Elec­tron­ics Arts has announced it will be allow­ing its Access/Origins mem­bers ear­ly play-time with Mass Effect: Andromeda. 

These mem­bers will be get­ting a 10-hour tri­al peri­od, five days ear­ly, on March 16th. EA Access and Ori­gin mem­bers can also car­ry over those 10 hours when the game actu­al­ly launch­es on March 21st (March 23rd for peo­ple in Europe). Those lucky bastards.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, PS4 play­ers get the shit end of the stick, because they get no ear­ly access of any kind. They can, how­ev­er, get a chance to beta test the game’s mul­ti­play­er. Androm­e­da’s mul­ti­play­er was con­firmed by BioWare in Novem­ber of 2016. Plat­forms for the beta have not yet been con­firmed, but any­one can try and sign up for a chance to take part in the test­ing by going to BioWare’s web­site.

In oth­er EA Access news, the pub­lish­er recent­ly revealed it was added four more titles to its list of free games. You can read more about those, here.

Mass Effect: Androm­e­da will not have a sea­son pass, but will be includ­ing DLC. How it will be released is the freak­ing mys­tery. BioWare has said they are plan­ning to dis­cuss this in the future.