EA Reveals Unravel Two to Have Co-op

Dur­ing the EA con­fer­ence (which just end­ed a few min­utes ago) the com­pa­ny revealed the brand new Unrav­el Two, which can now be played co-op. 

You still have the option to play alone, basi­cal­ly, by play­ing both char­ac­ters. While solo, you car­ry around the oth­er Yarny until you reach a puz­zle area that requires you to use the oth­er char­ac­ter, sim­ply by switch­ing between the two. Your yarn is con­nect­ed between each Yarny, so you have to inter­act with both to get through the game. 

Unrav­el Two was devel­oped by the same stu­dio as the first Unrav­el, Swedish devel­op­er, Cold­wood Inter­ac­tive. Unrav­el was released in 2016, and in May 2016, EA announced they would extend their part­ner­ship with Coldwood. 

Unrav­el Two was kind of expect­ed to make an appear­ance this year at E3, but it was a big sur­prise to hear that the game was com­plete­ly fin­ished and avail­able for pur­chase, today. 

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