Epic is Concerned About Victory Royales: Plans on Making Changes

Appar­ent­ly, Epic Games is well aware of the prob­lem its Vic­to­ry Royales have. They’re all to aware that play­ers crutch on build­ing, shot­guns, and rock­et launch­ers. That’s why they are aim­ing to make late game more about diverse strate­gies. This could be a great change, espe­cial­ly for play­ers who aren’t good at build­ing. Although, see­ing the same out­come every time for a Vic­to­ry Royale, is extreme­ly boring.

In a post on Epic’s web­site, not only did they acknowl­edge the issue, they laid out plans on how to fix it. They start­ed of say­ing, “It’s impor­tant to sup­port a vari­ety of late game strate­gies, that don’t boil down to “just build lol”. They con­tin­ued, “Cur­rent­ly, the supe­ri­or­i­ty of shot­guns, rock­ets, and uncapped build­ing are such a dom­i­nant play style in the final cir­cle that most oth­er strate­gies are being drowned out.”

Their upcom­ing plans include options to “counter oth­er play­ers in com­bat, espe­cial­ly in the late game”, as well as, changes to weapon bal­ance and resource economy.”

Epic fin­ished by say­ing “Not every encounter should have to end in a build-off. We want to empow­er you to show­case your skill, strat­e­gy, and tac­tics in all vari­ety of ways.” They’ll be explor­ing these changes for the next few weeks, so it would be of no sur­prise if a patch comes out soon to make these changes. 

Source: Epic

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