Enter the Gungeon Gets a Supply Drop Update

Dave Crooks, founder and design­er at Dodge Roll stu­dios, proud­ly announced the lat­est sup­ply drop update for Enter the Gun­geon on PlaySta­tion’s blog yes­ter­day. He said this update took “con­sid­er­ably longer to fin­ish than we intend­ed, but at last it’s final­ly here.”

Enter the Gungeon Gets a Supply Drop Update

For the sup­ply drops the team had three major goals:

  1. Add in the con­tent that we had orig­i­nal­ly want­ed to include in the ini­tial release of the game, but had to cut for time. This includes the Mine Flay­er boss, and the past sce­nar­ios for the two secret characters.
  2. Add con­tent and tweaks to address play­er feed­back since the release of Gun­geon in April. While we are always try­ing to do this with the small­er patch­es, hav­ing a larg­er update afford­ed us the chance to get new dia­logue trans­lat­ed and make the addi­tions bet­ter fit the style of Gun­geon. This includes, among sev­er­al oth­er tweaks to bal­ance, the Key­Bul­let Kin and the abil­i­ty to “Save & Quit” at the end of each floor.
  3. Add new con­tent that is inter­est­ing for long time play­ers, and dou­bles down on what makes Gun­geon most fun. This includes new rooms, new ene­mies, chal­lenge mode, the new NPC’s Doug and Daisuke, new secrets, and of course, new items and guns.

Mine Flay­er

There is now a third boss on the third floor known as Mine Flay­er, he goes along with Tread­naught and the Can­non­bal­rog. You can see a pic­ture of this new boss below:

Enter the Gungeon Gets a Supply Drop Update

Past Sce­nar­ios

Upon ini­tial release of the game, the two secret char­ac­ter did not have “Past Killing” sce­nar­ios. They now do in this update, but they did not want to spoil any­thing, so you will have to find out for your­selves. How­ev­er, they did say “fans who enjoy repelling evil should be pleased.”

Key­bul­let Kin

As seen below, these ene­mies spawn ran­dom­ly in com­bat rooms and guar­an­tee to leave a key when they die. Be fast though, for they will imme­di­ate­ly run to a cor­ner and dis­ap­pear if you are not quick enough to kill them. These ene­mies, plus tweaks to key drop rates, were made in response to play­er feed­back. This is a very fun, and Gun­geon way to give play­ers more oppor­tu­ni­ties to acquire keys. 

Enter the Gungeon Gets a Supply Drop Update

Save and Quit

This is one of the most request­ed items for this game. Now you can save between floors and come back at a lat­er time. Just speak with the red but­ton at the floor exits, tell him you’d like to save and jump on into the cry­ocham­ber. Crooks stat­ed they would have done this with a menu but, “the Gun­geon has two rules: every­thing must ani­mate, and every­thing must have a face (except where those two rules don’t apply).”

Enter the Gungeon Gets a Supply Drop Update

Daisuke’s Chal­lenge Mode

Daisuke is a brand new NPC that is bring­ing some­thing for those play­ers who are find­ing their runs a bit easy. The team did­n’t want to just increase the dif­fi­cul­ty of the Gun­geon, so they are try­ing some­thing a tad different. 

Speak­ing with Daisuke before a run allows you to acti­vate “Chal­lenge Mode”, which grants each room a set of chal­lenge mod­i­fiers when you enter. Below are a few exam­ples of these modifiers:

  • Adren­a­line Rush: Each time the play­er dodge rolls, the game speeds up (ends
    on room clear).
  • Unfriend­ly Fire: Any of the player’s bul­lets that hit walls ric­o­chet and become dan­ger­ous to players.
  • Blob­u­lin Ranch­er: Missed bul­lets turn into Blobulins.
  • Shock­wave: Peri­od­i­cal­ly, rings of bul­lets linked with elec­tric­i­ty will appear in the cen­ter of the room and expand out­wards. Touch­ing the bul­lets or the elec­tric­i­ty will dam­age the player.

New Guns and Items

Play­ers have been ask­ing for more pas­sive items that adjust­ed the func­tion­al­i­ty of guns and few­er “boil­er­plate guns.” In this Sup­ply Drop Update you will be get­ting what you asked for. New ammo types and guns that are inter­est­ing or pow­er­ful (or both), but you will have to play to find them all to expe­ri­ence the crazy combos. 

Doug’s Trav­el­ing Emporium 

Doug is anoth­er new NPC that can be res­cued from the Gun­geon and once unlocked he will appear inter­mit­tent­ly in the Breach, unlock­ing new items. When you emp­ty out Doug’s shop, leave for a time peri­od — just keep doing runs until he returns. Doug will return faster the far­ther you progress in the runs you attempt while he is gone.

Enter the Gungeon Gets a Supply Drop Update  


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