An unknown EA employed is alleged to be sell­ing FIFA 21 Ulti­mate Team cards worth hun­dreds or even thou­sands of dol­lars. The scan­dal, which has been nick­named “EAGate”, has prompt­ed the com­pa­ny to issue a state­ment say­ing it’s opened an investigation.

Eurogamer report­ed that mes­sages, cap­tured by What­sApp, show an employ­ee offer­ing icon pack­ages rang­ing from 750‑1000 euros (around $840–1,200). One pack­age of Prime Icon Moments cards were even offered for 1,700 euros ($2,000) One of the mes­sages assures a poten­tial cus­tomer that there is no risk of being banned, but can’t spec­i­fy why for “secu­ri­ty reason.” 

They also appear to show the sale of a bun­dle of high-val­ue cards going through and then show­ing up in the game short­ly after. 

EA’s FIFA Twit­ter account has already shared a state­ment about a “thor­ough inves­ti­ga­tion” fol­lowed by “swift action” if any improp­er con­duct is dis­cov­ered. Of course, it also men­tions under­stand­ing con­cerns about “unfair bal­ance in the game and competition.” 

Icon Cards, like the ones being offered by the sell­er, are hard to obtain through ran­dom­ized packs. The Prime Icon Moments are even rar­er than that, and some play­ers spend thou­sands on packs try­ing to obtain these cards. Since this appears to be a direst sale from with­in the game itself, it seems to sug­gest some­one with­in the com­pa­ny is doing some shady business.