The adven­ture game Lost in Ran­dom (which was inspired by Tim Bur­ton), will be avail­able much soon­er than expect­ed. As revealed dur­ing EA Play Live, its release date is set for Sep­tem­ber 10th. The basic premise of Lost in Ran­dom is you must trav­el to six dif­fer­ent realms based on the sides of a die to uncov­er the secrets of Random.

The pro­tag­o­nist, named Even, has one goal–to save her sis­ter, Odd. She gets help from a liv­ing die who she names Dicey. His abil­i­ties aid Even through­out her jour­ney, and you’ll need to use his pow­ers when fac­ing the game’s ghoul­ish adver­saries. Of course, this isn’t meant to be a hor­ror-themed game, more along the lines of The Night­mare Before Christ­mas or Corpse Bride. Devel­op­er Zoink did a great job cre­at­ing a sim­i­lar feel­ing atmosphere.

You’ll use cards in com­bat, set traps, or sum­mon weapons that can deal tremen­dous dam­age. You can also sum­mon heal­ing spells and shields. Dicey can even be used as a lit­er­al timebomb.

Lost in Ran­dom will release for the Nin­ten­do Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. The PC ver­sion will be avail­able to pur­chase from both Ori­gin and Steam. This is the ninth game in the EA Orig­i­nals line­up, fol­low­ing games like Knock­out City, It Takes Two, Unrav­el, and Fe–the lat­ter which was also cre­at­ed by Zoink.