EA Might Ban Battlefield 2042 Tech Test Leakers From The Full Title

Bat­tle­field 2042’s offi­cial release is right around the cor­ner, and EA is cur­rent­ly con­duct­ing a closed tech­ni­cal test on the game to get it ready for launch. Like oth­er games, ear­ly par­tic­i­pa­tion of Bat­tle­field 2042 comes with a non-dis­clo­sure agree­ment, and EA is not tak­ing this con­tract lightly. 

You’re under NDA for this playtest, so videos, screen­shots, and stream­ing from this playtest [will] result in strikes on your chan­nels,” EA’s lead com­mu­ni­ty man­ag­er, Adam Free­man, tweet­ed. “Break the rules, expect to lose access to both the Tech­ni­cal Playtest, future EA Tests, and poten­tial­ly access to 2042 itself when it releases.”

EA has tak­en swift action against any leaks of Bat­tle­field 2042, stomp­ing out all footage that appears online. They are very seri­ous about not want­i­ng Bat­tle­field 2042 being seen before they’re ready.

Right after the tech­ni­cal test began, peo­ple start­ed post­ing game­play footage online, which includ­ed glitch­es and bugs you’d expect from and ear­ly piece of the game. Those who did­n’t take the NDA seri­ous­ly might be in for a sur­prise if EA decides to revoke access to the game on launch day.

Bat­tle­field 2042’s open beta starts in Sep­tem­ber, and any­one who pre­orders a copy of the game will get ear­ly access to it. 

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