age is received). On Red­dit, a post was put up reveal­ing an exploit which allows play­ers to car­ry infi­nite amounts of items.

So by bomb­ing them­selves, the game was let­ting play­ers pick up an unlim­it­ed num­ber of items. This is obvi­ous­ly beyond the 5 item lim­it. Epic is work­ing to resolve the bug, but no time­frame was giv­en as to when the Boo­gie Bomb will be released again. 

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