The day has final­ly arrived. Elden Ring now has an offi­cial teas­er trail­er, which was revealed dur­ing the Sum­mer Game Fest Kick­off stream today. The game has been miss­ing from game events for sev­er­al years, but Bandai Nam­co and From­Soft­ware have final­ly tak­en pity on us plebs. Elden Ring is set to release on Jan­u­ary 21st, 2022, and you can see the video below.

The trail­er fea­tured acro­bat­ic com­bat, which does­n’t real­ly line-up with com­bat from the Souls series or Blood­borne. Char­ac­ters can be seen leap­ing into the air and bash­ing their swords down to deal mas­sive dam­age. A mix of sword, mag­ic, and gad­gets, sim­i­lar to Sekiro, is what bat­tles con­sists of. Huge boss­es appear to align more with the From­Soft­ware’s ear­li­er titles, rather than the duel-like bosses.

There will also be mount­ed com­bat, which has­n’t been seen from the stu­dio before. From­Soft­ware also stat­ed that this game will have a more open structure.

At this time it’s unknown if Elden Ring will make an appear­ance at Bandai Nam­co’s E3 show­case this year. It’s sched­uled for Tues­day, June 15th, but no promis­es as to what we will see have been made–Elden Ring or any­thing else. This new teas­er is excit­ing news, since noth­ing about the game has been announced since its reveal back at E3 2019. Leaked videos did cir­cu­late online ear­li­er this year, but were low qual­i­ty and were like­ly from old­er ver­sions of Elden Ring.