In a huge expan­sion to the Elder Scrolls Online, play­ers will be wel­comed back to the island of Vvar­den­fell.  Fans of the series will rec­og­nize this as the set­ting of The Elder Scrolls III:  Mor­rowind.  The devel­op­ers worked metic­u­lous­ly to recre­ate the island as it would have been 700 years pri­or to the events sur­round­ing the Neravarine.


Play­ers will be able to start right in Vvar­den­fell and get immersed in the new con­tent with­out get­ting embroiled in the orig­i­nal story. 


Besides a new area the game’s first new class is part of the expan­sion.  Called the War­den, this class can sum­mon a bear and wields nature mag­ic.  There will also be a new 4v4v4 PvP mode.


For new play­ers, the orig­i­nal game and the expan­sion comes in at $59.99, $79.00 for the dig­i­tal col­lec­tor’s edi­tion, or $99.99 for the phys­i­cal col­lec­tor’s edi­tion.  If you’ve got every­thing but the expan­sion, just that will be $39.99

The Elder Scrolls Online:  Morrowind Coming June 6th


In Meta:  Fans of ESO must be excit­ed to see this vol­ume of fresh con­tent, while the rest of us sit on our hands wait­ing for the next real Elder Scrolls.