Epic Games revealed a bunch of sta­tis­tics for last year, show­ing the growth and suc­cess of their Epic Games Store. The com­pa­ny also men­tioned they will con­tin­ue to dish out free games every week through­out this next year.

Epic’s lat­est count shows that Epic Games Store has reached 160 mil­lion users on PC, with dai­ly active users going up 192% to 31.3 mil­lion. They also dis­closed that con­cur­rent users reached a new peak for them, a record of 13 mil­lion in 2020. It’s impres­sive for Epic Games, but still does­n’t com­pare to 25 mil­lion for Steam. Month­ly active users in Decem­ber was espe­cial­ly high with 56 mil­lion, com­pared to 32 mil­lion from Decem­ber 2019.

This growth is par­tial­ly due to Epic Games acquir­ing exclu­sives you can only get on Epic Games Store. Epic will con­tin­ue this trend, hav­ing announced part­ner­ships with the devel­op­ers of Con­trol, The Last Guardian and Lim­bo for their next title releases.

Accord­ing to Epic, users on their store spent more than $700 mil­lion in 2020, with third-par­ty titles mak­ing up 37% ($265 mil­lion). Epic Game Store users col­lec­tive­ly spent 5.7 bil­lion hours play­ing games in 2020, up from 3.35 bil­lion hours in 2019.

Epic acquired a huge amount of games in last year, going from 190 in 2019 — to 471 in 2020. Epic’s plan for this year is to “rapid­ly expand” the num­ber of titles avail­able on the store. They are work­ing with devel­op­ers to pro­vide them self-pub­lish­ing tools to stream­line the pub­lish­ing process on Epic Games Store.

Much of the devel­op­ment work this year is cen­tered on open­ing the store to devel­op­ers that want to pub­lish titles on the store. We want a smooth, seam­less expe­ri­ence for devel­op­ers look­ing to bring their titles to the Epic Games Store. This unlocks the abil­i­ty for Epic Games Store cus­tomers to pur­chase the games they want, when they want while devel­op­ers enjoy a much fair­er rev­enue share split.”

Epic released 103 free games last year, that were col­lec­tive­ly down­loaded more than 749 mil­lion times. Star Wars: Bat­tle­front II saw 19 mil­lion down­load just by itself dur­ing its free week. 

There are also new fea­tures for Epic Game Store planned for 2021, includ­ing a “social over­haul”, adjust­ments to achieve­ments and play­er pro­files, and upgrades to wish­lists. Epic is report­ed­ly plan­ning changes to the shop­ping cart as well.