Epic Games Achievement System Is Releasing Next Week

Epic Games has announced that it’s rolling out Epic Achieve­ments on Epic Games Store next week. This sys­tem allows play­ers to earn XP by com­plet­ing Epic Achieve­ments in select titles.

These select titles include Rock­et League, Hades, Pil­lars of Eter­ni­ty, Kena: Bridge of Spir­its, Zom­bie Army 4, and Alan Wake Remas­tered. Epic is also send­ing out a set of tools for devel­op­ers to eas­i­ly and quick­ly imple­ment Achieve­ments for the Epic Games Store platform–so more games will like­ly be sup­port­ed lat­er this year.

There are four tiers of Epic Achieve­ments with an XP range val­ue attached to each one. The Plat­inum Achieve­ment is award­ed by earn­ing 1,000 XP in a game. Bronze achieve­ments give 5–45 XP, Sil­ver 50–90 XP, Gold 100–200 XP, and Plat­inum 250 XP.

Games that have Epic Achieve­ments now have a new page where play­ers can track progress, as well as be dis­played with­in the library. Epic Achieve­ments can also be seen on game detail pages when brows­ing in the store too.

Epic Games Store already had achieve­ments, but they were specif­i­cal­ly “devel­op­er achieve­ments,” which were ful­ly oper­at­ed by devel­op­ers on a game-to-game basis. 

These devel­op­er achieve­ments will not dis­ap­pear if devel­op­ers already had them and choose not to imple­ments Epic Achieve­ments. Play­ers who have earned these devel­op­er achieve­ments will still get to keep them. If the devel­op­er does switch to the new sys­tem, progress will car­ry over and XP will be earned.

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