Dying Light 2 Update Will Bring New Game Plus Before The End Of April

Dying Light 2 will be get­ting anoth­er big patch soon, as announced by the games devel­op­er Tech­land. The more impor­tant part of this update is the addi­tion of New Game Plus mode, which was a request­ed fea­ture from fans.

Tech­land announced this via a post on Twit­ter, saying–rather directly–that Dying Light 2’s 1.3 update would be “one of the biggest patch­es we’ve released so far.” Along with the New Game Plus, the upcom­ing patch will include “many fix­es for both mul­ti and sin­gle-play­er mode.”

Pre­vi­ous patch­es have par­tial­ly addressed issues for both mul­ti­play­er and sin­gle-play­er. A fix for Dying Light 2 was imple­ment­ed in Feb­ru­ary that resolved a death loop bug that was caus­ing play­ers to get locked in a nev­er-end­ing cycle of spawn­ing. Anoth­er patch in March fixed sev­er­al of the game’s mul­ti­play­er sta­bil­i­ty issues, as well as instances of ene­mies and play­ers falling through the ground.

Although this new updates release date was­n’t revealed, Tech­land con­firmed it would be com­ing to all plat­forms by the end of the month.

Tech­land still has plans to sup­port Dying Light 2: Stay Human for a whop­ping five years with new content–including sto­ry-based DLC, events, and new in-game items.

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